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Princess at Large 2 医妃难囚第二季 Episode 14 Recap

Husband and wife finally recognize each other, Prince Aojiao dances in a female group dance. Nalan Baichuan asked Lan Ruoxi to prove that she was really Ji Xianyun and lost her soul for a while, but when she saw her lovely appearance, she was relieved and confirmed that she was really her. Mingyue’s heart knot was still unsolved. When Nalan Baichuan came to appease her, she learned that she was determined to assassinate Rebhadi, and Nalan Baichuan was stupid for a moment. Mingyue tried hard to practice her sword. Nalan Baichuan’s persuasion failed, and she asked angrily how she would hope if Duanmu Han was here. With Nalan Baichuan’s advice, Mingyue finally cried and gave up her revenge. Xun Lingyun asked for advice.

After knowing that Lan Ruoxi was Ji Xianyun, she gave up her thoughts completely, but Xun Lingyun still made Xun Lingxiao swear to be devoted to Lan Ruoxi for one lifetime and Xun Lingxiao promised. At this time, Xun Lingxiao showed his heart to his father and asked for marriage, and the old emperor gladly agreed. The two finally got together sweetly. Lan Ruoxi was intrigued. He wanted to teach Ling Xiao a new thing and let him dance a girl group dance. He awkwardly sang and danced “pick me pick me up”. Lan Ruoxi laughed abruptly.

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