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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 3 Recap

After seeing the beautiful Mo Shanshan on the White Horse , this reunion has passed a year later. Sangsang pushes out that he is afraid of getting cold and tired and does not want to go out, so Ning Que asks for help himself. Ning Que and Mo Shanshan are hanging around and asking each other In the circumstances, Mo Shanshan confided that writing and reading broke the ground every day, and his life was leisurely. Hearing that Ning Que has broken through, Mo Shanshan is very confident in him and predicts that his martial arts will be more advanced in the future. Ning Que did not have the ecstatic ecstasy of his own destruction. Sang Sang paid a huge price for it when he broke the ground, and he is still very weak. Mo Shanshan expressed his gratitude to him for having been able to successfully break through the country thanks to Ning Que’s help.

Sang Sang saw Ning Que and Mo Shanshan go talking nearby, she went to the nearby to find some hay for the horse, and blindfolded the horse so that it would not look in the direction of Ning Que. Ning Que asked whether Mo Shanshan wanted to see Master Qishan this time. Mo Shanshan’s emotions couldn’t be so simple. He wanted to see Master Qishan not only had to wait for him to pass the customs, but also had to go through three calamities before he could qualify for a style. Ning Que took Mo Shanshan with him, and Mo Shanshan has been watching Sang Sang with envious eyes in the sedan chair. How many people in the world envy Sang Sang. Fortunately, the two carriages were repaired, otherwise I do n’t know how many women An envious glance would pierce the carriage.

When she heard what Mo Shanshan said, Sang Sang couldn’t help laughing. She was like an ugly duckling when she was a child. She grew up so inconspicuous that she used to drag a sheep home in Weicheng. No one helped her all the way. The people in Weicheng were not enthusiastic but nobody saw her at all. However, Ning Que is different from her. Ning Que is handsome and handsome from childhood to wherever she goes. Everyone looks at him when she and Ning Que go out, but she is also used to hiding in the back of Ning Que Already. Hearing Sang Sang’s past, Mo Shanshan felt sadly, although she thought she was an ugly duckling, but she was the most important person in Ning Que’s heart.

Mo Shanshan talked with Sang Sang for a while and then got out of the car. She watched Sang Sang’s carriage back, thinking that it would be enough to see them living well. Ning Que took Sang Sang to Hu Yueyu, Lan Ke has been waiting for a long time. Ning Que wanted to use the arrow in his hand to break the first round. Sang Sang has observed that the nearby green plants, including the river, have been rotten. Ke She enchanted, and she was going to play chess with Lan Ke herself. Ning Que was carrying Sang Sang to the other side of the river. After Sang Sang took a seat, he set a three-point strategy. After a few moves, Lan Ke was convinced to lose. He let everyone preach to make Sang Sang pass the next game.

The second checkpoint was encountered shortly after the car was run. They saw an old man with a beautiful face, and the old man saw that Sang Sang was weak and afraid of the cold, and ordered his men to bring a good cold screen. Sang Sang was calm and calm in the screen. She chose blackspots, and the people who watched chess saw that the appearance of the master of chess was very similar to the master of painting. The original master of the cave was not dead, and he saw that the master of chess was as intelligent as his peers. People secretly admire. Sang Sang’s hand-held chess pieces were well-formed and took a few steps with Master Dongming. Master Dongming was deeply shocked. Ning Que asked Sang Sang whether he had won. Sang Sang was very puzzled. She just tied with Master Dongming just now.

At the beginning of the cold wind, the leaves fluttered and fell. Ning Que hurriedly carried forward with Sang Sang, and finally saw Master Qishan, who turned out to be a pale-haired old man. There were 3 leaves on the tree. Qi Shan was worried about Sang Sang’s condition. Without delay, Qishan was quickly healed by Sang Sang. Seeing that there were only two leaves on the tree, Sang Sang hurried to play chess with Qi Shan. Touching the chess pieces provided by Qishan, Sang Sang felt cold. Ning Que felt an inexplicable evil that made his scalp numb. Master Baoshu came with the bell. He deliberately dropped the bell in front of Master Qishan. He never expected Ning Que to be safe. Qishan reminded them to stay aside when they came to see chess and not to make a noise.

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