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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 2

Seeing that the basketball fell uncontrollably to Su Nuanxia, ​​Jun Ye rushed over to stop the basketball at the moment of the moment, and incidentally complained that Su Nuanxia should not be so close to the basketball court. Su Nuan Xia moved away sadly, feeling a little guilty. If it weren’t for her, Jun Ye should have scored just now.

In the second round, it was Chu Ran’s turn to attack. He modified Shen Yingliang’s skill to make a three-pointer, and he directly shot the three-pointer and won Jun Ye. Shen Yingliang summed up from the side that no matter how good the game is, it would be unfamiliar without matching the game and exercise.

Jun Ye, who had lost the game, left without saying a word, Su Nuanxia caught up again, hoping that he would consider joining the basketball team. Jun Ye still ignored it and left without looking back.

Seeing that the recruitment has not made much progress, the school council issued a new notice to formally disband the basketball team and rebuild the basketball hall. Su Nuanxia specifically found the principal to intercede, hoping to keep the basketball team, and volunteered to be a coach. The principal thought she was the daughter of Su Li, and promised to help her intercede with the council, but if she wanted her to agree to herself, she must lead the Qingmeng team to win the Shinhwa team.

Su Nuanxia agreed, then turned around and sneaked into the dormitory to look for Jun Ye. Unexpectedly, she was almost spotted by the auntie in charge. Fortunately, Jun Ye took her into the bathroom in time for emergency, leaving Zhang Xiaoqiang outside to deal with it.

Su Nuanxia, ​​who has never forgotten the basketball team, tried to persuade Jun Ye, but suddenly saw a Xiaoqiang crawling on the ground and jumped directly onto Jun Ye in fright. Jun Ye finally stepped on Xiaoqiang to death, and Zhang Xiaoqiang opened the door and came in, thinking that the two people had a different relationship.

Su Nuanxia said that she only thought about basketball and had no extra thoughts. But obviously, her persuasion still didn’t work. After Aunt Suguan left, Jun Ye asked her to leave.

Jun Ye didn’t work here, Su Nuanxia decided to find a way to get Ling Xuan first. According to Xiao Tutu’s intelligence, Ling Xuan can be described as a madman, as long as he does not break the law and can make money. It is no exaggeration to say that he has made everyone’s money in Qingmeng University. In order to recruit Ling Xuan, Su Nuanxia and Xiao Tutu went to the cafe where he worked, but they did not expect to wait for a day.

They then came up with a curvilinear way to save the country. They called for drinks and asked Ling Xuan to deliver them, and they ordered more than a dozen cups for several times. Ling Xuan ran again and again, too tired, still unwilling to compromise. In the end, Su Nuanxia thought of the killer.

According to Ling Xuan’s work intensity, he must often skip class. Su Nuanxia designed the principal to meet him who was skipping class. The principal said that he would let the counselor take care of Ling Xuan and explain that Ling Xuan should not be absent from class at will, so as not to graduate.

Ling Xuan was furious, Su Nuanxia took the opportunity to take out the registration form and persuaded him to join the basketball team, not only to get credits, but also to win the game and have bonuses. Ling Xuan’s eyes gleamed as soon as she heard that there was a bonus, and she changed her attitude of rejection and agreed to join the basketball team.

Here Su Nuanxia is trying to recruit Ling Xuan, and Jun Ye on the other side is also very concerned because he does not want the basketball hall to be rebuilt. In order to keep the basketball hall, Jun Ye decided to help Su Nuanxia find players.

When he found Su Nuanxia, ​​she and Xiao Tutu were arguing with Anna. Anna has a domineering personality and is still a fan of Jun Ye, naturally very dissatisfied with Su Nuanxia who has been following Jun Ye. Seeing Su Nuanxia in a physical education class, she brought her two small attendants to provoke her. Su Nuanxia is not the main bully. She clamped down Anna’s attendants with one hand, while Anna and Xiao Tutu were entangled with each other.

Upon seeing this, Jun Ye stopped Anna and pushed her away. Afterwards, under the witness of many classmates, he pulled Su Nuanxia back to the empty classroom, indicating that he was willing to help her recruit players, as long as the basketball hall could not be rebuilt.

Su Nuanxia said that she only wanted Jun Ye and didn’t need his help. She also said that she was already posting in the post bar, thinking that many people must have left comments. I took it out and found that no one followed the post. The most popular post was about the love affair between the school grass Junye and the sports department Su Nuanxia, ​​and a picture of holding hands was attached.

Isn’t it just me? Su Nuanxia was very helpless, commenting on a post to clarify, and by the way publicized a wave of new basketball team recruitment. But no one believes it, they think this is a disguise of Jun Ye’s fans. Jun Ye on the side spoke directly, indicating that she had nothing to do with Su Nuanxia.

The gossip spread, no matter how clarified, no one believed it. But what Jun Ye wants is actually everyone’s discussion about him and Su Nuanxia, ​​and the popularity of the basketball team that this wave of discussion can bring out. Su Nuanxia also understood this. She thought this would win everyone’s attention, but she didn’t expect that the recruiting scene the next day would still be the door.

Just when Su Nuanxia and Xiao Tutu felt depressed, a group of people suddenly came and shouted to sign up. They happily sent out the registration form and performed physical fitness assessment. However, no one passed the few small assessments, and all the people who came to sign up were not up to the standard. This made Su Nuanxia wonder, how could she still want to join the basketball team if she doesn’t have the intention to exercise on weekdays.

Under careful observation, she finally found something tricky. It turned out that Jun Ye asked Zhang Xiaoqiang to find someone and let everyone sign up by sending money. He believed that as long as the basketball hall was kept, he didn’t care about the quality of the basketball team. Su Nuanxia was very dissatisfied, and she said angrily that she was rather queer. The two disagree, it is really difficult to reconcile.

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