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Qingwen’s Dreamlike Order

Qingwen’s Dreamlike OrderYi Jingzhu
Other Name: 晴雯的如梦令

Genre: novel, Fantasy, romance
Author: Yi Jingzhu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The classic novel “Qingwen’s Dreamlike Order” is a fantasy and romantic novel written by Yi Jing. The protagonist in the story is the moon worship and Wei Xiaobao. The plot is fascinating and highly recommended. The main points are: Outside the listening to the oriole hall, there is snow in the midsummer, the long sky and the moon are cold, it seems that the grievance is overwhelming. In the listening to the oriole hall, joy is rising, everyone is happy, drumming comes and spreads flowers… “Which volunteered to beat the drums?

Free Reading Highlights:

Outside listening to the oriole hall, there is snow in the midsummer, and the long sky and the moon are cold, as if the grievances are overwhelming.

In the listening to the oriole hall, joy is rising, everyone is happy, playing drums and spreading flowers…

“Which volunteered drummer didn’t put his worth, life, reputation and glory on this bet?! Well, only a fool would give the drumsticks to this stinky boy who can’t even lift his pen and has an unreliable nature. !”

Although he was blindfolded, Baiyue turned around and glared at Xiaobao’s “pseudo mother”.

At this moment, listening to Qingwen sing “Little cabbage-the ground is yellow”, Bai Yuexin said: “Isn’t there a song called’Why do women trouble women”? Xiao Qingwen, you are really considerate sister, thanks Here comes another slow tune, otherwise…”

After breathing “evenly” for a while, Baiyue was surprised that she still had enough energy to sigh in her heart, just because behind that came Xiao Qingwen’s plain lyrics: “Two three years old-no mother “.

As soon as he relaxed his vigilance a little, immediately, his physical strength was overwhelmed by the previous drumming, and at this time, he relaxed a little and began to collapse across the board. The tremor lifted the mallet like an old woman swinging a stick, lilili beat the drum like a doudou jumping a pot, worshipping the moon and said, “Not good.”

When Baiyue’s body trembled, Xiaobao grabbed the front, hugged the moon from behind, pushed it hard for a half circle, and pushed it to the back of the drum.

He was dressed in the same dress and makeup as the moon worshipping, and he was also blindfolded. Xiao Bao, with shaved shoulders and long neck, is very confident: his back figure looks very similar to his sister Bai Yue.

It would be difficult to return to the original position after worshipping the moon, and it would be even more uneconomical if the drum beat was missed for this. Baiyue hid behind the big drum, and said to her heart: It’s really bad for Little Treasure to come up with the bad idea of ​​a substitute, and I don’t know if he is here to rescue the driver or to mischief? !

As soon as Wei Xiaobao got started, the drums immediately gathered together.

Like smashing garlic, like smashing iron…Sweep away the previous weak energy.

Seeing that the drums suddenly increased, the people who passed the flowers were rushing to pass the flowers, and they wanted to scold them at the same time.

The flower ball, also like a rabbit after dozing off, suddenly remembered the tortoise and the hare race, and went away all the way…

Xiyue had seen the whole process of Xiaobao being the master without permission, replacing the moon worshiping and drumming.

It’s just that, on the one hand, he was busy taking care of all parties, and on the other hand, he did not expect that this boy dressed up as a woman and played drums for the successor.

Xiyue summed it up: Since the drumbeat is still in harmony with the song, Baiyue should take this opportunity to take a break, then, just turn a blind eye to Xiaobao’s farce.

At this moment, there was something important in her heart, and the divine consciousness that was always on guard against danger was still busy probing and picking things around…

In this case, Qingwen was in a mess.

Obviously, my singing and Baiyue sister’s drumbeat complemented each other. The two of them understood each other, waiting for one of the florists to make a mistake. Then, in this round, Baiyue sister and herself were determined to win the game. .

I don’t want to, this is a Cheng Yaojin halfway!

In the field, at this time, contrary to the usual state of the game, the drums are in a weak position and are led by the song, and they are not conventionally “blocked”. The momentum of drumming is overwhelming the singing. .

“Da da-da, da da da da -” Qingwen listened carefully to the tune of the drum, and she got goose bumps all over her body like an evil.

This drumbeat is just like the old bustard’s stubborn little leather whip. It doesn’t draw people, it only draws people who don’t have eyes, da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da.

Frightened by this, Qingwen casually took out a thread of the lyrics from her head, and sang it along with Xiaobao’s hurried drums: “Little people, the wind rises and the water rises, love every day. Poor and happy that. Happy souls, fake and serious, hehe, we are happy and happy—”

Baoyu hid his face and couldn’t bear to hear.

The people who passed on the flowers were very happy. Compared with the romantic songs that were not painful or itchy, not hurried or slow, as if the daughter-in-law at home was nagging, it didn’t make them feel guilty or sleepy. This time, this chicken-blooded song can be more than seven or eight miles away!

At this moment of joy, for some reason, Qingwen in the middle of the venue was flashed by the small mirror in Baoyu’s hand, and her soul was not taken away. Instead, she seemed to have been given some kind of “god”, her voice was very bright. People are also spirited.

Suddenly, the plum blossom sword danced in his hands.

Seven miles away, what an appearance of Farewell My Concubine! Immediately won the applause of everyone.

Involuntarily, Qingwen was forced to continue Yunying’s turn…

In the process of avoiding the light in the mirror, Qingwen couldn’t control herself, as if Brother Dafeng possessed her body, she babbled, and she sang all the excerpts of “Mu Guiying as Commander” passed down by “Fengqiang”.

Even more with sword dancing and neon clothes, a harrier turned over, leaped out of the sword, stood up for time, and once again won a full house.

I only heard Xiao Qingwen’s sentence like a sentence, a sword is stronger than a sword, she uses the typical Dou E’s intensive singing style in “Fengqiang”, Lang Lang speaks, and the ghostly echoes Xiaobao’s stubborn aura, unconsciously Changed to a new word:

“Talking and talking, who is my little one, I’m stronger than Li Kui, and Maung Jun is better than Zhang Fei.”

Baoyu saw that Qingwen’s “wen” can sing “Chinese cabbage”, imitating “Fengqiang”, “wu”, cutting vegetables, serving tea and martial arts, although before she opened “Fengqiang”, this girl sang all slang and local accents, and there was nothing at all. Culture at all made Baoyu embarrassed for her, but when Baoyu was embarrassed, he suddenly thought again: “Isn’t this the right choice for the Yihongyuan women’s club team?!”

For a moment, Baoyu raised his eyebrows and praised Qingwen sincerely, “The heroic match hooligans, don’t let men pretend.”

Make a close, Qingwen has a sharp sword, and a golden rooster stands alone. With the agitated drumbeat, Qingwen’s timeless Fengqiang shines through the lobby:

“I’m standing in the strong wind,

I can’t wait for it-all my heartaches,


The four directions are moving,

Sword-in hand,

Ask the world who is a hero? ! “

As soon as the song was exported, the Quartet was shocked, tears covered…

Xiyue took the lead in wiping her tears. This song is telling the thousands of people from outside the country who were driven by the Hu prisoners from the north of Dazhou to settle in the south.

is not that right? ! The country is broken by mountains and rivers, and the song of spring in the city is profound. If everyone had the enthusiasm to serve the country like this little maid, the Southern Zhou would not have settled here a long time ago.

Everyone can hear Qingwen sing, and they have different tastes in their hearts.

Wei Xiaobao couldn’t control many of these things. He saw that he was carefully speeding up the drums and setting up difficult problems, so that Qingwen could easily “harmony” with just such a sing and dance of swords. How would he let it go.

Ever since, Wei Xiaobao failed to do anything, so he hit again.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang—” The breathless drum is like a rain of arrows shooting at the city, where there is still a style of flat sand, wild geese, sea and sky, and forgetfulness of the world. It is clearly a villain, and it is not forgiving. , The posture of a decent tool. Qingwen said in her heart.

Even Baoyu couldn’t see this fake “moon worship”, the real little treasure bullying the little girl Qingwen’s tyrant, so he rolled his arms and sleeves underneath, so he could go up to the righteous ranger.

Qingwen ate this breathless drum, before she noticed it, she condensed her eyebrows again…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang—” The group of flowers disappeared, and turned into a ribbon formed by fast-dancing flowers, which passed wildly on people’s hands…

Qingwen’s good fortune of “searching for songs” is a bit outdated. For a while, the songs she doesn’t have can answer the drumbeat, and she is about to sing all the way and the scene will die.

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