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Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 1 Recap

After Ning Que ( Wang Hexuan ) and Sang Sang ( Song Yiren ) defeated General Xiahou, the legendary night was approaching and a catastrophe began. Ning Que took the injury to Sang Sang, who was seriously injured by Xiahou, and took her to the Menlan Festival. However, the world said that Ning Que was the son of Hades who subverted the world. He was the culprit of Yong Ye, and he did not know the true “The son of Hades” was actually Sang Sang. Ning Que and Sang Sang were pursued and stopped by the world, trying to kill them to prevent the coming of Yong Ye, and once again embarked on the road of escape.

With the coming of night, a conspiracy was quietly brewing. The war broke out immediately, and the whole world fell into conflict. In order to protect the world, the Master turned into a moon, the soldiers and soldiers of the Tang Dynasty fought with their enemies, and the children of the academy also fought to protect their homeland. Finally, Tang Guo survived the catastrophe, and once again ushered in peace and tranquility, while Ning Que again embarked on the journey in search of disappearing Sang Sang.

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