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Not Enough Love 还没爱够 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Xiaoxiscolded himin Chen Jiong ‘s room and heard that Xiaoyu had returned. She quicklyranaway from the balcony. The adjacent balcony was Ding Zi . Ding Zi returned from the bathroom just after taking a shower. Jiang Xiaoxi stumbled out of the balcony of his room. Good night to Ding Zi. Xiaoyu saw Jiang Xiaoxi coming out of Ding Zi’s room and thought what was going on with them.

On the second day, Ding Zi asked Chen Jiong if he was hiding something from him. Chen Jiong asked him to keep it secret for a while, and he would tell him in the future. In the evening, Xiaoyu saw that someone was courting her girlfriend by the sea. She was very touched. She and Chen Jiong have been dating for three years. Chen Jiong has not proposed to her. Under impulse, she asked Chen Jiong when she could get married. Chen Jiong still could n’t give her An exact answer, Xiao Yu left sadly.

In the evening, it was Xiaoyu who ordered a candlelight dinner because it was awkward with Chen Jiong. A romantic candlelight dinner can only be enjoyed by Ding Zi and Jiang Xiaoxi. Ding Zi told her that Xiao Yu and Chen Jiong had been together for three years, and Chen Jiong could not give her a reply, and finally knew that Xiao Yu was facing the same problem as her. Late at night, Jiang Xiaoxi called her boyfriend. The boyfriend still said that he couldn’t get away, so angry that she directly asked Wang Cong not to come again.

On the beach, Jiang Xiaoxi and Xiao Yu accidentally touched each other. The two women began to talk about their own story. Xiao Yu said that she and Chen Jiong had been together for three years. They had a good relationship for three years, but Chen Jiong refused to give her a Promise of marriage. Seeing Xiao Yu being so frustrated, Jiang Xiaoxi told her story. She once fell in love with a boy when she practiced diving. She planned to get married three months later, but on the wedding day, the other person suddenly disappeared.

Xiao Yu asked her why the boy was missing. Jiang Xiaoxi tweeted that she might have terminal illness and did not want to make her sad. Xiao Yu believed Jiang Xiaoxi’s words, and asked Distressed Jiang Xiaoxi why Chen Jiong refused to marry her. After thinking about it, Chen Jiong told her that if a man could not keep his promise, this man would not be a person worthy of trust for life. Jiang Xiaoxi’s words made Xiaoyu firm her thoughts. That night, she asked Chen Jiong to go for a candlelight dinner together. During the meal, Xiaoyu asked Chen Jiong if he would propose to him, would Chen Jiong agree to him. Chen Jiong only said that he would consider this issue carefully. Xiao Yu made an ultimatum. If he did not decide on marriage after the vacation, they would formally break up.

After candlelight dinner, Chen Jiong went to Jiang Xiaoxi’s room and asked her if she had said something to Xiaoyu during the day. Jiang Xiaoxi reassured him that she now felt ashamed when she mentioned what happened to them. Chen Jiong’s attitude towards her made Chen Jiong very angry. During the day, Chen Jiong and Xiaoyu came to the beach. He talked about his escape from marriage a few years ago. He went to Britain to escape. Now he has encountered the same problem. He wants Xiaoyu to give him some time and let him work hard to overcome it. Xiao Yu promised to give him one last chance, but it won’t be long. Chen Jiong hugged Xiao Yu, and he will definitely give her a reply.

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