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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 2 Recap

Zhu Zhanji returned to his house and heard that Zhu Gaochi was arguing with Zhu Gaoxi . The second prince, Zhu Gaojiu, scolded his prince Zhu Gaochi for his ingenuity, and suspected that he was part of a group that pierced the same party. ZHU Ya heard day came quickly, Gaoxu asked why he was wearing clothes Guard, ironically Gaoxu Zhu Di ordered him to direct investigation, lest Zaoren blinded. Zhu Gaoji heard that there was something in Zhu Gaoji’s words, and he was resentful. Zhu Gaojiao wanted to inquire about the source of the assassination information from Zhu Gaojiao’s mouth, but Zhu Gaojiao did not intend to tell him. When the three were arguing hotly, the father-in-law suddenly spoke up, and decided to review the memorials during the period of supervision. Zhu Gaozong knew that Zhu Xi was still reluctant to believe in himself. After Zhu Gaozuo left, he cried with Zhu Gaozao and gave up his prince’s position to Zhu Gaozao, and they went back to the sky to live. Zhu Zhanji looked at his father’s powerlessness and felt very disappointed.

Zhu Zhanji came to Yao Guangxiao. Yao Guangxiao knew that Zhu Xi was worried that Zhu Gaochi robbed him of his power. It was precisely by using this that Zhu Gaochi ordered Zhu Gaochi to withdraw his military power. Zhu Gaozhen asked how to help his father. Yao Guangxiao asked him to tell Zhu Gaochi, as long as he learned to be conscientious, he could resume his duties with ease. Zhu Gaojiu talked with Yao Guangxiao about the assassination. After Yao Guangxiao ordered a few times, Zhu Gaojiao found that his party was hidden in the city.

On the street, Sun Ruowei came to find Sun Yu secretly . Sun Yu took Sun Ruowei to a secret room where someone was casting weapons. Then Sun Yu introduced Sun Ruowei’s identity to the emperor. The emperor asked Sun Ruowei’s experience over the past ten years. Sun Ruowei answered honestly, and the emperor agreed with her a key. Sun Ruowei returned to the house and found that the emperor knew that he should let waves of people rush forward, but Sun Ruowei was indignant, but Sun Yu warned her not to act lightly. Sun Yu claimed that the emperor asked Sun Ruowei to see Zhu Gaoyu tomorrow and killed him. Ruo Wei was worried all day long. Sun Yu took out the crossbow left from the shop. The original arrow was Jin Yiwei, which meant that Sun Ruowei had already been targeted. Worried about her daughter’s accident, Sun Yu decided to take a trip on her behalf. Sun Ruowei knew that the person Zhu Gaozhen met was himself and decided to take a trip in person.

Late at night, Sun Yu was worried that Sun Ruowei would be in distress, and helped her to deal with Zhu Gaoxin in advance. Sun Yu arranged his own person on the first floor, and arranged for the second jug to be replaced by a heart-changing jug. As long as Sun Ruowei gave poison to Jiu Gao, his life would be finished.

On the second day, Sun Ruowei came to the appointment on time, and Zhu Gaoyu had been waiting for a long time. If Ruo Wei deliberately raised the crossbow, Zhu Gaoyu planned to expose her. At this time, the officers and men surrounded Sun Yu’s men, and Sun Yu arranged that Xiao Er was on the second pot of wine. At a glance, Zhu Gaojie realized that the wine collection was highly toxic. When he was about to drink it, Sun Ruowei stopped it. Zhu Gaojiu then revealed her true colors and broke through that the wine contained highly toxic substances. Sun Ruowei couldn’t argue. Zhu Gao forced her to drink poisonous wine. When Sun Ruowei was about to drink, Zhu Zhanji raised his hand and knocked down the wine glass, pulled Sun Ruowei to jump onto the boat, and Jin Yiwei and the assassins also dispersed.

Worried that Hu Shanxiang could not marry in the future, he secretly took her to date with the eunuchs. Hu Shanxiang’s heart was so arrogant that none of them were eye-catching. So Xinmei took her to meet Jin Rong, who was a guard next to Zhu Xi. Because of his injuries, he stayed in the hospital to cultivate. After Xinmei left, Hu Shanxiang fell asleep on the chair. Jin Rong was very satisfied with Hu Shanxiang, but when Hu Shanxiang saw Jin Rong’s old age, he was frightened and fled.

In the Prince’s Mansion, Shang Yi brought Hu Shanxiang to Prince Zhang Yan , saying that in order to celebrate Zhu Xi’s triumphant return, the neighboring country chose to send a wonderful young girl into the palace, which is Taizong Ying Ningchang Princess. At this time, Zhu Gaojiao returned to his house, and saw Hu Shanxiang standing alone, laughing and talking with her. After Shang Yi saw it, she could not help but slap Hu Shanxiang directly. Zhu Gaozao felt helpless, but said nothing more. Zhu Gaojiu returned to the house and saw a tiger image hidden in his father’s room, so he secretly took the painting away.

In front of the jail gate, Sun Ruowei asked Zhu Gaojiao to bring her in. Zhu Gaojiong’s request to Sun Ruowei was obedient, and he helped her to obtain a set of officer and soldier costumes, and took her secretly into the prison. At this time, Zhu Gaojiao suddenly came to check the post in prison. Zhu Gaojiu was worried about Sun Ruowei’s accident and took her out. The two were blocked in front of the door and couldn’t go out. Flee. Zhu Gaoyuan questioned the source of Sun Ruowei’s key. Sun Ruowei was worried about revealing his identity, and his face let Zhu Gaozhen take her to dinner, telling him the truth.

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