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The Boundary 边境线之冷焰 Episode 24 End Recap

The next day, when Shi Lei woke up, he couldn’t help but remember Xu Zhiqiang’s last night that he wanted to take him to Finland. He didn’t want to go to a foreign country so far, so he got up quietly while Xu Zhiqiang was sleeping, and Shi Lei found that Alyosha was also paying When he fell asleep, he called Zhang Meng quietly, and he hung up without speaking. Zhang Meng had already guessed that Shi Lei was calling.

Xu Zhiqiang suddenly rushed from behind and pinched Shi Lei’s neck. Shi Lei begged Xu Zhiqiang to let him go. Xu Zhiqiang became angry and punched and kicked him, threatening to kill him. Shi Lei was beaten with swollen nose and swollen face, struggling to beg. Xu Zhiqiang let him go home to be reunited with his parents. Xu Zhiqiang firmly disagreed and beat Shi Lei more and more severely.

Shi Lei tried his best to drive the door. Xu Zhiqiang hit him on the head with a rifle butt. Shi Lei fainted on the spot. Xu Zhiqiang put him in the car and pulled him down deep in the woods, throwing Shi Lei down the mountain stream to feed the bear. Zhang Meng hurried to the forest farm and ran into Xu Zhiqiang head-on. The two of them refused to give way, each took their guns and got out of the car.

Xu Zhiqiang and Zhang Meng faced each other, and at the same time drew their guns and shot at each other. Both of them were shot and fell to the ground. In a dream, Lan Linlin saw Zhang Meng come back from completing the task. She rushed up to hug Zhang Meng excitedly. The result was nothing. Lan Linlin was awakened by the nightmare. She kept calling Zhang Meng’s phone, but no one answered. Lan Linlin was very anxious, so she had to drive to find Lilia. When Lilia learned of Zhang Meng’s whereabouts, she accompanied Lan Linlin to find someone. They first came to the gas station and asked the boss where Shi Lei and Xu Zhiqiang were fleeing.

Shi Lei woke up in a daze. He tried his best to climb out of the woods and saw Xu Zhiqiang and Zhang Meng fall to the ground. Shi Lei endured the pain and climbed to Xu Zhiqiang’s side. Seeing that he had passed out, Shi Lei howled sadly. Cry, Shi Lei’s cry awakened Zhang Meng. He called Shi Lei and asked him to help send the two of them to the nearby police station. Lan Linlin and Lilia came to the Kusk Forest Farm soon. They asked Alyosha about the whereabouts of Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei, and learned that they had left suddenly this morning, and Alyosha had not seen Zhang Meng.

Lan Linlin drove Lilia around looking for Zhang Meng. Lilia explained to her that there was no man’s land ahead. She suspected that Zhang Meng had been killed by Xu Zhiqiang, but Lan Linlin could not care much. She vowed to find Zhang Meng at all costs. , Lan Linlin and Liu Lingyu soon discovered Xu Zhiqiang’s car with eight bullets on the ground. They concluded that a gun battle had just occurred here.

Lan Linlin just wanted to go to the local police station with Lilia for help. Suddenly received a call from Zhang Meng. Lan Linlin rushed over. Shi Lei asked her to help send herself home. Lilia asked the police about Xu Zhiqiang and Zhang Mengdu. They were sent to the central hospital, but the two of them were seriously injured and were not out of danger. Lan Linlin rushed back to the hospital without saying a word. Lilia and her left.

Lan Linlin returned to Li Ju. Li Ju praised her and Zhang Meng’s accomplishment of the mission. She also asked her to cooperate with Zhang Songlin to extradite Zhang Songlin. Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei returned to China. She was so persuasive and convinced that Zhang Meng would soon return to the team from injury, and Lan Linlin was relieved a little bit.

Three months later, the Russian police escorted Zhang Songlin, Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei came to the Linhe Border Station, Li Bureau and the other party went through the extradition handover ceremony, and Zhang Meng officially returned to the team. Soon afterwards, Zhang Meng ate hot pot alone in a restaurant and ordered beer specially. Lan Linlin and Li Ju chased afterwards. Lan Linlin reminded Zhang Meng not to eat greasy food, let alone drink alcohol, Zhang Meng had to accompany the smiling face in every possible way to defend. The three happily ate together.


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