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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 3

In order to keep the basketball hall, Jun Ye did not hesitate to spend money to find someone to register at the basketball club. After Su Nuanxia found out, instead of arguing, Jun Ye didn’t want to say more, and turned away. Su Nuanxia caught him and blocked him under the tree, stating that the team he was going to build could defeat the Shinhwa team and win the championship, so he did not accept players who had enough of them. Besides, Jun Ye herself is a good seed, so instead of spending so much money to find others, it is better to go on her own.

Jun Ye still coldly refused, Su Nuanxia had to let him wait until he was willing to participate, and then take care of the team’s affairs. At this time, Zhang Xiaoqiang also followed, Jun Ye confessed to him to call Qi Feng up and meet together on the basketball court. Zhang Xiaoqiang immediately understood that he wanted to let himself and Qi Feng join the company, but due to his friendship with Jun Ye, he had to agree.

At the same time, the scene of Su Nuanxia staying with Jun Ye was taken by the gossip classmates and passed to Anna. Anna was so angry that she brought the fan club to the recruiting scene to find Su Nuanxia in trouble. She also took photos of Su Nuanxia before disguising and looking for players, claiming that she was a sneak camera maniac. Jun Ye didn’t believe it. After getting along during this time, he knew that Su Nuanxia was only devoted to basketball. As for other things, she was very nervous.

When the two sides were in a stalemate, Zhang Xiaoqiang came with Qi Feng. Qi Feng is a tall and mighty Tie Hanhan, who can’t walk when he sees beautiful Anna. Anna is not interested in him who looks fierce and evil, and only pays attention to Jun Ye.

The people have arrived, and the assessment training has officially started. Zhang Xiaoqiang was also a member of the Qingmeng team. Qi Feng’s physical fitness is also up to standard. Since then, the basketball team has gathered four players, only one person short of it, even if it is officially established.

But in the following days, Su Nuanxia stopped recruiting new players. Seeing that the deadline agreed with the principal was approaching, Xiao Tutu was very anxious. Su Nuanxia did not rush, since Jun Ye cares so much about whether the basketball hall can be retained, he must make the basketball team successful. Now there is only one person left, even if he doesn’t want to come, he has to come. Sure enough, when the principal was talking to Su Nuanxia, ​​Jun Ye personally came to the scene and expressed his willingness to join the basketball club.

Su Nuanxia was very proud of the success of the plan, and also specially formed a barbecue with Xiao Tutu, and sent a group message to invite all players to participate. As a result, the two waited from half past five to eight o’clock, and neither of them showed up.

Su Nuanxia called and questioned them one by one, all of them had problems. Shen Yingliang was preparing a paper recently, and he didn’t even have time to read cell phone information. Working mad Lingxuan was busy delivering food, and answered the phone and said that Su Nuanxia should not bother herself. Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng were busy participating in the friendship, while Jun Ye practiced on the basketball court alone and refused to answer the phone.

Su Nuanxia realized that the successful basketball team formed after hardships was actually a game of sand. To this end, she specially found Shen Yingliang, who has the right to speak, to lead the team training, and also called the students to watch the game, hoping to let everyone see the cohesion of the team.

Simple opening training, Su Nuanxia saw Zhang Xiaoqiang’s ability as a defender. Qi Feng has a height advantage and is a good material to play center, but the dribble is still too honest. She wanted to see the strength of other people again, but Jun Ye suddenly took the lead and stopped the training.

Xiao Tutu thinks Jun Ye is too arrogant, Su Nuanxia thinks he is too lax and disappointed. After all, Jun Ye goes to the open-air basketball court to train by himself every day, and he still loves basketball.

But no matter what, since in the team, that is the team is greater than the individual. In order to let Jun Ye integrate into the collective, Su Nuanxia did a little cleverness. She deliberately changed the key to the iron gate of the basketball court. When Jun Ye couldn’t get in, she swaggered over the key. Just like the last time he grabbed the phone, Jun Ye reached out and took the key away.

Su Nuanxia was so angry that she jumped directly on him to grab it back, but without his height advantage, she almost fell off. Subconsciously, Jun Ye tightened his arms and hugged Su Nuanxia, ​​but accidentally dropped the key into the sewer aside. The two looked at the sewer entrance and looked at each other.

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