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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 10 Recap

Zhu Xi Takes Back Zhu Gaochi’s Supervision Documents Zhu Zhanji Worries About Sun Ruowei’s Injury. Zhu Zhanji took Sun Ruowei back to Prince’s House, Zhang Yan came to condolences, and asked Zhu Zhanji to go to the palace to greet Zhu Xi . Before leaving, Zhu Zhanji instructed Zhang Yan not to let anyone approach Sun Ruowei except the Taiyi.

Brother Zhu Gaochi rushed to the palace and Zhu Xi shut them out. The three brothers were worried that Zhu Xi was injured and quarreled outside the door. At this moment, Zhu Xi rushed in anger, scolding the Qiang people to usurp power. Zhu Xi ridiculed the three men and drove them out of the palace. As soon as the three feet left, Zhu Gaoyu stopped the two brothers and did not want to leave easily. As soon as Zhu Gaojiu said, Zhu Xi asked Zhu Gaochi to write a report and let Zhu Gaojiu come forward to arrest someone, which meant that he would ban the Qiren circle.

Late at night, Hu Shanxiang heard about Sun Ruowei’s injury and was going to sneak a glance at her. Hu Shangyi stopped in time, worried that Hu Shanxiang would cause trouble and let her stay away from Sun Ruo. Hu Shanxiang still worried that Sun Ruowei was seriously ill, but Hu Shangyi told her that if she escaped, he would become the master of Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang was very dissatisfied and satirized that Sun Ruowei could be the master, so she could.

After Zhu Gaochi left, Zhu Gaojiu suspected that the incident was Zhu Gaojiu’s, and mobilized force with him. Zhu Gaoyuan assured him that the matter had nothing to do with him, but Zhu Gaoyuan still did not believe it. Zhu Gaojiu suspected that someone was planting himself, and now Zhu Gaojiu does not believe in himself, let alone Zhu Qi. Zhu Gaojiao told him that Zhu Qi had decided to temporarily suspend Zhu Gaojiao. At this time, Zhu Xi also wondered who was assassinating himself, and even suspected that the prince had done it. Seeing Yang Shiqi always defending Zhu Gaochi, Zhu Xi arrested Yang Shiqi and asked Zhu Gaoxi to interrogate. At this time, Jin Yiwei also came to the East Palace to capture the prince’s official. Zhu Xi also asked Jin Yiwei to tell Zhu Zhanji that he did not want to see him.

Zhu Gaochi was worried that Zhu Xi suspected that he was the murderer of the assassination. Zhu Gaochi’s subordinates said that Zhu Xi paid the most attention to gratitude. As long as Sun Ruowei became Zhu Zhanji’s concubine, Zhu Gaochi would escape a calamity. Zhu Gaochi was worried that Sun Ruowei ’s birthday character and Zhu Zhanji would not disapprove, but his subordinates proposed to fool with one. As long as Zhu Xi agreed to this marriage, Zhu Xi naturally did not dare to take Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi handed in Sun Ruowei’s book, not only did not help Zhu Gaochi escape, but set himself on fire. Zhu Zhanji did not know about this, and saw Jin Yiwei rush into the house with a mighty arguing, and even argued with them. Then Zhu Xi’s personal guard took the emperor’s hand to Zhu Zhanji, and then Zhu Zhanji realized the seriousness of the matter, and sent Sun Ruowei to Jiming Temple that day.

Zhu Gaozong came to Zhu Xi to ask for guilt. This time Zhu Xi not only pursued his fault, but cared about him instead. Suddenly, Zhu Gaoyuan cried and said that he did not want military power but only wanted to accompany Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi was so touched that he handed over the matter of supervising the country to Zhu Gaoyu. Zhu Gaoyu was very happy. He turned around to show off to Zhu Gaochi, and smoothly handed over all the documents from the supervised state to Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji came to Jiming Temple with Yao Ruoxiao on his back, and Yao Guangxiao said that Sun Ruowei’s pulse was stable, so Zhu Zhanji awakened her heart. Zhu Zhanji accompanied Sun Ruowei, took good care of her, and talked to Sun Ruowei. late at night,

Hu Shanxiang called Zhu Zhanji to find him because of Zhu Xi’s order. After Zhu Zhanji left, Hu Shanxiang saw that Sun Ruowei had been unconscious and was very worried. Zhu Zhanji helped Zhu Gaochi plead with Zhu Xi, but Zhu Xi said that he was not angry with Zhu Gaochi, and just wanted to let him relax for a few days, and he knew everything about Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Zhanji saw that Zhu Xi had already planned and did not say much. Zhu Xi ordered Zhu Zhanji to let him see Sun Ruowei. Seeing Sun Ruowei’s severe condition, Zhu Xi couldn’t bear it, so he ordered Zhu Zhanji to bring Sun Ruowei’s family and was ready to meet them.

Zhu Zhanji came to the prison, the Sun’s condition to tell if the micro Sun Yu et al., Ordered them and other people choose to go see a man with his grandson if the micro. Sun Yu and Xu Bin scrambled. However, Zhu Zhanji stated that only one person was selected, because Xu Bin had some medical skills and took him away. After Zhu Gaojiu was in prison, he appeared in the palace all day long. On this day, Zhu Gaochi came to the office of the study, and ordered Zhu Gaochi to come to support, Zhu Gaochi was on call. Zhu Gaochi asked Zhu Gaochi for advice on expanding the Shenji camp. Zhu Gaochi repeatedly asked Zhu Gaochi not to move the money, but Zhu Gaochi insisted on expanding, but the book was still more than 30,000 silver. Zhu Gaochi proposed that Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Gaochi each be one. In any case, I took the rest out myself and just set things down.

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