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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 15 Recap

Hu Shanxiang came to Hu Shangyi, but Hu Shangyi ordered her to kneel and planned to slap her. Hu Shanxiang explained that he did not want to let Hu Shangyi be bullied, so he took the lead. Hu Shangyi saw through Hu Shanxiang’s thoughts and knew that Hu Shanxiang was able to win the love of the princely concubine, and she used her life to win a poem, scolding her for wanting to be her master. Hu Shanxiang argued that he was willing to accompany Hu Shangyi all his life, hoping that she would not drive her away. Hu Shangyi warned her that the Crown Prince now has a good impression of Hu Shanxiang, and she will be rewarded.

As soon as her voice fell, the prince congratulated Hu Shanxiang for giving her a gift and gave a magnificent house. Hu Shangyi’s face changed, and Hu Shanxiang stood up to speak and made her wonder whether she would accept the order. If Hu Shanxiang agreed to the official position, it would not only make Hu Shangyi’s identity doubt, but also affect their relationship. Hu Shangyi repeatedly asked, but Hu Shanxiang agreed to the errand, which caused the relationship between the two to break.

Hu Shanxiang came to the crown prince, Zhang Yan, to scratch her head and thank her. Zhang Yan recalled that Zhu Gaochi talked about a famous palace girl who wanted to be a draft girl, and she secretly paid attention to it, and asked whether Hu Shanxiang was her. Hu Shanxiang was frightened and admitted quietly. The crown prince said that Zhu Gaochi had saved Hu Shanxiang, the descendant of the criminal, for a while, but she liked Hu Shanxiang. She also said that Hu Shanxiang was also confused. She always mentioned that Zhu Gaochi rescued her. Hu Shanxiang hurriedly said that he would do it later. Not mentioning this, the princess made her remember that her life was gone at this time, saying that she must not be unkind.
After Zhu Gaochi never spent time in prison, he stayed in the house to amuse the dog. Zhu Zhanji looked a little bit past and reprimanded Zhu Gaochi for being useless. Ju Chi did not mind, then Zhu Zhanji the Yongle and bet, bet the head as he informed Ju Chi on his terms. Zhu Gao was so angry that he decided to go to Zhu Xi for an explanation.

Zhu Xi stayed at Jiming Temple to chat with Yao Guangxiao, and Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Xi would not wait to see him. So Zhu Zhanji lied that Zhu Gaochi missed him and asked Zhu Xi to go to him. Zhu Xi was very angry when he saw Zhu Gaochi, and rebuked Zhu Gaochi, he was kind and moral in the surface, but caused himself a lot of trouble. From the day that Zhu Gaochi was not in prison, all ministers wrote to Zhu Gaochi to return all day. Zhu Xi questioned whether Zhu Gaochi was going to rebel. Ju Chi Zhu Di clear understanding of his heart and mind, the reason for Zhu Di Ju Chi when the Prince, he is not valued his talents Wei slightly, furthermore no Gaoxu on the battlefield fighting a war of ability, naturally not rebel. Zhu Gaochi was grateful that Zhu Xi had handed over the responsibility of supervising the country to Zhu Gaojiu, but he just wanted him to rest.

Zhu Gaochi didn’t care about the prince, he just wanted to be Zhu Xi’s son. In the current situation, Zhu Xi has shaken his trust in Zhu Gaochi, but Zhu Gaochi tells him that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t believe him, but at least he must believe in Zhu Zhanji. That year, Zhu Xi agreed to rebellion because Zhu Zhanji gave birth successfully. Zhu Gaochi heard that Zhu Xi’s meeting with Emperor Jianwen was guaranteed by Zhu Zhanji’s head. Zhu Gaochi thought that it was inappropriate. If Zhu Xi insisted, Zhu Gaochi would choose to rebel. Zhu Zhanji was shocked and immediately knelt to Zhu Xi for mercy.

Xu Bin told Sun Yu and Sun Ruowei that Emperor Jianwen had left five days before he left, and he was responsible for picking up. Sun Yu thought it was inappropriate and worried about Zhu Xi’s temporary change of hexagrams. Then, if Xu Bin should personally cut off Zhu Zhanji’s head, how should he spend it in the future. Xu Bin had already wanted to be thorough. As long as Zhu Xi did not appear, then Xu Bin chose to commit suicide after killing Zhu Zhanji. Sun Yu still refused to agree, but Sun Ruowei supported Xu Bin’s approach. If Xu Bin really committed suicide, she would choose to go to Huang Quan together. Xu Bin was very touched and decided to do a good job with Sun Ruowei.

Sun Ruowei came to Zhu Zhanji to bid farewell. Zhu Zanji didn’t take it seriously. Instead, he ordered Sun Ruowei to wait for Zhu Xi and Jianwen Emperor to clear his hatred and let her stay in Beijing. Sun Ruowei wanted to leave. Zhu Zhanji said that when Nuer Gandu Si pardoned his return to the DPRK, what kind of announcement he needed to formulate was not a matter of one word. Sun Ruowei let him remember to take care of himself before leaving. Later, Zhu Zhanji talked about having fought with Xu Bin. If Sun Weiwei didn’t know what happened to Zhu Zhanji, why he always had trouble with Xu Bin. Zhu Zhanji told her both to get Sun Ruowei, who felt a little shy after hearing it.

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