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Not Enough Love 还没爱够 Episode 4 Recap

In the room, Jiang Xiaoxi pondered that Chen Jiong and Xiao Yu were still afraid of marriage, and Xiao Yu couldn’t wait for a result. She decided to promote the beauty of two people. In the evening, Jiang Xiaoxi edited the photo of Chen Jiong and Xiaoyu into a wonderful PPT through the photos of Xiaoyu’s circle of friends, and also named the theme of the PPT proposal. In order to make the proposal warm and romantic, Jiang Xiaoxi paid a lot of money to buy Balloons and flowers for decoration.

When Xiao Yu came to the place where Jiang Xiaoxi met her, and saw candlelight and flowers everywhere, PPT came up to play back her photo with Chen Jiong, and Xiao Yu threw herself into Chen Jiong’s arms in excitement. Chen Jiong was arranged by Jiang Xiaoxi. He strongly suppressed his emotions and dared to complete the marriage proposal. After the proposal, Chen Jiong found Jiang Xiaoxi to sneer at her, thinking that he had left his wedding at the beginning, but now he was deliberately retaliating against him, seeing that he had gained happiness, but he had just been thrown away by his boyfriend, and his heart was completely abnormal. Hearing Chen Jiong’s silence, Jiang Xiaoxi threw him a slap.
On the plane, Xiao Yu’s face was happy. He originally thought that Chen Jiong would never take this step. He did not expect that he would marry her so soon. In his heart, Chen Jiong faced the blessings of his colleagues, and he didn’t know what to do.

Jiang Xiaoxi returned to her parents’ home, and her mother was still blaming her for traveling without telling her in advance. Jiang Xiaoxi did not tell her mother about her loss of work. When she saw that she was still talking, Jiang Xiaoxi quickly hid in the kitchen and quietly, Wang Cong called and asked him to eat at home. He heard that Wang Cong accompanied his ex-girlfriend to the hospital for review, and Jiang Xiaoxi hung up the phone angrily. Wang Cong sent his ex-girlfriend home to meet Jiang Xiaoxi, but the ex-girlfriend wiped his tears and deliberately pulled him to keep him away.

Xiao Yu quickly started the next step. She asked Chen Jiong when the wedding would be held. Chen Jiong tweeted that she was busy preparing for these things. Xiaoyu carried a present to Chen Jiong ’s father, Chen Bo. Chen Jiong ’s father heard that his son had proposed to him, and the woman ’s parents wanted to see him. The next time the son never said hello to him. Five years ago, Chen Jiong had depression due to his escape from marriage. He didn’t want his son to cure depression again.

Jiang Xiaoxi came to Wang Cong’s house with things he bought from the supermarket, but saw that Wang Cong’s ex-girlfriend was still living there, and he couldn’t get upset. Wang Cong still said on the phone that the ex-girlfriend had already moved away. The ex-girlfriend saw that she did not look like someone under the fence, but rather looked like the hostess of this house. She said that the original landlord did not agree with her, so she had to look for it again. While talking about Wang Cong coming, watching Wang Cong also helped his ex-girlfriend speak, Jiang Xiaoxi walked away angrily.
Life is still as usual.

Ding Zi asked Chen Jiong for information about Jiang Xiaoxi after work, and wanted to help her find a job by the way. Not long after, Xiao Yu invited Jiang Xiaoxi and Wang Cong to eat hot pot. Chen Jiong went to see that Jiang Xiaoxi was sitting beside Xiao Yu in annoyance. The small rain in the dining room allowed Chen Jiong to help Jiang Xiaoxi find a suitable job. He heard that Chen Jiong was in a bad mood Refused.

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