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Joy of Life (2019) 庆余年 Episode 44 Recap

Fan Xianan Inserts Guo Baokun as Qi State Secret Begonia Blossoming Bring Fan Xian to the Farmhouse for Leisure. Begonia blossoming in the range of leisure stopped when he was told to leave, since there just in the Queen Mother said to her fascination with the future, not let the Queen Mother to see the flaws. Fan Xian certainly understands, but the following words of Begonia blossomed him, and he made him excited. When Begonia blossomed, he took a shower with cold water and tried to hold himself. Many people saw her at first sight, worried about Fan Xian She will also be occupied by her, and after running off the begonia blossoms. When Fan Xian heardit, hegrabbed his heart all the way, andonly broke out when he spoketo Yan Bingyun . He felt that it was just an insult to him.

Yan Bingyun heard that he had conspired to smuggle with Bei Qi in private, claiming that he would report the incident to the court in the future. Fan Xian wanted Yan Bingyun to give him the list of undercover agents hiding in Beiqi . Yan Bingyun refused to betray Chen Pingping . Fan Xian advised him to give him the way to contact him on the line in order to celebrate the country . Yan Bingyun only gave Fan Gossiping about a middleman.

Fan Xian arrived at an oil shop, and the spy on the capital was dispatched by the owner of this oil shop. Fan Xian and the oil shop owner spoke secretly and after verifying the information, Fan Xian told the oil shop owner that he would be replaced by Guo Baokun, a book from the Ministry of Rites. Position, now let the owner of the oil shop take Guo Baokun to meet all the agents of Qi Guo. Guo Baokun was eager to save his father, and Fan Xian promised that he would rescue his father when it was done. Guo Baokun was worried that he would be clumsy if he had seen him seriously. Fan Xian felt that this was not an obstacle. There were many participants in the smuggling and there must be a lot of power behind it. Therefore, Guo Baokun was optimistic about his oil shop, and someone would solve it secretly.

The words that heavy and Fan Xian said before the queen soon spread around Beijing. This was Fan Xian secretly speaking with Yan Bingyun. After he learned the heavy, he ordered Jin Yiwei’s people to intercept the rumors. Soon after, the rumors were not suppressed but people. Everyone knows. Fan Xian told Begonia that the heavy is no longer the queen’s confidant. Some people bowed to him because he was supported by the queen behind the heavy. Now the queen no longer trusts him, and the people who spread the rumors began to be brazen.

If the Queen Mother really heard the wind and called heavy, she blamed Jin Yiwei for being unfavorable and let him temporarily decentralize her power. Since Uesugi Tiger returned to the name of the Queen Mother, he has lost the scenery of the past, coupled with his informal manners, the tone is extremely strong. Already criticized him. After heavy return, he borrowed alcohol to relieve his sorrow. Since he fell out of favor with the queen queen, the front door of the hall was grosgrain. Begonia took Fan Fan to the market to buy vegetables. When she saw a divine lady chewing raw radish at the end of the street, Fan Xian really opened her eyes. She bought vegetables Begonia and took Fan Xian to her farmhouse. After seeing the farmhouse full of flowers, Begonia casually said that these flowers were sprinkled by her at will, and only a spoonful of water was needed to make the words bloom. Fan Xian increasingly couldn’t see the blossoming Begonia in front of her. Others carefully bathed and burned incense, but the blossoming Begonia was planted in a farmhouse to cook rice.

Finally, the farmhouse courtyard was full of vegetables, Fan Xian couldn’t help but sighed that there was another pot of good wine, which would be better and better. He took out the good wine for the rest of the year , and two people drank and chatted. Stop war between the two countries. Fan Xian lamented that both of them were duckweeds on the water, and everything in the future was the general trend. After Fan Xianju woke up, he saw the manager sitting next to him . The manager confessed that he had loved Fan Xian for a long time, and Fan Xian only had Waner alone, and he rejected the manager decisively.

Fan Xian stepped out of the door and saw the begonias nibbling on the fruit. He had already guessed that the wine in yesterday’s wine should have been medicined, so he went out angrily. Today is the Queen Mother’s birthday. Fan Xian took her hand down to wish the Queen Mother a birthday. He Daoran whispered a message to Fan Xian, and he had ordered Wolf Tao to challenge Fan Xian in front of the hall.

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