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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 37 Recap

Zhu Gaojiao joins hands with Mahamu to compete with Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Gaochi names his grandson Zhu Qiyu. Ange is a maid in Hu Shangyi’s palace. Hu Shanxiang saw that she was clever and clever and asked her to follow her later. Hu Shanxiang asked about the origin of Ange. Ange confessed that his cousin had been a maid of the palace, and died of alcoholism. Right now he is alone in the palace alone. Hu Shanxiang had mixed feelings in her heart, and left her beside her without saying more.

On the big day, Hu Shanxiang, Sun Ruowei and the queen were waiting for Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Gaochi to return to the palace for dinner. Zhu Gaochi was rebuking Zhu Zhanji at this time. At the dinner table, Sun Ruowei and Hu Shanxiang were not interested in seeing Zhang Yan , and they wanted to please her. Zhang Yan was full of thoughts and questioned where Zhu Gaochi had been in recent days. Sun Ruowei falsely accused. Then Zhu Gaochi rushed with Zhu Zhanji, Zhang Yan was very dissatisfied, and scolded them for showing up late. Zhu Gaochi stated that he had sent Houtai to talk to Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiao , which only delayed time.

Zhu Zhanji bumped against Zhu Gaochi again at the dining table, and Zhu Gaochi threw the wine glass to the ground in an anxiety, and everyone was afraid. Sun Ruowei stepped forward to mediate the atmosphere, and Zhu Gaochi informed Zhu Zhanji of the responsibilities of the emperor after he ascended the throne. Zhu Gaochi knew that Zhu Zhanji was ambitious and ambitious, but he did it better than them. Zhu Zhanji realized that he was wrong and accompany him on the spot to apologize.

Hou Tai talked well and persuaded Zhu Gaojiao to return to Beijing, but Zhu Gaojiao was unwilling to forgive Zhu Zhanji easily and refused to return. Hou Tai repeatedly instructed Zhu Gaojiao to return to Beijing, but Zhu Gaojiao decided to clear his side. Seeing that the other party did not intend to return to Beijing, Hou Tai proposed to let Zhu Gaoyu go to the feudal dynasty, and the position was chosen by them. Zhu Gaojin ridiculed and ridiculed, and decided to choose his position in Beijing, allowing the Zhu Gaochi family to make room. Zhu Gaojiao laughed loudly, but Hou Tai laughed coldly. Zhu Gaoyu ordered Hou Tai to send a message to Zhu Gaochi, and when he sent the heads of Yang Shiqi and others, he calmly sat down and negotiated with them.

Huang Fuyun wrote the obituary on the side of the Qing Jun. Zhu Gaozhen decided to also create a decree, Zhu Gaochi, Zhu Gaozhen proposed to add in the document the crime of Yu Qian colluding with Mahama to kill Zhu Xi. Zhu Gaoyu wanted to fight from Jinan City to Beijing. Zhu Gaojin did not take Zhu Zhanji in his eyes and wanted to attack Beijing directly, but he was also not good at not giving Zhu Gaojiu face, so he ordered to attack Jinan City.

Late at night, Yang Shiqi came to Zhu Zhanji because of the defeat in Jinan. Yang Shiqi found that Zhu Gaojiao’s military method was very similar to Zhu Xi’s. If Zhu Gaochi was not active, their situation would be very difficult. Then Yu Qianye broke into the Prince’s Mansion, Zhu Zhanji scolded him for not even wearing his official uniform. Yu Qian told Zhu Zhanji that there were officials writing a confession against him as a traitor, saying that he had colluded with Mahamu to sell Daming’s intelligence, and Yu Qian said that Zhu Gaochi had suspended his position for this.

Yang Shiqi also knew about this, saying that Zhu Gaochi just wanted to let Yu Qian rest for a while, so that he would not be impatient. Yu Qian scolded Yang Shiqi for not helping himself at the critical moment. Zhu Zhanji knew Zhu Gaochi’s intentions and it was Yu Qian who was eager to fight Zhu Gaojiao, and this was his official position. Zhu Zhanji will stay in Qianfu to handle military affairs, which will give him a place to stay. Zhu Zhanji finished his business and returned to his room to sleep. Sun Ruowei distressed and told Sun Ruowei Yu Qian’s dismissal. Sun Ruowei saw that Zhu Zhanji always stayed up late, worried that his body could not stand, Zhu Zanji sighed, and no longer wanted to go on, Sun Ruowei told him that he would always stay with him.

Late at night, Mahamu secretly came to Yu Qian, trying to draw him away. Yu Qian rejected Mahamu’s good intentions. Mahamu said that Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu had already cooperated with him. They attacked Beijing from north to south and surrounded Zhu Gaochi. Yu Qian was still not convinced, and then suddenly a soldier surrounded him, and seeing that he was unclear with Mahamu, he was put in jail.

After hearing this, Zhu Zhanji came to jail to visit him. Yu Qian told him the plans of Mahamu and Zhu Gaoyu, and did not forget to tell Zhu Zhanji to handle the matter properly. When Zhu Zhanji was leaving, he asked Yu Qian if he had any other things to explain. Yu Qian stated that he bought some books in Liulichang, worried that a creditor would come forward to collect debts, and let Zhu Zhanji pay him first. Zhu Zhanji thought that the calamity was imminent, and was worried about these trivial matters, so he left without taking care of it.

When Zhu Zhanji learned that Hu Shanxiang was pregnant, he was pleasantly surprised. Hu Shanxiang told Zhu Zhanji that Zhu Gaochi had named his child, called Zhu Qiyu . Zhu Zhanji thanked Zhu Gaochi for giving him a name. Zhu Gaochi urged Zhu Zhanji to do things in the future. Think about children. However, Zhu Zhanji said that Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu joined Mahama and planned to shoot straight from Hetao. If they really wanted to think about their children, they could not sit still. Zhu Gaochi left without saying anything. Late at night, Zhu Gaochi hurriedly called Zhu Zhanji to meet him. Zhu Zanji mistakenly believed that Zhu Gaochi agreed to fight against Zhu Gaochi, but he did not know that Zhu Gaochi not only did not allow Zhu Zhanji to go to war, but also made a decision to allow Zhu Zhanji to go to Nanjing to study and cultivate. He could not return to North Korea without his intention.

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