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Rebirth of Shopping Addict 我不是购物狂 Episode 14 Recap

Yan Li and Xiao Chen took Gao Yang to the boutique store. Gao Yang looked at those limited-edition bags and was almost unable to breathe. Each bag she could clearly say the designer’s name, style, characteristics, etc., but Gao Yang even found a high imitation bag in the warehouse, which is difficult for laymen to distinguish. Gao Yang asked Yan Li to find another real bag for comparison, and used his professional explanation to prove to Yan Li and Xiao Chen that this bag It is indeed false. Enenggo’s warehouse is only responsible for inventory and quantity.

It will not be responsible for identifying authenticity. The goods come from the original factory. If the customer returns the goods, it will be returned directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will identify the authenticity by itself. There is no department for identifying authenticity, but the original goods cannot be fake. Now there are fake goods in the warehouse, it is likely that they are moving in the warehouse. Manager Jiang was fired from the warehouse. Manager Jiang came to the warehouse to transfer work yesterday. He entered the boutique warehouse and was in a very bad mood when walking. Yan Li immediately retrieved the surveillance video.

Although the process was slow, he finally found out what manager Jiang was doing. Ghostly, when he left, his bag chain was still leaking. Yan Li busy asked Xiao Chen to identify all the bags that Manager Jiang had touched, and finally found that all the bags that Manager Jiang had touched were all fake. Xiao Chen found that one of the bags that Manager Jiang had touched was photographed by the customer, and it is now on the way to delivery. The courier’s phone just happened to be unreachable. If the courier reaches the customer, then the reputation of Easy Buy will be questioned. Therefore, this cargo must be intercepted.

Yan Li took Gao Yang to chase the express delivery and proposed to buy Gao Yang for 3,000 yuan today. Let Gao Yang help identify the authenticity. Gao Yang was very unhappy. When she bought it, she would have acted rigorously, and she would never stand idly by. Someone sent a private message to anchor Li, reporting that Yi Neng could buy fake goods, and sent the customer’s delivery address to anchor Lee. The anchor Lee contacted Ye Minglang, hoping that they could go to the customer’s home to witness together. The investigation by the regulatory department does not rule out the possibility of framed retaliation. Moreover, Yan Li’s person will never sell fake goods. Chenming Department Store does not need to make up for this excitement.

The customer’s delivery address was a bit far away, and Yan Li drove away galloping. Anchor Li kept following. Yan Li didn’t find it. Yan Li saw an express delivery vehicle at the door of the customer community, but unfortunately he could not enter by driving in the community. Yan Li and Gao Yang ran to chase, and anchor Li also took a short route to get the goods before Yan Li. Regardless of the image, Gao Yang took off his high-heeled shoes and ran barefoot. Yan Li was worried about her foot pain, but Gao Yang showed no mercy and let Yan Li go ahead. In the hands of Ms. Yuan, Yan Ligang just wanted to explain the situation to Ms. Yuan. Li Lijuan arrived with the live broadcast machine, and Yan Li panicked. Ms. Yuan invited everyone to sit at home.

Anchor Li was ridiculing to sell fakes with words and deeds. Ms. Yuan was also very concerned about this. If Yineng really sold fakes, she would definitely pursue them to the end. Anchor Li contacted the appraisal expert. Prior to the expert’s arrival, Gao Yang invented the bag that was identified by the expert and went to the room with a mobile phone live broadcast. He claimed that it was a randomly selected customer to participate in the event. I was wearing a real bag, but it was fake for the live broadcast. The real bag was put together with the fake bag that Miss Yuan received, and she intentionally turned around several times to let Miss Yuan choose her own true bag.

Bags, everyone ca n’t tell which one is genuine or which is fake. Gao Yang taught Ms. Yuan and netizens how to identify the authenticity of the bag, and gave Ms. Yuan a beautiful silk scarf tied to the bag. Miss Yuan was very satisfied with it. This time, Gao Yang’s performance was so wonderful. Yan Li was totally unexpected. To thank Gao Yang, Yan Li asked Gao Yang to go online to select his favorite gift. However, Gao Yang remembered the silk scarf just now. It is her favorite silk scarf. For strict encouragement, she even gave the silk scarf to others. In Gao Yang’s heart, these seemingly lifeless luxury jewelry are sentimental. Yan Li called Xiaochen, and the package must be reported to the police immediately. In addition, check the courier’s phone number.

If the phone is turned off during the delivery process, she will be fired immediately. Gao Yang saw the express delivery brother eating hoe and drinking cold water from afar, and suddenly felt sad. She couldn’t stand it after running for a day with Yan Li. The courier worked so hard every day. Is n’t it harder, Yan Yan said It ’s too harsh to get fired. Besides, the courier has to make a lot of calls every day. If there is no communication subsidy, he is definitely not willing to switch on the phone to answer the phone. Yang interfered in his work. Gao Yang went to work and was troubled by Ye Minglang. Ye Minglang saw Gao Yang’s performance yesterday from the anchor broadcaster Li, accusing Gao Yang of being an employee of Chenming Department Store but doing things for his competitors. With this, Gao Yang could be fired Yang and Li Mingche came to make a siege in time.

He didn’t think the matter was serious, but instead proved Gao Yang’s ability. Yan Li asked Xiao Chen to check Gao Yang’s scarf. Xiao Chen found that the scarf had been discontinued long ago. There might only be one in an antique store specializing in limited edition products. When Yan Li and Xiao Chen rushed, Just happened to meet the inventory of antique stores, the boss asked Yan Li to find what he needed in the stockpile. Yan Li searched for a long time, and finally found the scarves that were almost covered by dust. Xiao Chen sent the silk scarf to dry cleaning and disinfection packaging, and then sent it to Yan Li’s home. Yan Li felt that the packaging was too pink and not suitable for him to send out, but Xiao Chen felt that the packaging was very close to Gao Yang. Looking at Li’s house, Yan Li quickly shut Xiao Chen out of the door. Gao Yang saw the gift box in his hand and thought it was a gift to himself, but Yan Li said it was a company sample, but Gao Yang didn’t believe it and thought it was given to other women.

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