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Not Enough Love 还没爱够 Episode 1 Recap

Jiang Xiaoxi encounters resignation and her girlfriend urges Jiang Xiaoxi to marry Wang Cong.

On the vast and bright seashore, Jiang Xiaoxi stood under the fragrant flower gallery and waited with anticipation for the appearance of the groom … A Jiang Xiaoxi, known as the future, stood in front of her and snatched her bouquet of flowers, breaking her longing for happiness. The phone rang, Jiang Xiaoxi awakened from the dream, it turned out to be a dream! Lisa called Jiang Xiaoxi and asked her to rush to the company. All the colleagues in the department arrived. Jiang Xiaoxi received a call to appease them not to mess around, and waited until she went.

Jiang Xiaoxi’s company hastily fired all employees of a department, and the news was very sudden. The employees of the department had gathered in the company to get the boss Wang Lun to give an explanation. Jiang Xiaoxi rushed to the company and wanted to negotiate with Wang Lun. A colleague reminded her that Wang Lun had already found a famous layoff company, and someone would be there immediately. At the scene, Jiang Xiaoxi saw that the security guard had taken action, and quickly lifted up her mobile phone to record the video. During the push, Jiang Xiaoxi’s mobile phone slipped to the ground. He did not want to spread the slapstick on the Internet. Wang Lun stepped on her phone severely. Broken.

The layoff dispute has reached a climax, and a crowd suddenly appeared in the crowd with sunglasses, domineering, and self-defeating. The young man was Chen Jiong , who was supposed to be Jiang Xiaoxi’s husband five years ago, but it was with Jiang Xiaoxi. Escape from the wedding scene. Now Intis International has ordered him to quell the layoffs because he is a professional layoffs director. Chen Jiong first announced the dismissal of Wang Lun in front of all employees. He also said that the headquarters only fired Wang Lun, but now the department There is no business going on here, all employees can go to work as usual, but there is nothing to do. People with long-term career plans can make other plans during this period, and they can leave at any time.

First of all, it was very angry to fire Wang Lun. In addition, the company’s dismissal policy is very favorable, and the compensation is very attractive. Many employees of the company signed the termination contract. Jiang Xiaoxi saw everyone signing with Chen Jiong very quickly, and said Chen Jiong’s good words, she was very uncomfortable. After seeing Chen Jiong after five years, she was still more unbearable as a fishbone throat, at first she lied She refused to sign when she was pregnant. Later, when she saw Chen Jiong’s leave to help her fight for benefits, he did not want to see him again. Jiang Xiaoxi quickly signed the dismissal.

In the evening, Jiang Xiaoxi and her current boyfriend Wang Cong ate. At the table, Wang Cong and her discussed with his ex-girlfriend who wanted to make him unemployed stay at home. Jiang Xiaoxi was very reluctant. What happened to his ex-girlfriend was related to him, and Jiang Xiaoxi was now unemployed. During the day because of busy work, when Chen Jiong came to the meeting place, his colleagues had already expired. The company director Xuan Xuan announced his resignation in order to chase the love she wanted. This is good news. After Sister Xuan’s departure, Chen Jiong’s next successor must be Chen Jiong.

When his colleagues in the company were envious of him, Chen Jiong was frowning-he still wanted to see Jiang Xiaoxi during the day. thing. After the party, Chen Jiong ’s current girlfriend Xiao Yu mentioned to him about marriage. When he mentioned marriage, Chen Jiong started to grow up. As a thorough confession patient, Chen Jiong was most afraid to talk to people about this topic.

After leaving the office, Jiang Xiaoxi finally had time to ask her girlfriend to have coffee with her. The girlfriend heard two bad things that were done by Chen Jiong. She was so angry with Jiang Xiaoxi that she scolded Chen Jiong as a bastard and broom star. Thinking of Jiang Xiaoxi’s empty window period, her girlfriend advised her to get married with Wang Cong during this time. Jiang Xiaoxi would be thirty years old in two months, and she should really plan for herself.

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