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The Storm of the World (2021) 玉昭令

Yu Zhao Ling (2021)
Other Title: Yu Zhao Ling / 玉昭令 / Yu Zhao Ling / The Storm of the World

Genres: Historical, fantasy
China Mainland
Zheng Wei Wen
Zou Yue
Release Date:
Mar 30, 2021
Related Show:
Kai Feng Zhi Guai (开封志怪) by Wei Yu (尾鱼)


  • Guan Hong as Zhan Hong
  • Zhang Yi Shang as Duan Mucui
  • Wang Yi Fei as Hong Ying
  • Yang Ze as Shangguan Ce
  • Hei Ze as Zhao Wu

High immortal Duan Mucui took the initiative to manage the heretical forces in the mortal world. She is decisive and domineering, but after meeting Zhan Hong, a guy who appears cold but is warm-hearted, at Qifeng city, she becomes confused about his feelings for him and starts to develop worries. From bickering rivals to becoming partners in justice, the two began to fall in love. But a greater conspiracy awaits them…

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