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Princess at Large 2 医妃难囚第二季 Episode 11 Recap

Xu Lingxiao went to the Zhanwang Mansion last night to visit Lan Ruoxi , and the city became angry and jealous. Decided to break through the identity of Lan Ruoxi Nanyan Dark Guard. So designed to pretend to be an assassin of Nanyan to steal the defense plan. Entering the melee, Xun Lingxiao and Lan Ruoxi entered the assassination, assassin defeated each other, but Xun Lingxiao was injured by the assassin for a moment. After some fighting, the assassin Fuxi found traces of Nan Yan from them, and Ling Ling was expected to have been done by Rebhadi. Ling Lingxiao was seriously injured, and Lan Ruoxi was anxious to bring him into the hospital for surgery.

Withthe assistance ofNalan Baichuan and Gu Xifeng , Lan Ruoxi performed surgery on Xun Lingxiao. During the operation, Xun Lingxiao felt a sense of acquaintance upon confirmation, and slowly confirmed that Lan Ruoxi was Ji Xianyun. He compared the “V” gesture that the former manager Xianyun liked best, and wanted Lan Ruoxi to understand that he had recognized her. Lan Ruoxi did not notice, and focused on the surgery. After the operation was completed, Lan Ruoxi accompany him to rest beside the bed, and he kissed Lan Ruoxi’s hand lightly. Lan Ruoxi wakes up and finds that Ling Lingxiao has changed into a person, and she is extremely tender to her, and even confesses to her. Lan Ruoxi, however, mistakenly thought that Ling Xiao and Xiao Xiao were indifferent and fell in love. He fell in love with Lan Ruoxi and ate his own vinegar.

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