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Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (2019) 梦回 Episode 29 Recap

Qi Wei didn’t tell Qixiang aboutthe news of Zhao Fengchu’s disappearance.She was worried that she would think about it, but she was just comforting. Although she was very warm in the thirteen provinces, but her brother was in her home. They had no parents since childhood. Only his brother was always with Qixiang, and he was also a father and a brother. They depended on each other. Zhao Fengchu treated Qixiang very well and grew up together through the storms and the good times. Brother Wei’s situation this time, after listening to He Wei hesitant to tell the truth but could not bear to tell the truth.

14 princes think the time has come to public pressure can cause waves toppled Yinzhen and thirteen Elder brother , Kangxi received many suriko about playing Yinzhen of reference, there are ten Si Age aside lobbying Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi promised if Yinzhen No more clues were found and Big Belle was released. The people tortured by Big Belle in prison are not like ghosts or ghosts. They also insist on singing when their throats fall down.

Brother Thirteen was still searching for Zhao Fengchu’s whereabouts on Nanshan, and received news that Big Belle committed suicide. The ministers were severely punished because Big Baylor was forced to commit suicide. Shun’er wanted to send a laundry to the 13th brother to go to the palace to deal with the impeachment. Qi Wei learned that he was worried that Qi Xiang would comfortably go out to find him. Qi Xiang was stubborn and waited for his brother to pick himself up. Xi Wei couldn’t bear to say that Zhao Fengchu was missing. The truth is uncertain. Qixiang wanted to rescue her brother alone, and Wei Wei went all out to accompany the two to Nanshan. The immature tortured by Zhao Fengchu was severely tortured. He had long disregarded winning or losing, but hated these people regardless of the safety of frontline soldiers in the country. The caretaker blindly blinded Zhao Fengchu.

Qixiang and Li Wei went up to Nanshan and accidentally rolled off the cliff to find the traces of Zhao Fengchu, and opened the door of the secret room to find Zhao Fengchu. The two with serious injuries, Zhao Fengchu, faced the massacre. Zhao Fengchu was still able to fight even if he was injured, but there were more and more enemies. Qi Wei and Qixiang Zhao Fengchu were divided into two ways. Here. Even though Qixiang and Zhao Fengchu shook off the enemy to pursue, Zhao Feng’s deep and middle school sharp arrow held up and gave Qi Xiang the slip of the vault.

The two brothers and sisters have been separated for a long time. When they meet again, it turns out to be farewell. Zhao Fengchu died without regret is the sister he loved most, but how Qixiang is willing to give up the only brother in the world, Zhao Fengchu listens to his hometown in Qixiang’s arms. The ballad slowly slept forever. Brother Shishi and Xi Wei saw only the body of Zhao Fengchu when he arrived. Brother Shishi could not accept the departure of his close friend. He owed too much to his close friend. Fortunately, Zhao Fengchu’s place in the vault was regarded as a death of the loyalty.

Everyone mentioned the death of Big Belle when they were facing the dynasty, and demanded severe punishment. There was nothing to say and they didn’t want to justify. Everyone only believed in the truth they saw, and went to the side that was beneficial to them. action. At this point, Kangxi could only send his imprisonment. When Brother Thirteen arrived, he took the property hidden by Big Belle and had a book of accounts as evidence. This testimony made Kangxi angry, and he did not continue to retreat from his punishment. towards.

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