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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 3 Recap

Zhu Gaojiao encouraged Zhu Gaojiao to rebel with Zhu Zhanji and teach Sun Ruowei to shoot arrows.

Zhu Zhanji took Sun Ruowei to take back to the yard he rented for dinner. Zhu Zhanma asked Sun Ruowei where the keys were. At this moment, Sun Ruowei suddenly saw the tiger on the wall and found that Zhu Zanji’s family was at odds. Zhu Zhanji saw that she understood painting and asked Sun Ruowei to help with the inscription. Sun Ruowei reluctantly agreed, but on the condition that Zhu Zhanji was not allowed to ask the key again.

Late at night, Zhu Xi suddenly announced that Zhu Gaochi entered the palace. Zhang Yan scolded Zhu Xi from the back and said that she was worried about Zhu Gaochi’s body, but recruited him into the palace in the middle of the night. However, Zhu Gaochi was worried about the admiral’s memorial for more than half a month, and it must have been found out. Zhu Gaochi hurried to the palace, Zhu Xi said nothing about the memorial, but wanted to chat with Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaochi proposed to resign as Prince, and decided to give up his position to Zhu Gaoyu . Seeing two biological sons fighting for the throne, Zhu Xi ordered Zhu Gaoyu to enter the palace and let Zhu Gaochi slash Zhu Gaoyu with a sword. Zhu Gaochi was so frightened that he remembered the tiger picture in anxiety, and Zhu Xi was so moved by the inscription that he let Zhu Gaochi and others wait.
The next day, Zhu Gaochi blasted the Taiyi out of the house, Zhang Yan laughed at Zhu Gaochi’s confusion and didn’t know how to kill Zhu Gaochi.

Zhu Gaochi believed that Zhu Xi cherished himself and would not embarrass himself. Zhang Yan opened her door and told Zhu Gaochi that Zhu Xi was not his son but Zhu Zhanji. Later, Zhu Gaoyu came to visit Zhu Gaochi, and when they changed their former style, they cared about each other. Zhu Gaozhi decided to go with Zhu Gaochi to admit his mistake in front of Zhu Xi, but Zhu Gaochi felt that there was no need, so he sent Zhu Zhanji to go to Zhu Xi to explore the tone. Zhu Gaochi came to Zhu Zhanji, told him about the incident last night, and told him that the poem saved him, because Zhu Zhanji was the grandson of Zhu Xi’s beloved emperor, and he wanted Zhu Zhanji to take a trip. Zhu Zhanji was unwilling, but came to Zhu Xi. Zhu Xi knew that the inscription of the tiger was written by Zhu Zhanji, and he let him go without saying anything.

In Jiming Temple, Zhu Gaochi and Zhu Gaoyu knelt outside the temple and waited for Zhu Xi ’s will. Zhu Xi went out of the temple, in the presence of the ministers, rebuked Zhu Gaoyu, and stated that Zhu Gaochi sat firmly in the position of prince. But he still took the lead to bow to Zhu Gaochi. Zhu Gaojiao was very unconvinced, and he bewitched his brother Zhu Gaojiao to rebel with himself. After the incident, Zhu Gaojiao promised that Zhu Gaojiao’s Yulin Army and Jin Yiwei would be under his control. Upon hearing this, Zhu Gaojiao was very emotional, and then decided to work with Zhu Gaojiao to fight against Zhu Gaochi. Seeing Zhu Zhanji’s success, Zhu Xi wanted to give him a reward. Zhu Zhanji offered to let him do the marriage and Zhu Xi agreed.

Quan Guifei gave her daughter to her prince as her concubine. An Guifei was especially pitiful to Park Guifei . She hoped that she would die in front of her because the palace was appreciative and lonely. Sun Ruowei returned to the shop, Sun Yu was very dissatisfied with her actions, and the emperor made it clear that they would go back. Sun Ruowei took out the key handed to her by the emperor, saying that the key could open the outer door of Jin Yiwei’s prison. Sun Ruowei wanted to put the true identity of the emperor from Sun Yu’s mouth, but Sun Yu did not make it clear. Sun Yu brought Sun Ruowei to the secret road again. It turned out that the emperor had arranged a new Sun Yu and Sun Ruowei to transfer with them and agreed to let them leave tomorrow. Sun Ruowei was indignant and decided to go to Huang Fuyun and the theory. Sun Ruowei was dissatisfied with the fact that the emperor did not take his life seriously, and hoped that Huang Fuyun would give her some time and let her personally save the brothers.

Sun Yu packed her clothes and was ready to take Sun Ruowei away. Sun Ruowei was worried that the brothers in prison would die tragically and refuse to leave. Sun Yuqiang forced Sun Ruowei to leave. At this moment, Zhu Zhanji suddenly appeared and gave Sun Ruowei a bitch to take her away. Zhu Zhanji took Sun Ruowei to the archery field, and intentionally displayed his own archery skills. Sun Ruowei wanted to give it a try, Zhu Zhanji prepared her bows and arrows carefully, and taught her the precautions for archery. As a result, Sun Ruowei let go and the arrows shot into Xiaoyan’s hair bun.

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