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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 29 Recap

Sun Ruowei saw that Zhu Gaochi had a worse cough, and tried to see if he could return to Prince Edward’s office. Zhu Gaochi was public and private, insisted on observing the rules, and rejected Sun Ruowei’s kindness. At this time, Zhu Gaochi coughed again, in order not to worry the brothers on the front line, decided to write the book as soon as possible. Sun Ruowei wanted to ask Tai Gao for the pulse of Zhu Gaochi, but was rejected again by Zhu Gaochi. Seeing Sun Ruowei’s writing skills, Zhu Gaochi asked Sun Ruowei to write a book for him. Zhu Gaochi dictated that Sun Ruowei was struggling to write a book. Then Zhu Gaochi suddenly became emotional, begging Daming to escape.

When Hu Shanxiang heard that the court maid sue in front of the princess, nothing more than trying to bully Hu Shangyi, and pull Hu Shangyi together to step down. So she reported all sorts of bad behaviors to Hu Shangyi to the princess, and Hu Shanxiang stood up to testify for Hu Shangyi and scolded the palace maid. Hu Shanxiang came to Hu Shangyi’s room and saw that Hu Shangyi was asleep, holding an empty jug in his hand. Hu Shanxiang gently took down the jug and wanted to take care of Hu Shangyi. Hu Shangyi woke up stupidly and thought that she had dreamed of Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shangyi couldn’t help crying, saying that she missed Hu Shanxiang, and Hu Shanxiang didn’t know what to say. Just soothing Hu Shangyi and snuggling with her.

Yu Qian and Hass beads are still feeding the war horses. Yu Qian thought that according to this method of combat, the class could return to the dynasty before the end of the year, but Haas Zhuzi said that it would rain on the grassland, and the Ming army’s fire would not be used. Yu Qian felt that the morale of the Ming Army was high, and the enemy could be broken even without a firearm. Hass beads let Yu Qian go to bed and stay by himself.

At midnight, Yu Qian heard a fight outside. When I went out, I saw that there was a fight in the barracks. Hass Bead calmly looked at everything in front of her. Yu Qian wanted La Hass Bead to run away, but found out that Hass Bead turned out to be the undercover of Watanam Khan Mahamu in the Ming Army. Mahmud showed his identity, and Yu Qian was willing to return to Watanabe with himself, and was willing to make a tie with Yu Qian. Yu Qian was unwilling to follow him, and Mahamu shoved the knife into Yu Qian’s hands, killing the soldiers around Yu Qian. Yu Qian collapsed and let Mahamu kill himself, but Mahamu didn’t do anything, let him see alive, in the end who won.

Barracks, the Ministry of Tartar sweat Tuotuo not spend an audience personally Zhu Di , Zhu Di request Tuotuo not spend retreat Bazhan order and good. However, Zhu Xi did not intend to do so, but he did not give the other person a good look. He also accused Tuotou of not spending all his time chaosing the border. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured at the border. Zhu Rong said that he did not need to take off and did not spend money on compensation for cattle, sheep, gold and silver. He said that he wanted to build two cities in the area of ​​Hulan Huwen, and he would not see Zhu Xi refused to negotiate, so he said that he would meet on the battlefield. After taking off, Zhu Zhanji entered the military account and reported to Zhu Xi about the attack of the horse camp on the horse camp. Yu Qian was very guilty. Seventy soldiers in the horse camp died for himself. Yu Qian lurked the horse in the army camp. The situation in Daming’s 20 years was told to Zhu Xi one by one. Zhu Xi listened and asked Yu Qian to follow him as a military staff officer. He couldn’t wait to meet him.

Zhu Xi took his army to the Nanan River. Zhu Xi was a little proud. For hundreds of years, he was the only one who led the troops to the Nanan River. In Zhu Xi’s barracks, a sudden strong wind blew across the grassland, and the wind and sand were blinded, and nothing was seen, and even the flag of the battle was blown down. Zhu Zhanji was also tied up by enemy chains on the battlefield and could not leave. The situation was very dangerous. Zhu Gaochi came to the Ministry of Defense, but the atmosphere of the Ministry was very strange. Yang Shiqi handed the discount to Zhu Gaochi and told him that several units outside the customs united to make Zhu Xi miss the best time for decisive battle. He asked Zhu Gaochi for a plan to withdraw his troops. Zhu Gaochi attacked his heart in a hurry, and couldn’t help spitting blood.

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