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Not Enough Love 还没爱够 Episode 2 Recap

Jiang Xiaoxi meets Chen Jiong at the airport Chen Jiong apologizes to Jiang Xiaoxi that he can’t get married.

Jiang Xiaoxi returned to Wang Cong’s house, but found that Wang Cong’s ex-girlfriend Han Jing had already lived in. She rebuked Wang Cong angrily, Han Wang said in tears that she had left the company for two months, and had no money to pay the rent. The landlord put She stung out, but fortunately Wang Cong was able to take her in. Seeing her pitiful, Jiang Xiaoxi didn’t want to embarrass Wang Cong anymore. She took out her air ticket booked in the afternoon and heard him say in the morning that she would ask the company to accompany her to Thailand to play. She also said that her ex-girlfriend didn’t have a place. Jiang Xiaoxi had booked carefully After staying at the hotel for a week, although Han Jing could not stay in Wang Cong’s house for the time being, she could not be held accountable, but Wang Cong must stay with her in the next few days.

Finally, it was time to board the plane. At the airport, Wang Cong called directly. His ex-girlfriend kept calling and said that his stomachache and medicine could not be found. Immediately check the ticket to board the plane. Wang Cong suggested Jiang Xiaoxi to change his ticket and wait. When the time is right, I go on a tour again. He goes to the airport all the way and he keeps answering the phone. Jiang Xiaoxi refuses to change the ticket. Wang Cong leaves her alone.

At the airport, Chen Jiong saw Jiang Xiaoxi talking with a man, and then left her alone. Chen Jiong ran over and apologized to Jiang Xiaoxi. Five years ago, he gave up at the wedding, but he had no other secret. He Can’t get married. Jiang Xiaoxi couldn’t understand when he heard his words. He had conceived various reasons for his sudden escape from marriage. He just wanted to shake his thoughts of hating him. When he saw his girlfriend Xiao Yu came over and yelled his name affectionately, Jiang Xiaoxi was angry in his hands. Coffee poured on Chen Jiong.

On the plane, I didn’t expect their seats to be split together. The path to the enemy was narrow. Jiang Xiaoxi changed the seat for them angrily. Chen Jiong’s colleague Ding Zi saw Jiang Xiaoxi and thought it was because Chen Jiong fired her squid. Only to provoke her. After getting off the plane, Chen Jiong booked a room through Ctrip. When he arrived at the reserved room number, Jiang Xiaoxi lived next door. When he saw him, he felt congested. Jiang Xiaoxi ran to the front desk and wanted to change the room. Changing the room is fine, but he needs to pay more each day. Hundreds of baht, Jiang Xiaoxi had no choice but to bite his head.

Chen Jiong took the light rain to travel to the beach. The single dog Dingzi met Jiang Xiaoxi three times a day. He thought he and Jiang Xiaoxi were good friends. After inquiring about her name, he looked at his face enthusiastically and gave Jiang Xiaoxi a chat. Ding Zi apologized for Chen Jiong’s firing her squid. When he saw the silly music he did not know, Jiang Xiaoxi agreed to Ding Zi’s request and took the juice to sit with Chen Jiong at a table. After all, they are young people, and Xiaoyu suggested that the four of them form a WeChat group together.

After Wang Cong’s ex-girlfriend was taken to the hospital, he was confirmed to have appendicitis and then was busy accompany her ex-girlfriend to undergo surgery. After receiving a call from Wang Cong, Jiang Xiaoxi was very disappointed. During the day, when I saw Chen Jiong and his girlfriend getting bored, Jiang Xiaoxi was even more convinced that Chen Jiong was a scumbag. He said that he could not marry, and quickly found another girl to pat and follow other girls in front of her.

In the evening, Jiang Xiaoxi drank a few more glasses, thinking that Chen Jiong had a good job loss after repenting in the middle, and now there are beautiful women, she hated Chen Jiong even more, so she broke into Chen Jiong’s room while drinking, she wanted Remind Xiaoyu that you must not be fooled by Chen Jiong.

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