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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 7 Recap

Afterknowing Zhu Zhanji ‘s identity, Sun Ruowei guessed the identity of the emperor. Xu Bin did not want to be controlled by the emperor, and said that he could kill Zhu Zhanji, Huang Fuyun and let the killer leave, listening to Xu Bin’s plan.

Hu Shangyi came to Zhang Yan to discuss the show girl. Most of the show girls in the city were very talented, but because Zhu Zhanji didn’t come forward to choose, she put this burden on Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan finally found a show girl, but the show girl had a bad temper and beat and scolded the maid, so she was persuaded to return. Hu Shangyi did not know how to explain to Zhang Yan, so she had to run a trip in person. Zhang Yan saw Hu Shanxiang hiding, hinting that Hu Shangyi had gone to Zhu Gaochi to apply for a show girl. Hu Shangyi heard that she was very angry, and that night she beat Hu Shanxiang to death, which made her die early. Hu Shanxiang said that he wanted to let her aunt live a good life and did not want her to suffer. Hu Shangyi was a little moved, took out the dowry she had prepared for her early years, and decided to send her in advance, but made a clear relationship between the two, and then Hu Shanxiang realized that she was doing something wrong.

An Guifei stayed in the palace for nearly ten years, but she never saw the emperor. On this day, she brought Park Guifei to meet the emperor, hoping that Park Guifei could think of herself after flying Huang Tengda. With the help of An Guifei, Park Guifei successfully entered the palace. Zhu Xi was particularly pitiful when she saw Pu Guifei frowning. At this time, Zhu Gaochi andhis brother Zhu Gaojiao were arguing at the dinner table. Zhu Xi decided to have more sons as early as possible, so as not to be mad by his brother Zhu Gaochi in the future. So Zhu Xi favored Park Gui Fei the same day, Hu Shangyi and others congratulated Park Gui Fei in advance, but Park Gui Fei was full of heart. Zhu Xi was dissatisfied with his sons when he saw that he was old and faint. Today, unlike the past, he is unwilling to let him go to the battlefield and decides to have more princes to choose the prince candidate. Zhu Xi questioned the clerk who was the prince most. The clerk made it clear that no one was right, and he dared not make a conclusion easily. Somewhat unhappy, Zhu Xi sent the bookkeeper away.

Sun Ruowei asked Zhu Zhanji to meet at the archery range. Zhu Zhanji saw that Sun Ruowei was prepared, but intended to expose her. Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei how to shoot arrows, and he wrapped around Sun Ruowei’s waist, and he was a little ambiguous in speech. At this time, Zhu Zhanji’s complexion changed, and he questioned the whereabouts of Emperor Jianwen Zhu Yunzhang. Sun Ruowei also did not plan to continue acting, holding a sword straight to Zhu Zhanji. Sun Ruowei exposed Zhu Zhanji’s true identity. After seeing that she knew her identity, Zhu Zhanji stopped hiding from her. Sun Ruowei pierced Zhu Zhanji with a sword, only to find that Zhu Zhanji replaced all the swords in the archery range. Although the weight was the same, they were made of coal. Zhu Zhanji ordered to bring Sun Ruowei back to the palace. Zhu Zhanji hoped to shake hands with Jianwen Emperor and reconcile all sorrows. But Sun Ruowei thinks that Jing Nan’s orphans will not let them go easily. Zhu Zhanji decided to take this opportunity to take Sun Ruowei back to his house, but he was taken by Sun Ruowei back to the back room.

Sun Ruowei caught Zhu Zhanji in the dungeon in the back room, worried that he was hungry, and prepared some meals for him. Zhu Zhanji sat side by side casually, and then hesitated to ask Sun Ruowei, when she said the emperor came to see herself, and Zhu Zanji knew the emperor’s affairs well. Sun Ruowei was a little surprised and didn’t know how Zhu Zhanji knew. Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei that Jin Weiyi was on his way. Sun Ruowei was doubtful and hurriedly investigated whether this was the case. Sun Ruowei came to the shop and found that Jin Yiwei’s officers and soldiers were approaching step by step, feeling terrified.

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