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The Heiress (2020) 女世子

Woman Generation (2020)
Other Title: 女世子 / Nv Shi Zi / Daughter

Genres: Historical, Romance
China Mainland
You Da Zhi (游达志)
Tencent Video
Release Date:
Aug 13, 2020 – Aug 27, 2020
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  • Jiang Chao as Chen Ting Yi
  • Una You as Han Yuan Niang | Han Shi Yi
  • Wang An Yu as Wang Zhong Yu
  • Melody Tang as Wang Xi Yuan
  • Wu Yang as Chu Xiang Yue
  • Cao Li as Wang An Li

Han Yuanniang, daughter of the prime minister, disguises as her twin brother Han Shiyi, and began a romance story with the fifth prince, Chen Tingyi.

Dingguo Han Jizhong’s son died early. In order to prevent the imperial court from taking away the military power and preserve the glory of Dingguo, Han Jizhong had to make her daughter Han Yuanniang, who was twins with her son, disguise as a man. From the age of six, Han Yuanniang transformed herself into Han Shiyi. In order to prevent others from discovering her identity, she could only eat, drink and have fun all day long, pretending to be an unlearned idiot, which was notorious.

By chance, Han eleven became the companion of the five princes of the dynasty, and the two became still there. Han Eleven began to make suggestions for the fifth prince and competed for the position of the prince. The relationship between the two gradually became closer. Eventually, the fifth prince accidentally discovered Han Eleven …

Han Yuan Niang is the eldest daughter of the Han Family, which holds military power at the northern border. She disguises herself as her twin brother Han Shi Yi, who passed away early, to ensure the Han Family’s military power won’t be affected by the court, as they have no male heir. She portrays herself as a lustful, weak, and uneducated man to fool those who want to pull her to their side. Unexpectedly, she becomes the companion of the 5th Prince, Chen Ting Yi, and helps him become the Crown Prince. Wang Zhong Yu, son of the Prime minister, eventually discovers Han Shi Yi’s identity as a woman and their secret relationship. Source: Liang Yun at MyDramaList

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  1. Disappointed with the ending. Why Chinese epic dramas mostly sad or lonely ending. What’s in the script writer’s mind? She wants to be free yet sacrifices her true love and makes him loveless for life? Beginning was exciting but ending sad.


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