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Not Enough Love 还没爱够 Episode 5 Recap

After eating, Wang Cong drove Jiang Xiaoxi home. On the way, Wang Cong asked Jiang Xiaoxi if he knew Chen Jiong before . Jiang Xiaoxi Yakou denied that she told Wang Cong that she never knew Chen Jiong. Wang Cong did not believe it. He always felt that Jiang Xiaoxi and Chen Jiong He seemed nervous when he spoke. Jiang Xiaoxi was out of work, and after a trip to Thailand, she soon had no money to spend. She asked her father to cry and was very poor. Dad Jiang didn’t hesitate to take her to the balcony and took out a stack of money from the shoe box to let her daughter spend it.呗 Bills. Dad Jiang Xiaoxi said that in fact, Ms. Jiang knew he was hiding money, but just closed her eyes and closed her eyes.

Xiao Mu returned to China and invited Jiang Xiaoxi’s family for dinner. Jiang Xiaoxi’s father suggested that she also bring Wang Cong. Wang Cong received a call from Jiang Xiaoxi and went to her house to pick up something. He found a box of treasures collected by Jiang Xiaoxi. There were many torn photos in it. Wang Cong spelled it out curiously. It turned out to be a photo of Chen Jiong and Jiang Xiaoxi. In the box, he also saw Jiang Xiaoxi and Chen Jiong’s wedding invitation.

Wang Cong went directly to Chen Jiong’s company to find him. First of all, using work as an excuse, he finally asked him and Jiang Xiaoxi. Chen Jiong admitted that he was Jiang Xiaoxi’s ex-boyfriend, but this is a long time ago, and they only I have known each other for three months. It was time for the Ganzi party, and Wang Cong hurriedly said goodbye to Chen Jiong. Jiang Xiaoxi went to the Ganzi party. She wore a very casual jacket and saw that many trophies obtained by Xiao Mu were displayed in the room. She stopped to admire it for a long time. Before, she practiced the piano. If she can persist, say Uncertainty also has little success. Gan Cui knew that Jiang Xiaoxi was still missing her original profession, and unfortunately, when she was first escaped from marriage, she completely gave up her profession.

Wang Cong began to have an opinion on Jiang Xiaoxi. At the Ganzi party, he complained about not telling him that Chen Jiong was her ex-boyfriend. He also went to Thailand with him, and just took him to eat hot pot with him. Wang Cong talked endlessly in the face of Jiang Xiaoxi, and he was accused in every sentence. Jiang Xiaoxi angrily reminded him that Han Jing was still living in his house, but Wang Cong did not buy it, thinking that he and Han Jing were innocent. Jiang Xiaoxi told him not to talk any more, otherwise he broke up.

After Jiang Xiaoxi told Gan Cui about what happened recently, Gan Cui listened very angry and criticized Jiang Xiao Xi when he saw that Chen Jiong should hit him hard. How could it help him and Xiao Yu’s beauty. Jiang Xiaoxi insisted that it was a kind of revenge. Since Chen Jiong said she couldn’t get married, she had to see why. Xiao Yu has already started designing wedding invitations at home. She asked Chen Jiong what he thought, and Chen Jiong said nothing but finally heard that Xiao Yu’s mother was going to their house. Chen Jiong had to let Xiao Yu push the wedding date back Push, now the resignation of the company director is a great opportunity for his promotion, do not want to take leave because of marriage. Although Xiao Yu reluctantly, she had nodded to answer.

In her spare time, Gan Cui took Jiang Xiaoxi to the mall, bought her new clothes, and found a stylist to make a styling. When she saw the big red lips and curled eyelashes in the mirror, Jiang Xiaoxi was very uncomfortable.

After Gan Cui helped Jiang Xiaoxi dress up anew, he asked Chen Jiong’s address and took Jiang Xiaoxi to Chen Jiong’s motorcycle dealer to find him.
In the presence of Father Chen, Gan Cui poured beer on the table and splashed Chen Jiong, while reprimanding Chen Jiong for having escaped from marriage and making Jiang Xiaoxi almost depressed and commit suicide, and did not do it professionally. Family and friends took turns guarding her. She was getting better and better, but he appeared in front of Jiang Xiaoxi again, and lost her job.

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