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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 38 Recap

Zhu Zhanji refused to believe that Zhu Gaochi was still reluctant to let himcompetewith Zhu Gaojin. Zhu Zanji was determined to fight blindly. Zhu Gaochi had no choice but to let Zhu Zhanji go to Nanjing to study and cultivate. Zhu Zhanji led Xie En to leave in sorrow. Yang Shiqi came to Zhu Gaojiu, and the soldiers saw that Yang Shiqi had not met Zhu Gaojiu, and they argued with him. Yang Shiqi quizzically questioned whether Zhu Gaojiong meant the court or Zhu Gaojiong himself. Zhu Gaojiu said, but Yang Shiqi had to set it aside.

Yang Shiqi said that he had ordered Zhu Gaochi to pay a visit, and asked Zhu Gaojiu that Yu Qian wasnowin jail, Zhu Zhanji was demoted to Nanjing, and he left Zhu Gaoji to dispose of it. Can such a method of treatment satisfy Zhu Gaoji, Zhu Gaoji asked Yang Shiqi to say:Following the truthof Zhu Xi ’s death, Yang Shiqi took the blame on himself. After listening to Zhu Gaojiu, he pretended that Yang Shiqi was following the wrong person, but Yang Shiqi said that he took the initiative to ask him. Zhu Gaoxi changed his face and let Yang Shiqi be taken away. . Zhu Gaozhen mistakenly thought that Zhu Gaochi was faint and gave Yang Shiqi’s head to them. Upon hearing Zhu Gaoji’s disapproval of Zhu Gaoji, he believed that as long as he killed Yang Shiqi, Zhu Gaoji confessed to usurpation of power, but if Zhu Gaoji did not intend to rebel, he would be torn apart by the soldiers.

Zhu Gaozao felt a dilemma and scolded Zhu Gaochi for using his eyes on his brother. Zhu Zhanji came to Nanjing, and Zhu Gaochi personally chose a study for him. The place is old and worn, and the books are covered with dust. Instead of resisting, Zhu Zhanji decided to cultivate himself first. Empress Zhang Yan heard Zhu Zhanji’s relegation to Nanjing, and rushed to find Zhu Gaochi’s theory. Zhang Yan questioned whether Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Zhanji were degraded, Yu Qian was imprisoned, and Yang Shiqi was sent. Did he really want to yield to the entire court. Zhang Yan knew that Zhu Gaozhen’s side of Qing Jun actually sought the throne in disguise. Zhu Gaochi has mixed tastes, and Zhang Yan asks him if Zhu Gaochi wants Zhu Zhanji’s head one day, will he not object? Zhu Gaochi did not answer her, but ordered Zhang Yan to let Zhu Zhanji submit a coupon to see how his book read.

If Sun Micro with Xu Bin came Zhuzhan Ji, Xu Bin suriko handed out a handwritten part of the Ministry of War, had written a Zhu Zhanji, he puts it put aside. Xu Bin told Zhu Zhanji that the most elite troops in Jiangsu were replaced by grain soldiers and went to Xuzhou in batches. After the soldiers of Guan Ning were replaced, they did not know where to go. Xu Bin reminded Zhu Zhanji that Zhu Gaochi’s approach was that he had him. In the deep meaning, Zhu Gaochi did not want to start the war first. This was also to allow Zhu Gaoyu to breed arrogance. Under the persuasion of Xu Bin, Zhu Zhanji acknowledged that he had become horny and heeded Xu Bin’s suggestion and planned to write to the local governments.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Gaochi ordered the Minister of the Central Government to convey his will to Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zanma asked Zhu Gaochi how he was ill, and the Minister indicated that Zhu Gaochi’s body was only between night and evening. Zhu Zhanji wanted to return to Beijing to visit Zhu Gaochi, but was stopped by the minister in time. The Minister informed Zhu Gaochi that he would not allow Zhu Zhanji to return to Beijing whether he was dead or alive. As long as Zhu Zhanji returns to the capital, he will be supportive of Zhu Gaojiao and others, and the situation will be bleak. The Minister stated that Zhu Gaochi ordered Zhu Zhanji to submit a letter, and Zhu Zhanji rushed to write it overnight, and the Minister sent it out.

The palace, Zhu Gaochi did not take a last breath, and finally waited for Zhu Zhanji’s letter. Zhang Yan helped Zhu Zhanji to read. In the letter, Zhu Zhanji realized that from Zhu Xi’s death, he only asked bad things, but he didn’t ask right and wrong. He knew nothing about the way of monarch. Zhu Zanji has studied intensively for many days and realized his mistake. He decided to learn from Zhu Gaochi if he became an emperor. It is his duty to benefit the people in the world. Zhu Gaochi listened to Zhu Zhanji’s discount and died forever.

After Zhu Gaochi crashed, Zhu Zhanji returned to Beijing to ascend the throne, and Yu Jia procured the rebellion. Zhu Zhanji wrote a letter of surrender and Yu Qian volunteered to deliver the letter. Zhu Zhanji was worried about Yu Qian’s safety, and told him that if Zhu Gaojiao repented, Yu Qian would surrender to save his life.

Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu quarreled over the current battle situation. Zhu Gaojiao was dissatisfied with Zhu Gaojiao’s dismissal of his own suggestion that if Zhu Gaojiao obeyed his suggestions, they would have already arrived in Xuzhou. When Zhu Gaoji was trying to find King Chu, a soldier sent the army newspaper. Zhu Gaojiao glanced at it and gave it to Zhu Gaojiao. Zhu Gaomai uploaded a military commander to deploy and felt that he would definitely win Zhu Zhanji’s head this time.

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