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The Boundary 边境线之冷焰 Episode 23 Recap

After reading the text message from Zhang Songlin, Xu Zhiqiang learned that Lilia and Lan Linlin were both undercover police officers. Xu Zhiqiang concluded that Vasilov had also been arrested. He was desperate and wanted to take Shi Lei to the world, but Shi Lei just wanted to go home. , Xu Zhiqiang suddenly became angry, took his mobile phone on the spot and smashed it to pieces, and forcibly took Shi Lei to Kusk Forest Field.

Zhang Meng kept calling Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei’s phone, but no one answered him. He concluded that Xu Zhiqiang had taken Shi Lei and escaped, but he didn’t know where to look for it, so he had to call Lan Linlin to call the processing company. As a countermeasure, Lan Linlin proposed to ask Lilia for help and find his whereabouts through Xu Zhiqiang’s mobile phone location.

The car ran out of gas halfway, Shi Lei drove the car to the gas station on the side of the road. He entered the house and paid the money. Suspicious Xu Zhiqiang followed him. Shi Lei asked the boss about the toilet. Xu Zhiqiang was very alert and forced him to call him. gone. Zhang Meng called Lilia overnight, first clarified her identity, and asked the Russian police to help hunt down Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei. Lilia promised to help locate Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei’s mobile phones, but if she wanted the police to be dispatched, she had to ask Zhang Songlin to come forward. Zhang Meng had no choice but to give up the accusation.

Lilia quickly found the cell phone location of Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei. Zhang Meng drove Lan Linlin to that location and found that the cell phone had been thrown on the side of the road. Xu Zhiqiang and Shi Lei had already escaped. The clue was interrupted again. Zhang Meng had to look for clues nearby. Found that Xu Zhihai’s grave was nearby, Zhang Meng saw a photo of Xu Zhiqiang and Xu Zhihai on the tombstone, and concluded that Xu Zhiqiang would say goodbye to his younger brother before he left.

At this moment, Zhang Meng received a call from the gas station owner. He did not understand Russian, so he asked Lan Linlin to answer. Shi Lei took advantage of Xu Zhiqiang’s carelessness and secretly left 5000 rubles for the gas station owner and wrote Zhang Meng. Zhang Meng learned from his boss that Xu Zhiqiang took Shi Lei’s escape direction. He and Lan Linlin searched for clues on their mobile phones and computers. Lan Linlin found multiple trips to and from the Kutsk Forest Farm on Xu Zhiqiang’s mobile phone map. According to the record, Zhang Meng also found the transaction records of Xu Zhiqiang and Kutsk Forest Farm, and they analyzed that Xu Zhiqiang would go to the Kutsk Forest Farm to hide.

Xu Zhiqiang brought Shi Lei to the Kutsk Forest Farm. He gave the forestry owner Alyosha a sum of money and lied that he was going to travel in the mountains. Alyosha and Xu Zhiqiang were old acquaintances and warmly welcomed him to stay for a few more days. Zhang Meng immediately decided to go to the Kutsk Forest Farm to track down Xu Zhiqiang’s whereabouts, let Lan Linlin stay in the processing plant and wait for him to return, and left her with a gun for self-defense.

Alyosha had a drink with Xu Zhiqiang. Xu Zhiqiang quickly drank too much. The two sang Soviet songs in unison. Xu Zhiqiang couldn’t help thinking of his dead brother Xu Zhihai and scenes of past events. He had mixed feelings and yelled hysterically. , Shi Lei was full of thoughts and depressed, he sat alone outside the door in a daze.

Shi Lei hid in the car. He just started the engine. Xu Zhiqiang suddenly rushed out and drew his gun at him, suspecting that he wanted to take the opportunity to escape. Shi Lei repeatedly argued that he wanted to sleep in the car. Xu Zhiqiang called him into the house on the excuse of being unsafe in the car. He guessed that Zhang Meng would chase to the forest farm soon, and promised to take Shi Lei out of here tomorrow.

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