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Kachobakaichidai 課長バカ一代 (2020)

Kachobakaichidai 課長バカ一代 (2020)
Other Title: 課長バカ一代 / カチョバカ / Kachobaka / Kachoubaka / Kachou Baka Ichidai / Section Chief is an Idiot / The Life and Times of an Idiot Section Chief

Genres: Comedy
Release Date:
Jan 12, 2020 (Saturday, Sunday)
Related Show:
Adapted from the comedic manga of the same name by Nonaka Eiji, who also wrote “Cromartie High School”.


  • Matsuya Onoe as Yagami Kazuhiko
  • Kimura Ryo as Maeda Jin
  • Nagao Mariya as Koizumi Rikako

Against all odds, foolish Yagami Kazuhiko becomes section chief of an appliance company, “Matsushiba Electric”. Follow the hilarious antics that result as those around him suffer from his ambitious misadventures.

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