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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 7

The ghost hunt lasted until the sixth day, and everyone seemed to feel that there would be no gain. Jun Ye also explained that Zhang Xiaoqiang took two quilts to the basketball hall and gave him and Su Nuanxia. Two people wrapped in a quilt and chatted. Speaking of why the basketball hall should be kept, Jun Ye said that this basketball hall was built for him before his father died. So when he sees the bricks here, he will think of his dead father. . Su Nuanxia was secretly scolding herself which pot to open and which pot to mention, Jun Ye also laughed and said that it was a joke, so she couldn’t tell whether it was true or not.

At this time, a white-clothed shadow flashed across, Su Nuanxia chased out without stopping. Jun Ye followed closely, and Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng outside also heard the sound. When Su Nuanxia stopped the shadow at the door and beat him wildly, she found that it was Anna. This must be one of her crazy star chasing actions again, that is to say, there are no ghosts at all.

Things came to the bottom, and the farce came to an end. The most rewarding is Qi Feng. He got the opportunity to send Anna back, and he got his wish.

Soon after, Ling Xuan also recovered and was discharged from the hospital. When she returned to the team, she did not forget to lose Xiao Tutu, saying that the soup she boiled made herself stay in the hospital for an extra day. But the joke is a joke, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the relationship between the two people has grown by leaps and bounds.

There is not much time left for the Qingmeng team, and it is not easy for them to change from a team without tacit understanding to a close combination. Fortunately, Su Nuanxia held the secret book, which was the diary left by her father Su Li. Some of the records above gave Su Nuanxia inspiration. She came up with a way to increase tacit understanding, called the blind date training method. The five of them are divided into two groups, each group is tied to a hand strap with a code lock to live together, and the code can be unlocked at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Jun Ye and Ling Xuan, who were the most unmatched, were put in a group, and Shen Yingliang and the other three were in a group, thinking that this would be a very exciting day. Both Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng were very good at talking, and followed Shen Yingliang to do his experiments. Although the scene of Shen Yingliang dissecting the white mouse made Zhang Xiaoqiang spit out, but the three people still did not have much conflict.

Jun Ye and Ling Xuan were the ones who needed the most running-in. Ling Xuan needed a part-time job in the morning. At his request, Jun Ye followed. Jun Ye’s reputation has attracted many girls to check in in cafes. Most people were attracted by Jun Ye’s handsome face, which made Ling Xuan see a business opportunity. He made a lot of money for 20 yuan per photo. Jun Ye didn’t stop, but his face was strained from start to finish.

After the part-time job, the rest of the time belongs to Junye. Ling Xuan had no choice but to follow Jun Ye to the restaurant he had reserved. Because she was distressed about her wallet, Ling Xuan was unwilling to order food and only drank water. But when it was time for dinner, Ling Xuan, who had been busy for a day, was so hungry that her chest was stuck to her back, and she had to watch the food lay in front of her.

Ling Xuan, who originally said that a gentleman would not suffer from food, became a gentleman who wanted to bend for five buckets of rice and immediately apologized to him for betraying Junye to make money today. Only then did Jun Ye let the manager bring Ling Xuan’s share of food up. It turned out that he didn’t mean to want Ling Xuan to be hungry, but just teased him a little.

It was seven o’clock after dinner, and when it was time to unlock, Xiao Tutu sent the password to the group on time. After untying the strap, Ling Xuan thanked Jun Ye slightly for his hospitality, and then left first. Jun Ye walked in the opposite direction, but found that Su Nuanxia actually fell asleep on the bench outside. It seems that Su Nuanxia has been following them all the time, it should be to see how effective her blind date training method is.

Jun Ye awakened Su Nuanxia directly. On the way back, Su Nuanxia saw someone selling roasted sweet potatoes, so she bought two of them excitedly and gave one to Jun Ye. When Jun Ye, who had been soaking in the honey pot, had eaten the food from the roadside stall, she originally refused. When she heard Su Nuanxia said that eating too much would cause gas, she ate one of them out of concern for her. Up.

The next day, Su Nuanxia arrived at the basketball gym and found that Jun Ye was not there, and learned from other people that Jun Ye had been admitted to the hospital because of food poisoning last night, and was now discharged from the hospital to rest in the bedroom. Su Nuanxia was a little embarrassed to think that she had eaten roasted sweet potatoes for him, so she hurriedly let Zhang Xiaoqiang sneak into the dormitory to visit Jun Ye, dressed in disguise.

After bringing Su Nuanxia to the dormitory, Zhang Xiaoqiang washed her socks, leaving her to take care of Jun Ye who was resting. Seeing Jun Ye’s quiet handsome face, Su Nuanxia couldn’t help but touched it twice. Unexpectedly, Junye woke up suddenly, and she quickly explained that she helped press it when she saw his eyes were swollen.

Jun Ye didn’t reveal her, she looked for another topic in embarrassment and asked Jun Ye to take medicine. But this drug has a certain effect on the nerves. It is not visible in daily life, and playing games is different, so Jun Ye refused to take it. Su Nuanxia had to find a remedy on the Internet and asked the team members to buy the ingredients and bring them over, and also brought an induction cooker by the way. As a result, the cooked things smoked terribly, making the room smoky.

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