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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 1

Su Nuanxia, ​​a girl with weird powers, her father Su Li used to be the coach of the basketball team of Binhai Qingmeng University. Therefore, she also has a high degree of love for basketball.

In a match against Shinhwa University next door, Qingmeng was defeated. Coach Su was over-emotional and caused a myocardial infarction and passed away regretfully. In order to fulfill her father’s will, her most important goal for enrolling in Qingmeng University is to rebuild the basketball team.

But since the last time they lost to the Shinhwa team, Qingmeng’s students have lost their enthusiasm for basketball, so it is very difficult to reorganize the basketball team.

The thoughtful Su Nuanxia went to the basketball gym alone to relax in the dead of night to encourage herself not to give up. But she suddenly discovered that there was a tall boy on the basketball court who was playing night ball. His shots were comparable to professional players. She couldn’t help taking out her phone to record a short video, but the boy found it.

This boy is actually Jun Ye, a member of the former Youth Dream Team, and the only heir to the Jun Family. He is handsome and low-key. He even refused the invitation of the National Youth Team. He asked Su Nuanxia to delete the video, but after being refused, he took her phone directly. Su Nuanxia was anxious to grab it back, and the two fell to the ground together accidentally.

As a school grass, Jun Ye has not been less sought after by girls, thinking that Su Nuanxia was deliberately throwing in her arms. Su Nuanxia only wanted to recruit him into the basketball team, but Jun Ye left without paying too much attention to her.

After returning to the dormitory, Su Nuanxia wakes up her roommate Bunny, hoping she can recognize who the boy in the video is. Although Tutu agreed to Su Nuanxia as the manager of the basketball team and knew the information of the old Qingmeng players, because the video was too vague, she did not realize that this person was Junye.

The basketball team currently only has Su Nuanxia and Tutu, not a single player. So their first task is to get the players together. For this reason, Su Nuanxia went to the track and field to find a goal.

The 400-meter race is being held on the track and field. The most eye-catching is the runner Zhang Xiaoqiang. His goal this time is to exceed his own record. One of the onlookers was looking for him. He was originally a part-time food delivery student. He hoped that Zhang Xiaoqiang would take the food delivery and run again to avoid deducting money over time.

Zhang Xiaoqiang concentrated on the game, ignoring it at all, and ran away as soon as the gun was shot. This classmate was in a hurry and ran after him. In the end he passed Zhang Xiaoqiang and crossed the finish line with a side flip. The speed is fast enough, and his takeaway did not overtime, which made him very satisfied.

Seeing everything, Su Nuanxia marveled that this man was the seed of a basketball forward and spoke up. Unfortunately, this classmate was only interested in making money and was unwilling to join the basketball team, let alone anonymity. Su Nuanxia found out that his name was Ling Xuan after seeing the takeaway ticket he had left behind.

In the next few days, Su Nuanxia and Tutu tried their best to recruit new recruits. They tried all the teaching areas, cafeterias, and basketball courts, but none of them were interested in the reorganization of the basketball team.

In the end, they moved to the boys’ dormitory, but they did not expect to be swept out directly by the aunt. As a last resort, the two visited the men’s bedroom at night. Fortunately, there were gains. The first one found the shooting guard before Qingmeng, Shen Yingliang. Shen Yingliang wears elegant frame glasses and is a fourth-year medical student. He accepted the registration form without saying a word, and asked for one more, indicating that he would bring a friend to sign up together.

After winning the first battle, Su Nuanxia and Tutu were greatly encouraged and decided to move separately and flatten the boys’ dormitory in one go. Coincidentally, Su Nuanxia met Jun Ye again. She still didn’t know the identity of Jun Ye, but after seeing the trophy and photos in his room, she guessed that he was a professional player.

Jun Ye learned that Su Nuanxia wanted to join the basketball team, but refused without even thinking about it. Before Su Nuanxia had time to convince her, she was discovered by the auntie. Fortunately, Jun Ye didn’t deliberately expose Su Nuanxia, ​​but also said that she was her cousin, and just came over to give the book.

Aunt Su Guan didn’t embarrass Su Nuanxia, ​​but asked her to leave as soon as possible. Before leaving, Su Nuanxia specially wrote her number in Jun Ye’s hand, hoping that he could take the initiative to contact her.

A few days after cleaning up the boys’ dormitory, Su Nuanxia and Tutu continued to wait for students to sign up in the open basketball court. In order to attract everyone, Tutu specially posted the video taken by Su Nuanxia in the school post, posted it to look for the little brother, and emphasized waiting for him in the open-air basketball court.

As a result, Shen Yingliang came first, and he also brought a schoolboy. It turned out that the friend he was talking about was Ling Xuan. Ling Xuan is only interested in making money and is not willing to join the basketball team. Su Nuanxia deliberately wanted to play against him one-on-one for a layup, agreeing to join the basketball team if he loses.

Ling Xuan was noncommittal, he seemed to think he would not lose. But he underestimated Su Nuanxia, ​​who started playing basketball at the age of three. He wanted to use fake moves to deceive the ball, but was defeated by Su Nuanxia with a leap-up layup.

Passing by, Jun Ye and Zhang Xiaoqiang saw this scene, but Jun Ye still felt that Su Nuanxia was an amateur coach, and it was difficult for the basketball team to become a climate.

As soon as Su Nuanxia found Jun Ye, she flew over to find him, hoping that he could join the basketball team. Tutu recognized at a glance that this was the night god of the Qingmeng team, Su Nuanxia knew who she had been looking for, and even stopped him from letting him go. Because of Su Nuanxia’s strength, Jun Ye couldn’t get away for a while.

At this time, a male voice sounded abruptly, it turned out to be Chu Ran, the former captain of the Qingmeng team. Chu Ran and Su Nuanxia are childhood sweethearts, but he has decided to transfer to Shinhwa University and join the Shinhwa basketball team.

Jun Ye didn’t have a good face to Chu Ran, saying that he did not want to communicate with the people of the Shinhwa team. Chu Ran took the initiative to propose a real confrontation with Jun Ye, because everyone often said that if Jun Ye did not retire, the captain should be his.

Facing Chu Ran’s challenge, Jun Ye chose to accept it. The two men of equal strength were in a stalemate in the first round. In the end, Jun Ye took the initiative to throw the ball out of the bounds and won the right to serve. Unexpectedly, when Chu Ran blocked Jun Ye’s shot, the ball bounced uncontrollably and fell to Su Nuanxia who was aside.

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