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Rebirth of Shopping Addict 我不是购物狂 Episode 17 Recap

The domestic designers signed by dkk have already arrived at the hotel. Li Mingche and Yan Li rushed to the hotel at the same time. Both wanted to gain the favor of the designer and add chips to the dkk contract. Yesterday’s customer, Mr. Liu, asked Gao Yang to meet at the Century Hotel. Gao Yang’s mobile phone was almost out of power. He was worried that he would be late and was stunned by Yan Li. Then he called Yan Li for reporting. Automatic shutdown, Yan Li did not understand what Gao Yang saw when a customer needed to go to the hotel, and asked Li Mingche if he knew. Li Mingche did not know about it.

The two felt that things were different at the same time, and they were planning to go to Gao Yang. When the car arrived, Li Mingche hesitated to leave, but Yan Li drove away. Gao Yang put his mobile phone at the front desk of the hotel to charge. He went to room 888 where Mr. Liu was alone. Mr. Liu claimed that he was ill. He asked Gao Yang to take care of him for a while. Although Gao Yang was reluctant, he gave Mr. Liu water because of courtesy. However, Mr. Liu did not speak badly, the more the words became more and more proficient, Gao Yang angrily wanted to leave, but was caught back by Mr. Liu. Gao Yang had no resistance and had to resist and shout for help. Yan Li called Gao Yang. The mobile phone rang at the front desk of the hotel.

It was learned from the front desk that Gao Yang was in room 888. Yan Li rushed over immediately and opened the door to rescue Gao Yang. Mr. Liu was beaten by Yan Li. Several punches showed weakness, Yan Li put on a coat for Gao Yang and helped her to leave the room, but Mr. Liu quietly took a photo from behind. Yan Li sent Gao Yang home, but also ridiculed that Gao Yang could not distinguish between normal business negotiations and dating suggesting that Gao Yang was very wronged. She never thought of such a bad person and even wanted to buy a lot of anti-wolf spray However, Yan Li continued to ridicule Gao Yang’s IQ.

Yan Li company is far away from Century Hotel, but Yan Li arrived in time today. Yan Li said that she was working nearby, but refused to disclose anything. Gao Yang felt that if she had delayed Yan Li ’s affairs, she would definitely Will be responsible. At the door of the house, Yan Li suddenly pressed Gao Yang against the wall and almost kissed him. At this moment, the door suddenly opened. A lively girl came out of Yan Li’s house. Usually, Yan Li faced with ice cubes. When she saw the girl, Talking and laughing, it seems to be completely personal. The girl is a well-known niche designer Huang Yannan. Her personal brand Yannan Huang is Gao Yang ’s favorite niche brand. Yannan ’s father is Yan Li ’s teacher, so they are always called siblings.

This time dkk The designer who signed the contract was Yan Nan. Originally, she thought that she would see Yan Li first, but she saw Li Mingche first. Later, Xiao Chen rushed to the hotel and brought Yan Nan to Yan Li’s house. Yan Li urged Gao Yang to quickly return to the room to change clothes. He was chatting with Yannan in the living room. Gao Yang was lying on the crack of the door and wanted to hear what they were talking about, but he could n’t hear anything.

When I met Yannan ’s father, I felt the warmth of the family at the teacher ’s house, and found confidence and a way out. So everyone got along like a family. Yan Li also told Yannan ’s identity. After all, Gao Yang’s father had to invest to study abroad, so he couldn’t ignore Gao Yang this time. Xiao Chen found Yannan a hotel near Yan Li ’s house and moved in. Yan Li sent Yan Nan back to the hotel. She used to live in Yan Li ’s house before returning home. This time because of the competition between Yan Li and Li Mingche, Yan Nan is not suitable to go too close to Yan Li, so she chose to stay in a hotel. Yan Nan is a public and private person.

She reminded Yan Li to cheer. Li Mingche really impressed her. Will be selfish. When Yan Li returned home, he thought about asking Gao Yang today. Gao Yang explained that he just wanted to make more money. In case his father came back, it was impossible for the father and daughter to live together in Yan Li’s home. The extra clothes and bags are sold in the second-hand market, so it may be faster to make money, and Gao Yang can’t bear his own treasures. Mr. Liu went to the Chenming Department Store to make a complaint. He had to complain to Gao Yang to find someone to hit him. Li Mingche came out and wanted to resolve the dispute. Mr. Liu said that Gao Yang wanted to lie to him but he did not cheat. Some photos taken yesterday were shown to Li Mingche. Gao Yang in the photo was very embarrassed.

Yan Li took Gao Yang away. Li Mingche was immediately angry. Regardless of the gentleman’s etiquette, he almost hit Mr. Liu by hand. Fortunately, he closed his hand at the last minute, but just let the security guards drive people out. Wang Xiao saw the photos taken by Mr. Liu again. The photos seemed to be ambiguous between Gao Yang and Yan Li. Wang Xiaozai asked whether Gao Yang was with Yan Li. Gao Yanglian denied that Wang Xiaozai analyzed them one by one. From a psychological point of view, the distance between Gao Yang and harshness is the distance between couples.

Gao Yang’s harsh look is even more foolish, but it seems that Yan Li also likes Gao Yang. Gao Yang passed by a men’s clothing store and saw a shirt that was very suitable for Yan Li. Gao Yang thought about Wang Xiaozai’s theories and believed that Yan Li fell in love with himself. He even imagined that Yan Li was wearing this shirt and holding it. In the face of his own confession, the whole idiot looks like he bought the shirt without saying a word. When Gao Yang came home, Yan Nan was helping Yan Li to measure the size. The distance between the two was very close. According to Wang Xiaozai’s theory, they were completely intimate. After measuring the size, Yan Nan cooked for Yan Li to eat again.

They were very happy to chat, Gao Yang stood at the door for a long time, and they found that Gao Yang was back. When Yan Li saw Gao Yang holding a shopping bag in his hand, he asked Gao Yang why he bought things indiscriminately. Gao Yang claimed that he had bought it as a gift. Yan Li blamed Gao Yang for being ignorant. I almost lost money, and today I spent money in a mess. Gao Yang felt wronged and had a quarrel with Yan Li. He returned to the room without eating. All the idiots during the day disappeared at this moment. Gao Yang vomited to Wang Xiao again.

Originally thought that Yan Li had ten stuffed gourds. I didn’t expect that Yan Li and Yan Nan could not talk together. Yan Nan is not only a well-known designer, but also a good cook. Gao Yang Every time I go home, I feel like a light bulb. From a man’s point of view, Huang Yannan is really a perfect woman with talent, appearance, family background, background, fame and virtuous virtue.

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