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Love The Way You Are 身为一个胖子 (2019)

Love The Way You Are (2019)
Other Title: 身为一个胖子 / Shen wei yi ge pang zi

Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance
China Mainland
Mango TV, Mango TV
Release Date:
Dec 18, 2019 – Jan 15, 2020 (Wednesday, Thursday)
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  • Judy Qi as Zhen Yuan Yuan / Eva
  • Derek Chang as Ruan Dong Shen
  • Ma De Ya as Luo Yi Ren
  • Ma Meng Wei as Luo Yi Ren

Zhen Yuan Yuan is a plump girl who fell in love with her high school senior named Ruan Dong Shen but they were separated due to some misunderstanding. Many years later they were once again reunited in their adulthood. Now Yuan Yuan had slim down and became a fashion model with the stage name Eva while Dong Shen became a successful entrepreneur and chef. They began an incredibly miraculous journey of love together but… may not be as he planned.

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