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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 4

The new key of the basketball court fell into the sewer, Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia had nothing to do. Jun Ye still had the same temper, turned his head and left, Su Nuanxia followed closely, and hurriedly said that he would smash the lock another day, as long as Jun Ye can put the team in front of him. Just as he was talking, a boy who was similar to their age walked towards him and hit Jun Ye directly. After hitting people, he even mocked Jun Ye as a rich kid who was not good at football but was rumored to be a god.

This person is Ding Lei, the captain of the reserve team of the Shinhwa University basketball team. It turned out that after Chu Ran transferred to Shinhwa University, she airborne the Shinhwa team to lead the training, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction among the players. But Chu Ran’s strength is there, and everyone can only accept it.

In order to let the master’s lonely Mythical team reconsolidate its strength, Chu Ran proposed to challenge the Qingmeng team that had just been formed. Of course, as a disciple of Su Li, Chu Ran still hopes to help Su Nuanxia. This is also a training opportunity he created for the Qingmeng team.

Ding Lei, as the captain of the reserve team, was most dissatisfied with Chu Ran. In order to prove his strength, he made a special trip to write a statement to Jun Ye. When Jun Ye learned of his intentions, he didn’t want to pay any attention. Who would have thought that he would grab Su Nuanxia and tease him. This action angered Jun Ye. He turned around and fell Ding Lei to the ground with a shoulder-crossing fall, and accepted the challenge.

The game time is set three days later, which means there is not much time left for the Qingmeng team. At this time, the school forum exploded again, and Ding Lei broke the chat record. Someone asked him to release water during the game, claiming that he was willing to benefit him.

Many students thought that this person must be Su Nuanxia, ​​the coach of the Qingmeng team, and even Jun Ye directly questioned Su Nuanxia whether he did bribery. Of course Su Nuanxia did not, she angrily defended herself. Other players also felt that it would not be Su Nuanxia. Ling Xuan pointed out bluntly that Su Nuanxia usually only gives them eight yuan of lunch and wholesale eight cents of water. How could he use the money to buy others.

The words are not rough, not to mention that Su Nuanxia would not do this, even if she wanted to, she didn’t have any spare money. But Jun Ye still thinks that only Su Nuanxia has this motive. Su Nuanxia is so angry that she will find this person out, and then he will apologize to herself sincerely.

In fact, the truth is not difficult to find. The first person Jun Ye learned about the bribe was Anna. She must have a simple mind and didn’t want Jun Ye to lose, so she came up with this method. Soon, Su Nuanxia also found Anna, and she directly took Anna to question alone in the stairwell.

Anna cried with pears and rain, expressing that she was also very scared, not knowing why Ding Lei did it like this. Moreover, Anna originally wanted to help Jun Ye, but didn’t want to frame Su Nuanxia. It was the people who watched the drama who played the rhythm, and Su Nuanxia was unjustly wronged.

Anna was afraid that Jun Ye would hate herself when she knew about it, so she asked Su Nuanxia to help keep it secret. Su Nuanxia didn’t see the beauty crying the most, so she had to agree to her. They didn’t expect that Jun Ye, who was coming down from the stairs, heard all the conversation.

Su Nuanxia and Anna were not friends originally, she actually didn’t need to keep secrets for Anna. At least in Jun Ye’s view, Su Nuanxia could publicly defend herself by this matter, and even ask him to formally apologize. But Su Nuanxia didn’t. She kept her promise to Anna. She avoided talking about this and kept studying the tactics against the Mythical Reserve.

Looking at it, Jun Ye knew that Su Nuanxia was not a villain. Not only did she have a passion for basketball, but she also had no plans for the people around her. Thinking that she had really blamed her, Jun Ye took an opportunity to apologize. Although it was only a very low voice of sorry, it was enough to make Su Nuanxia feel his apology, and the two of them could be regarded as relieved of their past.

The episode has come to an end, and training must be done well. Fortunately, Jun Ye said his words and agreed to participate in group training before the game, and did not break his promise. Others are also very motivated, obediently following Su Nuanxia’s training method for intensive training.

On the day of the game, Su Nuanxia set up before the game. Based on her observation and analysis of the Mythical Reserve Team, she concluded a tactic that is more suitable for their current situation. It is Shen Yingliang’s best three-pointer, Zhang Xiaoqiang and Ling Xuan are responsible for expanding the perimeter for him, and the rebound is held by Qi Feng, who has a height advantage. As for Jun Ye, he only needs to pass the ball.

Jun Ye was naturally dissatisfied with this arrangement, thinking that Su Nuanxia’s guidance was amateurish. Su Nuanxia said helplessly that she didn’t know where to put Jun Ye, but Jun Ye accused her of being unqualified. Su Nuanxia was speechless for a while, and it happened that the game started, and the topic stopped abruptly. It was obviously a fierce battle to greet them.

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