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Joy of Life (2019) 庆余年 Episode 43 Recap

Fan Qian wants to find out the whereabouts of his biological mother. Since Ye Qingmei’s identity is extraordinary, naturally it will not be so easy to die. Now he has started a new mission, and he must find out the whereabouts of Ye Qingmei. Girl Shen went to find heavy, and she had already guessed that her sister went to see Yan Bingyun again. He had told his sister many times to stop him from interacting with Yan Bingyun. The sister just didn’t listen. The heavy sister sweared to her brother that it was her last time. See you Bingyun. Angrily looking for Yan Bingyun to settle the accounts, Fan Xian grabbed him and promised that if the list of the corrupt state treasury was spoken heavily, he would promise not to let Yan Bingyun meet his sister in the future. Heavy and not buying, he walked away indignantly.

Fan Xian wanted to meet Shangshan Hu, Yan Bingyun thought he was crazy, Fan Xian sneered and said he would go to meet Shanshan with a gift. Fan Xian went to the funeral shop and bought coffins and other funerary items to be carried to Uesugi’s palace. When Uesugi heard the anger soaring, he took a knife to kill Fan Xian, and Fan Xian told Uesugi that the Sean he was desperately trying to save was dead , and he had been severely killed. He had already guessed that Uesugi would rob him , so Ordered Wolf Tao and He Daoran to hide on the road, and He Daoren cut off Sean’s heart veins.

Uesugi Tiger heard that Sean was heavily killed, and Fan Xianyou could help him kill the heavy scheme. He decided to follow Fan Xian in the future.
Hearing that Fan Xian went to see Sugihu with his funeral supplies, he felt that Fan Xian was throwing himself into the net, but he did not expect to report to Sushan not only that he killed Fan Xian, but also went to the palace with Fan Xian. He Very shocked, ordered to continue to follow. Fan Xian went to meet the queen mother, so she made a reed, and coaxed the queen mother to let go of her vigilance. Fan Xian said that she had prepared a birthday gift for the mother, because the birthday gift was too heavy, so she presented the gift in advance and said, Bringing Uesugi Tiger up, Fan Xian asked the queen mother to step down the servants around him. He said to the queen mother that Uesugi Hu will be completely loyal to her in the future.

The queen mother heard Fan Xian said that Uesugi Hu heard her dispatch in the future, and she was suspicious. Fan Xu was a foreign minister. How could Uesugi Hu listen to his dispatch? Fan Xian helped her analyze the current situation. Previously Uesugi Hu got the wrong master, now he Has been fully awakened, ready to vote for Empress Dowager. Then, in order to show his sincerity, Uesugi Tiger recorded his confidante members in the book one by one to the queen mother. These confidante members are to consolidate the foundation of the country. With this barracks book, it will mean half of the country. The queen mother was very pleased and asked what he asked for. Uesugi claimed that he had killed his righteous father severely, and wanted the queen mother to help him back.

The queen queen heard that Shawn was burnt to death in the fire. There was a discrepancy with what Sugi Hu said, and the queen queen invited Wolf Tao and Shen Zhong to come and see her. He Daoren admitted that it was heavy that he killed Shawn, but the queen mother did not blame him heavily. Instead, she said that she had always been loyal to Jiang Shan. She also killed Shawn because of self-preservation. She did not plead guilty. Fan Xian then gave the Queen Mother a second birthday gift. He presented the Queen Mother with a book of accounts, the shop account was fake, the National Treasury was empty, and it was suspected that the party was operating privately. He argued that Bai Jinyiwei had not smuggled, and Fan Qian wanted to get back to participate. The smuggling list, the Queen Mother resigned from Fan Xian with an excuse for smuggling Nan Qi and Da Qi.

With a heavy breath, Fan Xian’s scheme did not succeed. Instead, he reported the army to Fan Xian. He is why the Qi people paid so much attention to Nan Qing. He wanted to rely on Nan Qing. The queen mother felt strange, so she asked Fan Xian what he wanted, and Fan Xian said in anxiety that she was pursuing the blossoming begonias . Therefore, she pleased the queen mother in all possible ways and hoped that the queen mother would fulfill them. Fan Xian apologized to Dodo privately, explaining that she had uttered a word of hope in the crisis and hoped that she would not take it seriously. Then she also gave Dodo a copy of her privately transcribed list of Uesugi tigers, and let her transfer it to Zhandou. Apologize for this.

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