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Princess at Large 2 医妃难囚第二季 Episode 13 Recap

Qi Lingyun a look at QI Tower will be blue if the river to see shut more strict, it seemed to move Murder, pleading for Qi Peak, Peak Lengyan refused Qi, Qi Lingyun its enemies, ready to prison raids. Seeing Yun Lingxiao’s heartfelt love for Lan Ruoxi, he was very happy. After the excitement, she was in a tangle. It turned out that she had allied with Rebhardy. The defense plan was sent to Rebhardy by stealing. Now, if she hopes to become a princess, she cannot stay. The handle was in Rebhardy’s hand.

The Allure convened all shadow guards and demanded that they kill at all costs everyone who knew the inside story of their alliance, including Rebhardy. After the Shadow Guard moved out of the nest, Qingcheng fantasized about the scene of getting married with Ling Lingxiao, but Ling Lingxiao already knew her true face. After Ling Ling had mastered the evidence, she demolished the city in person. Because of her special identity, which was related to the relationship between the east and the building, she was locked in the house and she was not allowed to go out.

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