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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 5

The match between the Qingmeng Team and the Shinhwa Reserve Team officially started at the Shinhwa University Basketball Hall. Ling Xuan and Jun Ye are forwards and small forwards, Qi Feng is the center, Zhang Xiaoqiang is the point guard, and the oldest qualified Shen Yingliang is the shooting guard.

In terms of personal ability alone, everyone in the Qingmeng team is superior. But in the arena, what is emphasized is the degree of cooperation, they have not run-in at all. In addition, although Jun Ye has excellent skills, he does his own way. Ling Xuan is reckless and impulsive and has super physical fitness. Qi Feng has a height advantage but dribble has too many honest flaws. Zhang Xiaoqiang is flexible and changeable but his psychological quality is too poor and he has been negligent for a long time. Training made Shen Yingliang’s three-point ball a legend. This battle was difficult to fight from the beginning.

When the first half was suspended, Su Nuanxia declared to change his tactics, focusing on Ling Xuan. Because Ling Xuan, as fresh blood, is the only thing the other person doesn’t understand. You can use this to get a point in the first half.

It’s a pity, although Ling Xuan did forcefully open the game when it opened again. But fifteen seconds before the whistle blew in the first half, Jun Ye missed the chance to score because he refused to pass the ball. The scores of the two sides reached a gap of 11 points.

At the intermission, Su Nuanxia once again gave a decisive tactic as a coach. She carefully observed the opponent’s play style, which is a regular training formation. Moreover, with the exception of Ding Lei, none of the others were opponents of any one of the Qingmeng team. That being the case, they came up with an anti-routine and turned the team match into an individual match.

At the beginning of the second half, in accordance with Su Nuanxia’s tactics, the four other than Jun Ye held the other four of the Mythical Reserve Team, leaving only Ding Lei and Jun Ye one-on-one. Close attack and defense, Jun Ye, who is good at playing alone, has a clear advantage. He scored goals again and again, and soon the score was quite close.

In the last ten seconds, the ball was delivered to Ding Lei, and he proudly said that as long as he dribbled for ten seconds, the Qingmeng team would lose. Jun Ye didn’t allow it. He attacked and grabbed the ball, and the ball fell out of their control. Fortunately, it fell into Ling Xuan’s hands. Jun Ye was stunned for a moment, and then quickly rushed to the opponent’s rebounds under Ling Xuan’s reminder.

Despite the narrow victory, the victory in the first game is also a great encouragement to the Qingmeng team. The group organized a celebration banquet organized by Su Nuanxia and Xiao Tutu. Only Jun Ye, who had always been out of group, did not show up. During this period, Chu Ran suddenly came to Su Nuanxia and said that he had something to talk with. Su Nuanxia understood Chu Ran’s practice of leaving Qingmeng to pursue his basketball ideals, and did not have a rift with him. Seeing him come to find himself, he left the field first and left with him.

This walk was terrible, Zhang Xiaoqiang turned around and secretly called Jun Ye and told him Su Nuanxia had been taken away by Chu Ran. Jun Yezao was secretly sentimental to Su Nuanxia, ​​who was enthusiastic and sincere, but he didn’t want to admit it, and went straight out when he heard the news. Seeing that Chu Ran in the restaurant gave Su Nuanxia a bunch of flowers, Su Nuanxia happily accepted it, and Jun Ye darkly became anxious, thinking that Chu Ran was confessing.

In fact, Chu Ran just congratulated Su Nuanxia for winning this competition, and Su Nuanxia didn’t know that Jun Ye was out there. When Su Nuanxia returned to the dormitory with flowers, she found that Jun Ye was waiting for her downstairs. Su Nuanxia was very happy to share the good news with Jun Ye. Chu Ran had promised to bring the Shinhwa home team to Qingmeng University to play a game with them two months later. Jun Ye’s face was dark, and he said that he was leaving the team, his tone of voice was not tolerable.

Su Nuanxia thought he refused to stay because the basketball hall had been kept, and couldn’t persuade him to change his mind, but accepted. The next day, Su Nuanxia held a meeting and told others about the game and Jun Ye’s retirement. Ling Xuan, who didn’t deal with Junye very well, said that he would help Su Nuanxia recruit new players, thinking that Junye was not suitable for the basketball team, which caused Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng to resent. As a senior, Shen Yingliang predicted that Jun Ye would definitely come back again.

Although there is no way to prevent Jun Ye from leaving the team, Su Nuanxia still hopes that he can come back. She took the initiative to call Jun Ye and asked him to return to the team. Jun Ye seemed to have made up his mind, but strictly refused. After thinking about it, Su Nuanxia asked what was in her heart. Everyone thinks that Jun Ye likes Su Nuanxia, ​​and Su Nuanxia also finds it very problematic. Otherwise, why did he leave the team after dating Chu Ran.

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