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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 13 Recap

An Guifei took the imperial doctor to find Park Gui Fei , please Xi Mai, An Guifei saw her out for a walk, and hurriedly found her back. Park Guifei felt that her days in the palace were very boring, and she did not want to let the doctors take the pulse.

Sun Ruowei was novel about Yao Guangxiao’s identity. When Yao Guangxiao was bragging about himself, Zhu Xi suddenly came to Sun Ruowei and asked herwhere Zhu Zhanji had gone. Sun Ruowei said that Zhu Zhanji understood Zhu Xi’s heart disease and went to stab him. Sun Ruowei suddenly knelt down to Zhu Xi, and decided to lay down his hatred with Jing Nan orphan and serve the court. I hope Zhu Xi can let them go. Zhu Xi stated that as long as Sun Ruowei brought the Emperor Jianwen in front of him, he agreed to let 30,000 people return to Beijing without any problems. Sun Ruowei was worried that Zhu Xi’s words were unreliable, so he told Zhu Zhanji, otherwise no one believed her. Sun Ruowei also mentioned that Zhu Zhanji did not have a gold token. Zhu Xi smiled and said that he was only joking with Zhu Zhanji, but he did not expect it to be serious.

Huang Fuyun was assassinated on the street, the other side caught him in a secret passage, and then Zhu Zhanji appeared with Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei scolded Huang Fuyun and clearly knew that Zhu Gaojiu was the emperor, but he used the life of Jing difficult to be an orphan as a pawn. Sun Ruowei hated Huang Fuyun very much, but Zhu Zhanji thought he could try to cooperate with himself. Huang Fuyun said that he would not forget his parents’ enemies like Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei told Huang Fuyun that he secretly heard Zhu Xi and Zhu Gaojiu interrogate the assassins late at night in Jiming Temple. After the assassins were dragged away, Zhu Xi asked From the incident of Zhu Gaoyu and Jing difficult to be orphaned, it turned out that Zhu Xi had long known that Zhu Gaozhen was cultivating Jing difficult to be orphan in secret. Zhu Gaoji also worked for Zhu Xi and secretly inquired for Zhu Xi. The original identity and name of Huang Fuyun He were false. Huang Fuyun and did not believe what Sun Ruowei said, Zhu Zhanji asked Huang Fuyun and himself to perform a play to keep Sun Yu and the three of them alive.

Hu Shangyi took Hu Shanxiang to visit Princess Gui, and Princess Han and Princess Zhao wanted to use Hu Shangyi’s hand to visit him. Hu Shangyi refused each other’s kindness, and she said that Crown Princess Zhang Yan was not in the palace as an excuse. The princesses persisted, and Hu Shangyi had no choice but to let Pu Guifei’s venation go, and refused to let them approach Park Guifei. Princess Zhao refused to give up, and Hu Shangyi had no choice but to accuse Sang Huai of scolding Hu Shanxiang. The princesses heard Hu Shangyi’s implied meaning and had to obediently leave. Hu Shanxiang returned to the house, seeing that Hu Shangyi had been waiting for a long time, the two teased each other about the next day’s affairs, but secretly hid behind the master to laugh at them.

Park Guifei has recorded everything she has been doing since she was spoiled by the emperor. If Park Guifei fails to give birth in the future, she will naturally be able to investigate what is going on. Hu Shanxiang congratulates Park Gui Fei for being favored by Zhu Xi. In the future, she will be treated differently. Park Gui Fei is not interested. Instead, she asks Hu Shan Xiang if he hears that Park Gui Fei is not pregnant, even Zhu Xi will be laughed at. Hu Shanxiang bowed his head and begged for mercy, but Park Guifei suddenly launched his temper and drove Hu Shanxiang out of the house.

Hu Shanxiang called the court ladies to the deacon room, scolding them for gossiping in front of Park Gui, and Hu Shanxiang immediately relaxed his attitude and acted with grace. The court ladies promised to help Hu Shanxiang stare at the gossip. Hu Shanxiang asked the court ladies to take good care of Park Guifei and not to spread gossip. While Hu Shanxiang was talking to the court ladies about whether Park Fei was pregnant, Park Fei was eavesdropping at the door.

In jail, Zhu Gaoyu was interrogating the assassin, and wanted to find out whether the assassin should be Zhu Gaoyu in the palace. However, Zhu Gaojiao suddenly came to jail, punched him, and asked Zhu Gaojiao to send Sun Yu to himself, if not, he would be his enemy. Zhu Gaojiao found Xu Bin and wanted to draw them to betray Zhu Gaojiao. Xu Bin did not agree. At this time, Zhu Rong asked Zhu Gaoyu to bring Sun Yu to see him. Zhu Gaoyu took the three to the Jiming Temple. Zhu Zhanji sat at the door and said that Zhu Rong’s mouth was passed, and the three of them went in. Zhu Gaoyu waited at the door and returned He said that someone who was as stupid as him would come, let them discuss how to lie to Zhu Xi, and then come in. Zhu Zhanji just brought the person in, Zhu Gaoyu came. Between the two, the eunuch of Zhu Xi came out and let them two Don’t see people when they are okay. Zhu Gaozao asked what the three of them would do, but the eunuch didn’t know who the three were.

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