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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 33 Recap

Zhu Zhanji repeatedly persuaded Zhu Xi to return to the palace, but Zhu Xi was worried that Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiao could not attack the opponent’s territory and refused to leave. Zhu Xi showed Zhan Zhanji what he had brought with him. What was written in it was Yao Guangxiao’s inference that the year of Xin Chou was changed, the dragon was in the sky, and the mountains fell. Zhu Xi transferred his son to Zhu Zhanji, and repeatedly told Zhu Zhanji not to kill the Zhu family, and ordered him to leave it to his children and grandchildren in the future, so that the children and grandchildren would not be allowed to kill each other.

At this time, Zhu Gaojiao and Zhu Gaojiao were dissatisfied with Zhu Xi’s heavy snowfall and prevented them from returning to the camp. They decided to ask Zhu Qi in the big camp. Seeing the two making a big noise at the door, Zhu Xi invited them to enter. Zhu Rong was afraid to let his sons see him, pretending that nothing happened to chat with them. Zhu Xi told them to go out on horseback. The four of them rode to the top of the mountain, overlooking the vast snowy landscape. Zhu Xi looked at the scenery in front of her, lamenting that her life was short.

Zhu Zanma asked Yang Shiqi about Zhu Gaoxi’s physical condition. Yang Shiqi told Zhu Gaojiong’s condition one by one. After answering Zhu Zhanji’s question, Yang Shiqi told Zhu Zhanji to return to Zhu Xi as soon as possible. Zhu Zhanji has more than enough heart, and Zhu Xi’s decision cannot be shaken by anyone. Fan Zhong ordered Yang Shiqi to meet with Zhu Xi, and Yang Shiqi immediately rushed to meet. Zhu Xi and Yang Shiqi haven’t seen each other for a year. Zhu Xi saw Yang Shiqi with white hair and teased him. Zhu Xi remembered that he was sixty-five years old this year, and he was already very old. Yang Shiqi reminded Zhu Xi to return to Beijing as soon as possible, but Zhu Xi knew that he had no time and did not intend to return to Beijing. Zhu Xi sympathized with Zhu Gaochi ‘s condition, and Yang Shiqi said that Zhu Gaochi had two light years left.

So Zhu Xi decided to transfer the crown prince to the Han King, and after the Han King ascended the throne, he would send Zhu Gaochi’s family out of the palace as soon as possible. Worried about future generations’ unbelief, Yang Shiqi proposed that Zhu Xi write the original words on the book, and then witnesses and physical evidence would be available. Then Yang Shiqi suddenly knelt down. Zhu Xi asked if he was speaking for Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Xi wanted to pass the throne to Zhu Zhanji, but was worried that Zhu Gaojin and Zhu Gaojiu would not let him go, and let Zhu Zhanji’s head fall early. Yang Shiqi denied, then turned to Zhu Zhanji.

Yang Shiqi took Zhu Xi’s discount to Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zanji did not believe that Zhu Xi would pass the throne to Zhu Gaojiu, turned his head and pointed at Yang Shiqi. Yang Shiqi did not hesitate to say that he was dead, nor could he change Zhu Xi’s prejudice. After listening to Yang Shiqi’s analysis of the interests, Zhu Zhanji quickly put down his sword and respected Yang Shiqi. Zhu Zhanji thanked Yang Shiqi for notifying him. Yang Shiqi told Zhu Zhanji what Zhu Xi thought, but Zhu Zhanji firmly said that he would not stay idle. In Nanjing, if Zhu Xi wanted Zhu Gaoyu to be emperor, he would report himself to the country and follow Zhu Xi underground. Yang Shiqi heard this and rebuked him for his unfaithfulness and filial piety, and told him that it was precisely because Zhu Xi could not find Zhu Zhanji’s victory. Just came here.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Xi again called Yang Shiqi to meet him. At this time Yang Shiqi was still with Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zanji was unwilling to live in humiliation and decided to go with Yang Shiqi to meet Zhu Ye. Yang Shiqi and Zhu Zhanji came to see Zhu Xi before and after him. Zhu Xi saw Yang Shiqi still chose Zhu Zhanji, with mixed tastes in his heart. Yang Shiqi knelt in front of Zhu Xi ’s bed and told him that Zhu Gaoyu was not the master of the world. Zhu Ye looked at Zhu Zhanji who was kneeling down and said that Zhu Zhanji could not win the battle, but Zhu Zhanji said that he could go down to the ground. Accompany Zhu Xi. Zhu Zhanji recounted that he hoped to live on his own will, but Zhu Xi said nothing, and closed his eyes heavily.

In Prince’s Mansion, after Zhu Gaochi woke up, he found that Zhu Xi was beside him. Zhu Xi knew that Zhu Gaochi liked the bronze buckle of the Xiongnu the most, so he sent it back carefully. Zhu Gaochi was deeply moved. Zhu Xi Zhu Xi confessed to Zhu Gaochi that for so many years, he only trusted Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi shed tears, lamenting the year of Zhu Xi’s departure, he was always thinking about him. Zhu Xi invited Zhu Gaochi to go for a walk. Zhu Gaochi found that his hands and feet were smart and tried where Zhu Xi would take him. Zhu Xi indicated that he would take Zhu Gaochi to the hall for registration. Zhu Gaochi wanted to go back and change clothes, but turned his head and broke the porcelain. Zhu Xi disappeared and Zhu Gaochi was still busy looking for him. Zhang Yan , Hu Shanxiang, and others were confused, telling Emperor Zhu Gaochi that he had not returned. Zhu Gaochi was unwilling to believe, and turned to find the bronze buckle Zhu Xi gave him.

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