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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 5 Recap

Zhu Zhanji and Sun Ruowei were swimming in the Qinhuai River. Zhu Zhanji was so drunk that he asked Sun Ruowei why he was not killed at the restaurant. Sun Ruowei said that killing is easy, but saving people is difficult. Zhu Zhanji knew that he and Sun Ruowei were not fellow travelers and decided to part ways with her. Sun Ruowei sneaked into prison with the help of foreigners. Zhu Zhanji kept his promise and rescued Nie Xing from Jin Yiwei’s prison. He let Nie Xing pretend to be a Gordon soldier.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Gaojiu led a routine inspection of the treasury due to Zhu Gaojiu ‘s order. The guard was worried that the fire in Jin Yiwei’s hands would destroy the entire warehouse, and repeatedly rejected Zhu Gaojiao. Zhu Gaojiao broke in firmly, and the guard warned that only the former ancestors could enter, but Zhu Gaojiao still refused to spare, and the guard took out the imperial edict left by Zhu Qi in advance, and then Zhu Gaojiao kept his guard .

As soon as Zhu Gaojiu led his troops outside the city gate, Zhu Zhanji was turned away. Zhu Gaoji and Zhu Gaoji conspired to persecute the palace. Zhu Zhanji and Zhu Qi already knew each other well. Zhu Qi asked Zhu Zhanji to meet Zhu Gaoji, but he watched the fire from the other side of the tower. Zhu Gaojin mistakenly thought that Zhu Zhanji was bad for him, and he held a sword and pointed at him. Zhu Zhanji was not afraid, but worried that Zhu Gaojie was scolded by Zhu Xi and told him the truth secretly. Zhu Gaojiu then took back the sword in his hand and obediently followed Zhu Zhanji back to the palace. Zhu Zhanji asked Zhu Gaoyu to go back to the city with him, and the rest of the officers and men remained outside the city.
On the second day, Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu knelt outside Zhu Xi ‘s gatehouse, and Zhu Gaoxi realized that it was not Zhu Gaochi who was targeting him, but Zhu Xi was calculating himself. Zhu Gaojiao wanted to get more and more angry. At this moment, Zhu Gaojiao had a clever idea, suspecting that someone was stumbling in the middle, and decided to kick this person out and kill him.

Seeing the brothers kneeling outside the door, Zhu Gaochi asked Zhu Xi to let them go. Zhu Xi was anxious about Zhu Gaochi’s IQ, saying that if it wasn’t for Zhu Xi to understand it, the next downfall would be him and Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Xi told Zhu Gaochi that the two brothers were preparing to usurp power, otherwise one person would not be on guard late at night, while the other accidentally entered the treasury. Zhu Xi was worried that one day he would be conspired by his brother Zhu Gaojiao and ordered Zhu Gaochi to slash them. Zhu Gaochi was so frightened that Zhu Xi took the sword out of the room, cut a barbed branch from the tree, and let Zhu Gaochi hold tight. Zhu Gaochi did not dare to take the barbed branches, and Zhu Xi said that it was not right for him to pull out the thorns. Zhu Rong just planned to put the brother Zhu Gaoyu into the prison, and Zhu Gaochi held it with patience. Zhu Rong saw that the prince shed blood and was unwilling to let him go.

Zhu Gaochi returned to the house, Zhang Yan was distressed by the wound on the crown prince, why Zhu Gaochi gave his life to save people. Zhu Gaochi knows the importance of Zhu Gaojiu and Zhu Gaojiu to the country. If Zhu Gaojiao’s brothers are killed today, the next to be killed are Prince Edward and Zhang Yan. Zhu Gaochi believes that if a country is to be strong, then the role of home is essential. Zhu Gaoxi advised Zhu Gaoji to wait for his grandfather Zhu Gazhi to fight after his death. Zhu Gaojiu said that Zhu Xi ’s Ninth Five-Year Reign is not a fight today but it may not work in the future. When Zhu Gaochi registers, Zhu Zhanji will not let him go easily, then it will be a battle of open fighting. Zhu Gaojiu ordered Zhu Gaojiu to follow Zhu Zhanji, and found that he had walked very close to Sun Ruowei for some time. Suddenly, Zhu Gaozao was cheerful, thinking of Sun Ruowei as a woman.

Sun Ruowei and Nie Xing returned home, and Sun Yu asked Sun Ruowei to come to the emperor. The emperor scolded Sun Ruowei and did not act as planned. At this time, Sun Ruowei took out the key that the emperor had given her. It was clear that the emperor was letting her rescue the brother in prison. But he was angry at the emperor’s remedy for the brothers in prison, and he did not want to cooperate with the emperor.
Zhu Gaojiu came to Zhu Zhanji to make it difficult for his orphans. Zhu Zhanji admitted that he had been let go, but he had no right to tell Zhu Gaoji. Zhu Gaozong was so angry that he shouted at Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji was so scared that he took out the golden token Zhu Xi gave him. At the sight of the gold token, Zhu Gaojiu was scared to say nothing, but warned him not to underestimate the woman Sun Ruowei. Zhu Zhanji didn’t say much, just smiled.

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