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Way Back Into Love (2020) 拾光里的我们

Way Back Into Love
Other Title: 拾光里的我们 / Shi Guang Li De Wo Men / 拾光里的我们

Genres: drama, Romance
China Mainland
Yang Huan (杨欢)
Li Ye Mao (李业茂)
Release Date:
Related Show:
Shi Guang Li De Wo Men (拾光里的我们) by Sui Houzhu, Way Back Into Love (Taiwanese original story)


  • Daddi Tang as Xu Jia Xiu
  • Sun Qian as Lu Jia
  • Wang You Jun as Ye Ang Yang
  • Zhang Hao Lun
  • Chen Xun
  • Rain Shen

One of the bravest things Lu Jia had ever done was to write a love letter to Xu Jiaxiu after exhausting all her language cells . Unfortunately, the stone sinks into the sea and there is no answer. For Xu Jiaxiu, Lu Jia was just a student in the class next door, and her feelings never buzzed up somehow. It’s just the person he doesn’t consider important, so for many years, it has become unique and unrepeatable in his youthful memory. So he cast a big net just to arrest her.

“Lu Jia, if all the feelings are to be continued, I have to look for an adornment. I did not look for it before, and now I have found it-just give me a reason and spend my life with you.”

“Xu Jiaxiu, legends are deceiving. I don’t want legends, I just want you!”
She and he accidentally missed the most beautiful time, but fortunately, they did not miss each other, so we have now regained our light.

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