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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 6

Faced with Su Nuanxia’s straightforward question, Jun Ye was speechless for a while and had to hang up. Su Nuanxia didn’t give up and continued to bombard her with phone calls, and finally Jun Ye really answered. But after he answered the phone, he yelled Nuanxia softly and revealed his location. Su Nuanxia didn’t think much about it. She went to the teahouse where he was and found out that he was eating with Anna.

It turned out that it was Jun Ye’s grandfather and Anna’s father who created a chance to be alone for the two of them. Obviously, it was Luohua intentionally and flowing water was merciless. Su Nuanxia suddenly understood that Jun Ye was using herself as a shield. She secretly convinced herself that she had to make small sacrifices for the future of the Qingmeng team, and directly indicated in front of Anna that she was in a relationship with Jun Ye. Seeing that Anna didn’t believe it, Su Nuanxia directly took Jun Ye’s face and kissed her to show her sovereignty.

Anna was outraged, and Jun Ye’s goal was achieved, which meant that she owed Su Nuanxia a favor. Su Nuanxia was also unambiguous, and directly asked Jun Ye to return to the team. Someone gave the steps, and Jun Ye went straight down, but still stiffly said that this was because Su Nuanxia had just helped herself. Su Nuanxia embraced Jun Ye excitedly, and Jun Ye was secretly happy, but there was still no expression on her face.

At night, Jun Ye was training on the basketball court alone again, Su Nuanxia pestered him to agree to the training camp. Jun Ye deliberately teased Su Nuanxia, ​​asking her to admit that she was a fool. Su Nuanxia secretly scolded him for being naive, but still followed suit. The atmosphere between the two people seems to be a little different.

One wave just flattened, another wave started. Here Jun Ye just returned to the team and agreed to the training camp, but Ling Xuan on the other side had a problem again. Because he returned late from work and worried about deducting credits, he went to the basketball hall to sleep for one night. As a result, he ran into a female ghost in white, and was so scared that he staggered and gave her ankle, injured a ligament, and needed recuperation.

This incident spread all at once, and everyone thought the basketball hall was haunted, unlucky, and panic. This greatly affected the morale of the basketball team, and Su Nuanxia immediately announced that she would catch ghosts herself at night. Zhao Yingliang needs to prepare the experiment for his graduation thesis, so there is no time. Zhang Xiaoqiang was too courageous, so Su Nuanxia had to arrange for him and Qi Feng to squat outside. Jun Ye was actually quite scared, but because she wanted to lose face, she became the one who watched the night at the basketball hall with Su Nuanxia.

On the first night, when both of them first entered, they had a tendency to scare themselves a little, and they always felt the atmosphere was awful. However, nothing happened until they fell asleep. But Jun Ye, who had always suffered from insomnia, fell asleep until dawn beside Su Nuanxia, ​​which he felt was incredible.

At the same time, on the other side, Xiao Tutu took care of Ling Xuan who was recuperating in the hospital, and specially cooked soup for him. Although Ling Xuan looked disgusted, she still drank it. As a result, she had a stomachache in the middle of the night and ran to the toilet on one leg for several days.

In the next few days, Su Nuanxia and Jun Ye were vigil in the basketball hall, but nothing happened. At the hospital, Xiao Tutu had cooked soup for Ling Xuan for several days. Ling Xuan was so afraid that she begged for mercy, and hoped that she would stop giving herself laxative soup. Xiao Tutu was so angry that Ling Xuan had no conscience, gave the soup to the next hospital bed and left. After she left, Ling Xuan was not happy that the person next to the hospital bed drank the bowl of soup and took it back by herself.

In fact, both of them were hard-mouthed people. The next night after the fallout, Xiao Tutu brought Ling Xuan food and soup as usual. Ling Xuan no longer slapped her mouth, he knew Xiao Tutu was caring about himself.

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