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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 9 Recap

Hu Shangyi discussed with Princess Zhang Yan about how to treat Princess Park. Zhang Yan was angry when she talked about it. She was worried that Zhu Xi was going to embarrass Zhu Gaochi , but she wanted to have a prince in her old age and toss. Later, the two talked about the selection of women in the palaces. Hu Shanxiang just heard Zhang Yan guessing that Zhu Xi would ask Zhu Gaoyu to recommend it. As long as it was recommended by Zhu Gaoyu, Zhu Xi would agree. Zhang Yan thought of Sun Ruowei , who was brought back to the palace by Zhu Zhanji , and asked Hu Shangyi to meet her. Hu Shangyi scrutinized Sun Ruowei outside the door. Sun Ruowei realized that something was wrong and scolded Hu Shangyi. Hu Shangyi informed the other party of the purpose of the visit and turned her head away. When Hu Shangyi’s forefoot was about to leave, Sun Ruowei bumped into his long-lost sister Hu Shanxiang, but because the two had not been in contact for ten years, they did not know the existence of each other. Hu Shanxiang greeted Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei was not alert to her at first sight.

After the next dynasty, Zheng He talked to Zhu Xi about the country of Adan. Zhu Xi was very dissatisfied with Hu Dan’s usurpation. In the past, Zhu Xi kindly sent the rest to be returned safely, but Hu killed him with a single stroke, so he was incompatible with Hu. Adan ’s envoys begged hard. At this time, Zhu Xi called Chen Tianping ’s daughter and decided to send the Ming army to escort her back to the throne. Adan ’s envoys asked for mercy, and Zhu Xi left Chen Tianping ’s daughter. Teach her something.
Zhu Xi questioned when Zhu Zhanji let him see Sun Ruowei, and Zhu Zhanji repeatedly resisted his disrespect, and then returned to Prince’s House unhappy. Sun Ruowei was noisy and wanted to go out of the house. Zhu Zhanji was worried that she would be caught unexpectedly, and she would not let her leave. Sun Ruowei was arguing with him endlessly, Zhu Zhanji let out his anger, and vented his temper in the guard, instead causing Sun Ruowei to laugh loudly. Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei that Zhu Xi knew what he had brought Sun Ruowei back and wanted to see her. Sun Ruowei was terrified. Zhu Zhanji brought Sun Ruowei to Tian prison to meet Xu Bin , and Xu Bin asked Sun Ruowei to meet Zhu Xi, taking this opportunity to kill Zhu Xi to avenge Jing Jing’s hardship. Sun Ruowei obeyed Xu Bin’s words and finally agreed to meet Zhu Xi.

In order to allow Sun Ruowei to leave a good impression on Zhu Xi, Zhu Zhanji carefully dresses her clothes and makeup. Zhu Zhanji also specially prepared a mule for Sun Ruowei, so he casually asked if Sun Ruowei was wearing a mule. Sun Ruowei didn’t hesitate that there were many people on the scene, so he told Zhu Zhanji that he usually used iron dumplings. In Fujian, he often killed enemies or killed himself at critical moments, which made the people present laugh. Zhu Zhanji was worried about being suspected, implying that Sun Ruowei would kill them all if he said something wrong.

At the garden party, Zhu Xi arranged for Zhu Gaochi to take care of the ambassadors of various countries. Then Zhu Zhanji and Sun Ruowei came to them, and Zhu Xi saw how young they were and how good they were. Zhu Xi asked Zhu Zhanji to accompany Zhu Gaochi to drink, but he left with Sun Ruowei. On the way, Hu Shanxiang just happened to meet Sun Ruowei, the two looked at each other and smiled, and left without saying anything. When Zhu Xi brought Sun Ruowei to discuss state affairs with a foreign messenger, Sun Ruowei secretly put a dagger into his sleeve. After the messenger left, Zhu Xi saw Sun Ruowei’s opinions and questioned her. Sun Ruowei has no fear and expresses what he has in his heart. Sun Ruowei’s answer was in line with Zhu Xi’s intention, so he gave a chat. Zhu Gaojiu was shocked to see Sun Ruowei’s appearance. At this time, Zheng He suddenly appeared, and he and Zheng Gao and Zhu Gaojiu were drinking and drinking.

When Zhu Xi and the envoy discussed national affairs, Sun Ruowei imagined how to pierce a dagger through Zhu Xi’s chest. When she was about to start, when she heard Zhu Xi was very regretful of the events of that year, she warned Wu Liangwei’s envoys not to be brothers. Sun Ruowei was suddenly at a loss, wondering whether the hatred against Zhu Xi in these years was right or wrong. Zhu Xi questioned if Sun Ruowei was going to clean up Wu Liangwei. Sun Ruowei said that in the past, he would either do nothing or never do it. Zhu Xi was a bit shocked at her performance. At this moment, someone suddenly assassinated Zhu Xi, and Sun Ruowei helped Zhu Xi to stop an arrow. Zhu Zhanji and others hurried forward to escort, and took away the seriously injured Sun Ruowei.

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