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Rural Villagers

Rural villagers
Other Name: 乡野村民, Countryside Villagers

Genre: novel, city, romance
Author: Toothpick brother
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Li Xiaobao, and Aunt Liu’s novel is “Country Villagers”. Its author is the latest urban novel written by Toothpick Brother. The book mainly tells: After treating the wounds for Widow Liu, Li Xiaobao helped Widow Liu to the tricycle. I looked around with a guilty conscience. Fortunately, it was still early and there were no people on the road. “Oh, little treasure,

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After treating the wound for Widow Liu, Li Xiaobao helped Widow Liu to the side of the tricycle and looked around with a guilty conscience. Fortunately, it was still early at this time and there were no people on the road.

“Oh, Xiaobao, how come I feel that I am boring.” Widow Liu looked at Li Xiaobao’s ruddy face and lowered her head embarrassedly.

“Auntie, let me help you get in the car.” Li Xiaobao looked at the two vegetable baskets in the distance and knew that Widow Liu must also go to the market.

“Is that so? I’ll trouble you.” Widow Liu smiled embarrassedly when she heard Li Xiaobao’s words.

Li Xiaobao helped Widow Li into the car and then put her two baskets in the car together, and then headed towards the market. After a lot of time was delayed by the matter just now, Li Xiaobao felt that after going there, he would definitely not find a good place. Up.

“Little treasure, I didn’t expect you to be quite capable. I went to the market to sell fish early in the morning.” Kaoshan Village is not only leaning on the mountain but also by a big river. During the slack, the villagers often go to the river to fish to the market. Buy on.

But Widow Liu felt that the fish in Li Xiaobao’s car seemed different from those in the river, and the fish in Li Xiaobao’s bucket felt more energetic than in the river.

The two of them talked all the way to the bazaar, but when they arrived at the bazaar, it was exactly the same as Li Xiaobao thought, and they really didn’t have a good position.

The two had no choice but to find a side position and set up the stall after paying the booth fee.

What Li Xiaobao didn’t expect was that just after he put down the bucket, someone came to ask for the price of the fish, and there were quite a few people, and he immediately surrounded his stall.

Although Li Xiaobao came to sell fish today, he found that he was walking in a hurry without carrying a scale, and was sweating profusely. In the end, there was really no way he could look at Widow Liu.

Widow Liu was still smart, and she smiled and said to Li Xiaobao: “Xiaobao, you and I think your fish is very fresh, or you can sell it by order.”

“Ah? Sold by order?” Li Xiaobao didn’t expect Widow Liu to say this, but there was no way to say to the person asking the price: “I’ll sell the fish according to the rules. The big one is thirty-one and the small one. Twenty yuan a piece”

“Boy, you’re not mistaken? If you do this, wouldn’t it cost ten yuan per catty?” The fish buyer suddenly disagreed upon hearing Li Xiaobao’s words.

“It’s the price. If you don’t agree, you can look at other fish.” In fact, Li Xiaobao had already seen other fish, and they had to turn their stomachs one by one. They were very stale. Besides, his fish is the five elements. The fish in the space, he is quite confident in his fish.

“Okay, thirty is thirty, give me three items”

“I want two too”

“Hey! Wait there’s mine, and mine”

What Li Xiaobao didn’t expect was that even if his fish were sold according to the regulations, it was in short supply, and they were robbed in a few minutes.

“Hehe.” Li Xiaobao looked at the 800 yuan he got in a few minutes, and his face was happy. He didn’t expect his fish to be so popular.

“No, get some more next time.” Li Xiaobao has already gone home to get a larger bucket, and put a few hundred at a time. It’s just around the corner to get rich in the future.

But when it was almost noon, Li Xiaobao found Widow Liu with a frown and couldn’t help asking: “Aunt Liu, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

Widow Liu sighed helplessly when she heard Li Xiaobao’s words, and looked at the vegetables in the basket in front of her. She only sold one handful in one morning.

Seeing the appearance of Widow Liu, Li Xiaobao immediately understood, and he said with a smile, “Aunt Liu, this is easy to handle. It depends on me.”

What are you up to? Widow Liu listened to Li Xiaobao and shook her head helplessly, and saw Li Xiaobao put her hand on the vegetables in her basket.

After Li Xiaobao put his hand on the dish, he slowly injected the water vapor from the five elements into the dish.

“Oh?” Although Widow Liu didn’t know what Li Xiaobao did, she saw the vegetables in the basket turned bright.

“Xiaobao, how did you do it?” Widow Liu looked at Li Xiaobao with a surprised look.

“Hey, Aunt Liu, I can do magic.” Of course, Li Xiaobao couldn’t tell Widow Liu about the Five Elements Space in his body, and casually said something.

“Huh, I don’t believe it.” Although Widow Liu didn’t believe Li Xiaobao’s words, she was robbed of her food in a few clicks.

“Little treasure, let’s go back.” Looking at the two empty baskets, Widow Liu’s face suddenly changed to look good.

“Aunt Liu, you go back first. I’m going to the pharmacy to buy some Chinese medicine seeds.” Li Xiaobao totaled that if he sold fish at his speed, he would be able to get the money for contracting the vacant land several times, so he had to prepare in advance.

“Xiaobao, what are you doing buying Chinese medicine seeds? How about I go with you?” Widow Liu thought to look at Li Xiaobao. In fact, she didn’t know how to farm. She followed Li Xiaobao mainly to be able to ride on Li Xiaobao’s broken tricycle. It was much better for her to go back alone.

“That’s fine, but it may take some time.” Li Xiaobao thought for a while and said.

“It’s okay, my aunt has time.” Widow Liu looked at Li Xiaobao and smiled, carrying two baskets on Li Xiaobao’s broken tricycle.

When they arrived at the door of the Chinese pharmacy, the two got off the car and went in to see that the whole Chinese pharmacy was crowded with people and the business was quite good. The two went around for a while and no one came to greet them.

“Xiaobao, you don’t want to do Chinese herbal medicine business? I heard that doing Chinese herbal medicine business is quite profitable,” Widow Liu asked with excitement looking at Li Xiaobao.

“Just because he still wants to do the Chinese herbal medicine business?” Before Li Xiaobao answered, a bitter voice sounded.

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