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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 22 Recap

Yu Qiang High School champion, but because he was drunk, he had to be led to the palace tothank Zhu Xi. At this time Zhu Xi was banqueting in the palace to celebrate the end of the imperial examination, and even praised Zhu Gaochi . Zhu Gaochi didn’t dare to invite merit. Instead, Zhu Xi ordered him to nod his best. Later Yu Qian was drunk and Zhu Xi was dissatisfied. Zhu Gaochi came to make a siege. Yu Qian said that he lost his mother today and decided to drink and die. Zhu Xi did not intend to punish him, but instead let Yu Qian write poems to help. Yu Qian persuaded Zhu Xi not to go on an expedition with Jiu Jin, and wished him to converge on a warlike mind. Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Xi scolded Yu Qian and stepped forward to speak for him. Zhu Xi was very disappointed with Qian’s words, ordered him into the army, ordered him to go out with himself, and see what the country was like.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Gaoxi came to Zhu Gaoji at the order of Princess Han . Zhu Gaojiang scolded Zhu Gaojiao for his glee, but Zhu Gaoji solicited himself to do his best. Zhu Gaoxi did not reprimand him, but asked whether the original defense change was the secret of Zhu Gaoxi’s report. Zhu Gaojiao acknowledged that Zhu Gaojiao did not blame him, but thanked him for saving himself. Zhu Gaojiao broke out of the coffin, and once again asked Zhu Gaojiao why he told the secret at that time. Zhu Gaojiao showed that he was careful that Zhu Gaojiao could not tolerate himself at the time, but he was helpless. Zhu Gaojiao suddenly talked about Zhu Gaojia’s end if he became emperor. Zhu Gaojiu analyzed with Zhu Gaojiu that Zhu Xi’s approach was to allow the two of them to fight each other and protect Zhu Gaochi from the top. Zhu Gaojiao tried to persuade Zhu Gaojiao to rebel with himself, and Zhu Gaojiao also had the intention.

Zhu Zhanji brought Sun Ruowei to greet Zhu Xi , Zhu Xi not only gave her a seat, but also condolences her physical condition. Sun Ruowei was silent, Zhu Zhanji reminded her to bow down, but Zhu Xi let Zhu Zhanji bow down for her. Zhu Xi believed that Sun Ruowei had just moved into Prince’s Mansion and was afraid that outsiders would gossip, so he built a city for her. Zhu Zhanji repeatedly reminded Sun Ruowei of his gratitude, but Sun Ruowei thought that he was neither a courtier nor a slave, and he did not know what status he should use to thank him. Zhu Zhanji had no choice but to help her worship again, and Sun Ruowei was a bit arrogant and rejected Zhu Zhanji’s kindness. After Sun Ruowei left, Zhu Xi explored whether Zhu Zhanji was willing to marry Sun Ruowei, and Zhu Zhanji nodded again and again. Zhu Xi questionedthe cause of Sun Yu ‘s death. Zhu Zhanji didn’t know it, so he had to compile it on the spot. Zhu Xi unraveled Zhu Zhanji on the spot, but did not say much, and drove him away.

Sun Ruowei came to the house rewarded by Zhu Xi and found that a famous man Hu was waiting for her. Sun Ruowei returned to the room and found that the adult Hu of other people turned out to be Hu Shanxiang . Hu Shanxiang and Sun Ruowei have not seen each other for a long time, and they have deep feelings. Hu Shanxiang asked Sun Ruowei if Zhu Xi wanted to be her grandson concubine or grandson. Sun Ruowei asked if she didn’t know, and Hu Shanxiang reminded her to test Zhu Xi’s intention. After the two sisters embarrassed each other, Hu Shanxiang rushed to leave because of something, and repeatedly told Sun Ruowei to give manners before him, and the latter said to her sister. Before leaving, Hu Shanxiang told Sun Ruowei that he had ordered people to make up three generations and determined to show off his daughter.

Xu Bin bid farewell to Sun Ruowei as a court minister. Sun Ruowei asked if Zhu Zhanji ordered him to leave. Xu Bin indicated that if Sun Ruowei became a grandson in the future, Zhu Zhanji would not be able to accommodate himself then, so he might as well choose to leave. Sun Ruowei tried to retain Xu Bin, but he left without looking up. Zhu Gaochi returned to Prince Edward’s Mansion and found that Xie Ye was waiting for him to return. Zhu Gaochi scolded Jie Huan and left quickly, so that Jie Hun was stubborn and refused to leave. At this time, Zhu Xi rumored that Xie Xuan had instigated the relationship between Zhu Gaojiu and him, and arrested him for interrogation. After the misunderstanding between Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Xi was solved, they came to Zhu Xi to show their affection. Zhu Xi did not investigate the past, but instead arranged an errand for the two sons. After Zhu Gaojiu and others left, Zhu Zhanma asked Zhu Xi’s intention. Zhu Xi said that if they keep one eye open and one eye open, they will never get off stage again.

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