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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 6 Recap

Hu shanxiang because Hu is still instrument was ordered to consult Gaoxu on the fan, just after Gaoxu, asked hu shanxiang in the end is who urge him to Phan. Hu Shanxiang was so frightened that he knelt to Zhu Gaoyu for mercy. Zhu Gaoxi asked her to look up and saw that Hu Shanxiang was young, so that she would not bury her beauty, and let her have more time to move around than the princess. Hu Shanxiang heard Zhu Gaojiong’s implied meaning and left happily.

Zhu Zhanji in the name of the ballpark about Sun if the micro- out, if the micro Zhu Zhanji to Sun Hing leave early with Nie, otherwise they will both life was not guaranteed. Sun Ruowei was a bit reluctant. Zhu Zhanji saw that she was unhappy and asked her to leave early and be a good citizen in the future. Yao Guangxiao once showed Zhu Zhanji the bones, saying that he would never be a good person in this life. Sun Ruowei was very interested in Yao Guangyu in Zhu Zhanji’s mouth, so he asked Zhu Zhanji to take her to the temple to see the bones. Yao Guangxiao met Sun Ruowei. He held Sun Ruowei’s face and saw Sun Ruowei’s parents died prematurely, saying that her life would be half an emperor, and she was born in this capital. Sun Ruowei scared DC cold sweat, Zhu Zhanji helped Sun Ruowei make a siege, and after Sun Ruowei left, Yao Guangxiao also told Zhu Zhanji that there was a cause and effect between him and Sun Ruowei, and neither of them could get rid of him in this life.

Sun Ruowei cried in front of his parents because of these words from Yao Guangxiao, and decided to kill the people who inspired Zhu Xi’s rebellion as soon as possible. Late at night, Sun Ruowei sneaked into Yao Guangxiao’s room. Yao Guangxiao had a vision of the prophet, so Sun Ruowei appeared. Sun Ruowei scolded Yao Guangxiao and Zhu Xi as a group and pointed his sword at Yao Guangxiao. Yao Guangxiao hurriedly told Sun Ruowei’s life experience. Sun Ruowei did not believe in Yao Guangxiao’s person and was about to hold a sword against Yao Guangxiao. Zhu Zhanji suddenly appeared. Sun Ruowei hid, while Yao Guangxiao and Zhu Zhanji only spoke of Sun Ruowei’s whereabouts. Yao Guangxiao knew that Zhu Xi was about to come to Jiming Temple, so he took Zhu Zhanji and let Sun Ruowei take the opportunity.

Zhu Xi felt headache because of his son’s contention for the throne. Yao Guangxiao told Zhu Xi that his offspring would be stained with blood for generations, unless Zhu Xi forgot all the hatred. Zhu Xi was so annoyed that he did not want to believe what hadn’t happened in the future, so he returned to the palace and destroyed all the porcelain. Zhu Gaochi hid outside the door and did not dare to say a word. At this time, Zhu Zhanji just passed by, and Zhu Gaochi brought Zhu Zhanji to Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi ordered the two to kneel in front of their own eyes and informed the two of Yao Guangxiao’s original words. Zhu Zhanji assured Zhu Xi that he would not kill his fellow men in the future. At this time, Zhu Gaojiao and Zhu Gaojiang heard the sound, and let them all kneel together. Zhu Xi did not want the three sons to stare at the throne, hoping that they would not learn to be a wicked one. Zhu Xi distressed that Zhu Gaochi was fat and wide.

Although not suitable for fighting, he was a talent. Zhu Xi knew every scar on Zhu Gaoyu’s body, but because Zhu Gaoyu was a royal son, he didn’t dare to claim the medal. He could only silently give Zhu Gaoyu the cure for the promotion of the doctor, for fear that they did not rescue Zhu Gaoyu. Regarding Zhu Gaojiu, although he was not as good as the other two older brothers, he was in the same mood. Because of this, Zhu Qi paid special attention to him, but never expressed his stand. Zhu Xi asked several people present to swear not to kill the compatriots of the Zhu family, otherwise he would die as punishment.

Zhu Gaochi was busy with business affairs, and Zhang Yan came forward to select the show girl. Hu Shanxiang saw that the show girl on the field could not compare with her, so she asked Hu Shangyi late at night to want to be a show girl. Hu Shangyi told Hu Shanxiang directly that although the show girls were not as good-looking as Hu Shanxiang, they all had their own backgrounds. Hu Shanxiang claimed that she was rescued by the prince. She wanted to repay the Zhu family in her life. Hu Shangyi teased whether Hu Shanxiang wanted to be his master. Hu Shanxiang admired Hu Shangyi’s own mother, but she was slapped by Hu Shangyi, allowing her to take her place.

The next day, Hu Shangyi told Zhu Xi that the two showgirls selected this time were born from cultivated land, and the prince had not even seen him. Zhu Xi was a little dissatisfied. He didn’t see his father-in-law who was selected by Zhu Zhanji, but let himself see him. Zhu Xi also decided not to see him. Hu Shanxiang found Zhu Gaochi, and asked to come to the East Palace to serve Zhu Zhanji, but Zhu Gaochi said that this matter is not a matter of his own, to ask Zhu Zhanji what he meant, and this matter was also handled by the Crown Prince and Hu Shangyi. Hu Shanxiang knelt in front of Hu Shangyi, crying and crying that he did not want to spend a lifetime with the eunuch, and let Hu Shangyi help himself.

Xu Bin suddenly returned to Beijing and saw Sun Ruowei’s innocent face, saying that the emperor was dissatisfied with Sun Ruowei’s actions and would be punished for her crimes. Then Xu Bin took Sun Ruowei to see Huang Fuyun and Huang Fuyun told Sun Ruowei’s true identity, and asked Sun Ruowei to kill Zhu Zhanji. Does Sun Ruowei think that there is a debt and a owner? Since it is Zhu Xi’s fault, it will not harm others. Huang Fuyun was very angry and ordered the killing of Sun Ruowei. Sun Yu and Xu Bin blocked each other’s lives, which was to protect Sun Ruowei from Huang Fuyunhe’s hands.

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