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Rebirth of Shopping Addict 我不是购物狂 Episode 16 Recap

Gao Yang wanted Yan Li to help reimburse the sweeping robot for money, so he proposed the concept of spending money to buy time, which was worth money, so Yan Li should reimburse the robot’s money. The weird logic of amusement made me laugh, and promised that as long as the robot was really convenient and practical, he would definitely be reimbursed. Gao Yang turned on the robot before going out. I thought it would be a brand new look at home at night, but I didn’t expect the smell of stinky shit in the room. The floor was still yellow. Gao Yang guessed it must be a neighbor’s dog. Yes, it was swept out by the robot, and the ground was still sticky. Both Gao Yang and Yan Li wanted to clean it up as soon as possible, but stepped on the running sweeping robot one after another and fell to the ground. Yes, Yan Li is going to collapse.

At the meeting on Monday, Gao Yang proposed the concept of customized services. Online sales do have advantages over physical stores, but the drawback is that once the explosion occurs, it will rot the street. Therefore, Chenming Department Store can launch some private custom services to help customers free of charge. Transforming clothing so that each customer can experience a unique sense of happiness. Ye Minglang doesn’t think this plan is feasible, but Li Mingche respects it and helps to call it diy Happy Ranch. In the lobby of the first floor of Chenming Department Store, Gao Yang organized a display case site and hired several sewing workers.

After customers bought clothes, they could help with the transformation according to their needs, or help with some suggestions for transformation. With few customers, Li Mingche praised his insightful eyes and found the treasure of Gao Yang. Gao Yang’s aesthetics and creativity are indeed comparable to ordinary people. He even has the potential of a designer. Li Ming Che suggested that Gao Yang could consider studying fashion design. Ye Minglang saw Gao Yang chatting with Li Mingche upstairs, and his heart was very unpleasant. Wang Xiaozai deliberately choked off the leaves, and said that the girl who loves to laugh would have no luck.

He said that it is like Gao Yang. It’s cheerful, unlike Ye Minglang’s stubborn face all day, Li Mingche now praises Gao Yang, and the happy pasture that Ye Minglang opposed now is also popular. Ye Minglang returned to the office in a huff, Assistant Ma added cheers to the side, saying that Gao Yang would be a man, and he knew how to please Li Mingche, but it was just a little tailor’s booth. Their personal behavior has nothing to do with them, but it is true that Happy Ranch is driving sales. Ye Minglang hopes that Assistant Ma will not always be sour, and have time to think about how to improve himself. Happiness Ranch has stabilized. Gao Yang finally has free time, so he pulls Wang Xiao back to the mall and wants to choose a birthday gift for his father.

Gao Yang fancy several brands of watches, belts, wallets, etc. Now Gao Yang is terrible. Gao Yang is very discouraged. Wang Xiao also suggested that Gao Yang buy some practical gifts. Do n’t always pick expensive ones. Gao Yang said that she lost her mother since she was a child, and her father always felt owed to her, so she never suffered a little bit from childhood. She did n’t want to buy cheap gifts. It was because she didn’t want her father to know that she needed to work and make money by herself, and she was afraid her father would be more guilty. Gao Yang wanted to earn money on a part-time basis. Wang Xiao found a job for her, which was specifically to help people choose clothes, and you could get a commission from it. Wang Xiao had a friend who specialized in this.

Right now, there is a customer named Mr. Liu. It was the upstart that just won the lottery. It was very difficult to make. Wang Xiaozai’s friends didn’t want to receive this customer and pushed people to Gao Yang. After work at night, Gao Yang took Mr. Liu to shop in Chenming Department Store. Mr. Liu’s taste was inexplicable. He wanted a brand to be famous and a logo to be seen. He didn’t want to buy expensive underwear. When he arrived, he knew he was rich. Gao Yang took the customer to a star brand store. Mr. Liu knew the brand and decided to pick a few in this store. When Assistant Ma saw Gao Yang taking the client part-time, he ridiculed Gao Yang that the scar had forgotten the pain. It hasn’t been long before Gao Yang was complained about childcare.

Now he wants to smear Chenming Department Store. To help Gao Yang make a siege, Li Mingche asked Ye Minglang to teach his assistant Ma how to learn to respect colleagues. Li Mingche claimed to be a shopping guide and helped Mr. Liu choose the right menswear. Mr. Liu was very satisfied. Mr. Liu bought a lot of things. Li Mingche and Gao Yang followed behind like a class. Mr. Liu was very satisfied with this state. There were two followers behind him. Even if he wasn’t wearing a big name, others knew he was rich. Mr. Liu wanted to send Gao Yang home. Li Mingche said it would be enough if he sent it. Mr. Liu saw that Li Mingche’s car was even better than hiss. It was not like a small shopping guide, so he was curious about Li Mingche.

Turning around and saying that Gao Yang’s way of making money is improper, so that Mr. Liu need not be too surprised. Yan Li saw that Li Mingche sent Gao Yang home upstairs, and his heart was suddenly sour. After Gao Yang returned home, Yan Li asked Gao Yang where he was going. Gao Yang claimed that he was shopping with his customers. The customer’s contact information was also revealed, and Yan Li temporarily relieved his doubts.

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