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Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House

Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House (Novel)
Other Name: 宠妻无度:首席总裁住我家, Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House

Genre: novel, President
Author: Northbound
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Beibei’s new book “Spoiled Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House” is a presidential style novel written by Beibei. The protagonist Yin Zixi and Mo Dunan has a fascinating plot and is highly recommended. The main point is: At the end of November, the whole city was as cold as winter. Yin Zixi shrank his neck and tightened his scarf. I have been waiting for half an hour. It seems that the bus is gone. She sighed.

Free Reading Highlights:

At the end of November, the whole city was as cold as winter. Yin Zixi shrank his neck and tightened his scarf. I have been waiting for half an hour, and it seems that the bus is gone. She sighed and prepared to go to the intersection ahead and take a taxi.

In fact, this seemingly bright street could not tell how much danger there was. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help speeding up her pace. She didn’t want to encounter a pervert in the middle of the night, and she wouldn’t even know how to die by then.

It may be that God heard this, and in the next second, a black shadow rushed towards her. It would not be a coincidence! She was only twenty-four years old and didn’t want to die. Just a second before she was about to scream, the man in front of her covered her mouth, and she could only stare at him with wide eyes.

“If you don’t call me, let go. You have to dare to call…”

Yin Zixi nodded repeatedly, indicating that he understood, and the man also let go of the hand covering her mouth as he said. At this moment, a taxi came, and the man stopped the car with his arms open. He pushed her into the car first, and then he got in too.

“Where are you going?” the taxi driver turned his head and asked them.

“her home.”

Yin Zixi’s heart was broken when she heard these two words. She was wondering how to let the driver know that she was not willing and that she was kidnapped. At this moment, the man next to her took her hand and squeezed it lightly. She looked at him subconsciously, but inadvertently met his eyes. They were a pair of black, penetrating eyes, but they seemed to be able to She sucked people in and couldn’t get out again, and then she broke out the address of her home.

In the process of driving back home, Yin Zixi wanted to cry without tears, so he was seduced by his beautiful male tricks, and revealed the address of the home. In case he was unhappy one day, to retaliate, she still wants to live. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but glared at the person next to her, only to find that he was asleep leaning on her shoulder.

She began to look closely at the man who threatened her for no reason. His face was extremely delicate. If you look closely, you will find that he seems to be extremely tired, even his brows are frowning when he is asleep. Because this frowning brow made him look colder and more compelling. Such a handsome man could really be a robber.

robber! Are you intimidated? Yin Zixi didn’t want to talk anymore, he was intimidated, and he still cared about whether this person is handsome or not, right! At this moment, she put the last glimmer of hope on the uncle driver in front, afraid of alarming the person leaning on his shoulder, so she could only gently raise her hand to try to convey the news that she was intimidated, but she raised her hand. At the time, she held her with the other hand and squeezed her with a warning. This squeeze made her heart beat fiercely.

I am so surprised.

After the journey Yin Zixi didn’t dare to say a word again, looked out the window quietly, but didn’t know when the man next to him opened his eyes and looked at him, with a smile on his mouth.

After ten minutes of driving, Yin Zixi had walked out of the feeling of a century. Yin Zixi was too late to give the money and was ready to get out of the car and run. However, there is a gap between reality and ideals. He was caught with his other hand just when he opened the door of the car. Lived, the catch didn’t get her heart out.

“Baby, I haven’t given the money yet. I didn’t bring the money.” She nodded to show her warning. She was completely helpless. It was the mold of a lifetime, but she didn’t dare to say anything. She took out her purse from her bag. Pay the fare and get off.

The car slid away, and she didn’t even have the last chance to ask for help, so she could only make do with a smile and prepare to discuss with the man next to her.

“Mudunan.” She raised her head and just put on a smiling face that she thought was the best, but the other party spoke first, and somehow she couldn’t understand it.

Just then he spoke again.

“Mudunan, my name.”

“Oh…” Yin Zixi slowly retracted his smiling face, his eyes were confused, and he swallowed slowly, “Well, where are you going?”

“your home.”

Yin Zixi was completely speechless.

Until she entered the house and watched this man not treat other people’s home as someone else’s home, her heart collapsed. This feeling was like… Forget it, this is a harmonious society.

In fact, she didn’t understand herself. How could she easily agree to a man she met for the first time to come into her house, but he could tell from his eyes that he was actually not a bad person, or she disdains to be a bad person, and he is so so. Handsome, especially those eyes, deep and not suitable for that age, and lips, if you kiss…

Thinking of this, she despised herself for a while, and quickly stopped her impure thoughts. She didn’t want to be so easily hit by the beauty. If he wanted to do something, what would she do? She had to interrupt this embarrassing atmosphere. She had to tell the other party that she was a principled person, so she took the initiative to speak the first sentence.

“That…” Hearing her voice, Mo Dunan stopped looking at the large amount of this small house, turned around and looked at her, with a smile at the corners of his mouth. I don’t know if it was because those eyes were too moving, or That smile was too attractive. In short, Yin Zixi resolutely gave up his principles, “I want to ask, are you hungry?”

Mo Dunan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this, and then watched the girl in front of him rush to the kitchen as if fleeing, for fear of something behind. In fact, it is not difficult to see that she wants to drive herself away, which is normal, as any girl will not easily bring a strange man home.

Thinking of this, Modunan looked around the whole house again. The owner of the house should be someone who doesn’t like tidiness, except for the big things that are neater, the sofa is littered with a pile of books, and the table is full of miscellaneous snacks. The packaging bags may be the reason why he likes to be clean. He can’t help but frown, walks to the pair of packaging bags, and then reaches out and throws them all into the trash can.

Next to the TV is a group photo of Yin Zixi and another man, but from the point that the man is holding her shoulders, it can be seen that their relationship is not bad, and the man’s eyes are clearly pampering when he sees her. , He felt a little uncomfortable looking at it, so he clicked the picture frame so that he couldn’t see it.

While he was looking around, Yin Zixi came out with two bowls of noodles.

“Did you eat noodles?”

Obviously, the other party did not intend to answer her words. He sat at the table and brought his bowl of noodles over. Yin Zixi was extremely upset with this smooth movement. Whose family was this, and he didn’t dare to say more, so he was silent. Holding his bowl of noodles and eating silently, by the way, he despised himself.

Looking at the tangled woman in front of him, Modunan was in a good mood. He felt that the bowl of noodles that didn’t look very good didn’t seem so unpalatable anymore.

The person sitting opposite smiled when he seemed to like her noodles.

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