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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 14 Recap

An Guifei came to Park Guifei againand found that she was not in the palace, so she went to find Hu Shangyi. At this time, Hu Shangyi was in Prince’s Mansion, and An Guifei came to find Crown Princess Zhang Yan . Zhang Yan didn’t know where Park Guifei was and how to deal with An Guifei. An Guifei made a big noise in the Prince’s Mansion. Seeing that Park Guifei had not appeared for a long time, she decided to leave. Later Hu Shangyi began sending people from all palaces to look for Park Gui Fei. The princess was worried about the safety of Park Guifei and she died in the palace.

Sun Ruowei helped the injured Nie Xing to bed, and Sun Yu told Nie Xing that it was Zhu Gaojiao who arrested the three of them, and Zhu Zhanji decided to save them. Nie Xing was unwilling to make a deal with Zhu Zhanji, only thinking of the hatred of his parents, but Sun Yu said that he did not hate Zhu Xi, but was entrusted by benefactors and followed Sun Ruowei. He advised Nie Xing not to be impulsive any more.

But couldn’t hear it. For the 30,000 people, Sun Ruowei didn’t care whether he was insulted or not. He had figured it out, and he had to work hard for the living. Nie Xing is stubborn and even wants to be an enemy with Sun Ruowei. Xu Bin and Zhu Zhanji reached an agreement. Xu Bin asked Zhu Zhanji to help rescue the 30,000 orphans left by Jing Jing, and they agreed to make peace with Zhu Xi. Zhu Zhanji asked Xu Bin to help find the Jianwen Emperor. Xu Bin thought it was inappropriate at first, but thought carefully that it was not a bad thing, so he agreed with Zhu Zhanji’s request.

Although Xu Bin believed in Sun Ruowei, he did not believe in Zhu Xi. He was afraid that Zhu Xi would temporarily regret the killing of Emperor Jianwen. Zhu Zhanji said that he had sincerely contributed to this. He was willing to take Xu Bin hostage, and also told him that Zhu Xi would not ruin the future for an unnamed person. Zhu Zhanji brought Xu Bin to see Zhu Xi, and Zhu Xi told him that if he could make it happen, he would be allowed to be an official in the Central Korean government. Xu Bin said that he did not want to be an official. Zhu Xi asked him why he could be an official of Emperor Wenwen, but he was unwilling to be his own. Seeing Xu Bin did not answer, he asked how he and Zhu Zhanji arranged.

Xu Bin told Zhu Xi that the two of them chose Lingshan Temple in Wuxi. There was a tower in the temple, and it was convenient for each other to advance and retreat. Emperor Jianwen was reluctant to see Zhu Xi, saying that he would go to the ninth floor of the tower first, and Zhu Xi was on the first floor. Zhu Xiqiang forced to meet, this matter may not be possible. Zhu Xi was puzzled. Xu Bin told him that Jianwen Emperor felt shameless to see him again, and there was no need to see him again. If Zhu Xi suspected that it was Jianwen Emperor, Jianwen had his own way to verify his identity.

Zhu Xi asked about Jianwen Emperor, Xu Bin said Emperor Jianwen had already become a monk, just for the 30,000 talents in Nuergandusi who were willing to leave the mountain, and Zhu Xi did not force a meeting. He just wanted to ensure that it was Jianwen Emperor who met him. Xu Bin agreed, telling Zhu Xi 15 days later I met at Lingshan Temple and could leave before dawn at the latest. Zhu Xi wanted to build a palace for Emperor Jianwen, but Xu Bin said that Emperor Jianwen had entered the empty door and told him not to do so.

Just before Xu Bin left his forefoot, Zhu Xi was very grateful for Zhu Zhanji’s help in pulling him out of his heart. Zhu Xi wanted to reward Zhu Zhanji, but Zhu Zhanji did not ask for anything else, but only hoped that he would be able to return to Beijing with 30,000 people. Zhu Xi had promised Sun Ruowei, so he did not regret it. Zhu Xi told Zhu Zhanji that the meeting with Jianwen Emperor was not an apology between the emperors, but a sympathy between his uncle and nephew.

In the middle of the night, Hu Shangyi still could not find the whereabouts of Park Gui Fei. At this time, there was news that the princess was killed. Hu Shangyi stepped forward to bear the consequences, but because she could not find the body, she could not implement it. Hu Shanxiang proposed to find a corpse to replace Park Guifei. Because Hu Shanxiang and Park Gui were similar in appearance, she decided to repay the prince and Hu Shangyi with a sacrifice, but she was rejected by the prince.

Hu Shanxiang returned to the Shangyi Bureau. Hu Shangyi looked serious, took Hu Shanxiang away, and asked her to choose Baizhang or take poison. Hu Shangyi asked her why she wanted to get ahead, but Hu Shanxiang said that she could not see Hu Shangyi kneeling, and she helped Hu Shangyi to stop the disaster, which was also a return to her kindness.

Hu Shanxiang asked Hu Shangyi if she could do it again, she would not like to help her draft a girl. Hu Shangyi hoped that Hu Shanxiang could live well and marry the Zhu family, which could not guarantee life safety. Hu Shanxiang still wanted to live a glorious and rich life. Even if she paid the price of her life, she did n’t know how she was going tonight. She could only take a bet. Hu Shanxiang asked Hu Shangyi to help her go to Jiming Temple to find out Sun Ruowei ’s identity. She She always suspected that Sun Ruowei was her sister, but she hadn’t remembered in ten years. This was her last wish.

In the middle of the night, An Guifei heard the sound and opened the cabinet, only to find that Park Gui Fei slept well in the cabinet. An Gui Fei asked Park Gui Fei why she hid. Only then did Gui Guifei tell the truth, and Zhu Xi never touched her. On the second day, the princess asked Hu Shangyi and Hu Shanxiang to meet her. The two did not know that Park Gui had been found. Hu Shangyi was reluctant to let Hu Shanxiang die, so she ran away and pleaded guilty, but Hu Shanxiang was unwilling. A palace maid came to inform that Park Guifei had returned to the palace and asked Hu Shangyi to take Hu Shanxiang back.

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