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Who’s not Rebellious Youth 谁的青春不叛逆 Episode 44 End Plot

With the advancement of Lu Yin, Qin Song finally understood that the trend had gone. He pretended to apologize to everyone, and fled Tang Shi to the rooftop. Qin Song has always been jealous of Lu Xiang, he asked Lu Xiang to negotiate with him alone.

On the rooftop, Qin Song refused to face up to his jealousy. Lou Xiang complained in public, pushing all injustices on him to Lu Xiang. Tang Shi pointed out Qin Song’s jealousy and greed. Where would Qin Song realize these problems, he used Tang poems to threaten Lu Xiang to jump off the upper floor. Lu Xiang stepped to the edge step by step. Tang Shi shouted loudly when he saw it. Lu anxiously waited for others to stop. Qin Song was very proud when he saw the situation. At this time, Lu Xiang hit Qin Song without a spare phone, Tang Shi bited Qin Song and escaped. Seeing this, Qin Song stabbed in the direction of Tang Shi with a sharp knife. Lu Xiang knocked it down with a backhand. Lu Xiang raised his leg to Qin Song, and Qin Song hung on the eaves. When Lu Xiang and Tang Shi met, Qin Song didn’t appreciate it. At this time, the police came.

Wu Qing was admitted to the hospital with a minor injury, lying sadly on the hospital bed. Tang Shi visited Wu Qing. Wu Qing inquired about Tang Shi’s progress in the case. Tang Shi told her that the police had everything in hand and told Qin Song of all illegal acts. Wu Qing lamented that Qin Song had been harmed by her blind pursuit of materiality. Tang Shi told her that it was true to pursue material life, but she couldn’t characterize material life as ultimate happiness. Wu Qing felt relieved.

A group of Wei Qi Shaocong wanted to return the funds invested in Manyou, and his father asked Wei Yi to arrange for Qi Shaocong to enter the blood orange mutual entertainment and become a handyman. Qiu Deren gloated fiercely in front of Qi Shaocong. When Wei saw this, he encouraged him to work at the grassroots level. Zhuo Xiangxiang returned to his alma mater to make a defense meeting, and Lu Xiang gave a wonderful presentation on his graduation thesis. Thanks also to everyone who accompanied him to grow up. This won the applause of the masters and students.

General Wei Wei was discharged. He came to the National University of Sports and was very happy to see Lu Xiang officially graduate. After that, President Wei told everyone about the American company Bergen’s coming to China. Old Bergen invited Wei Yi and Lu Xiang to discuss business together. As soon as Wei saw this, he felt a little ashamed. General Wei saw that, and encouraged him.

In the carcass campus, Tang Shi and Lu Xiang talked quietly, and Tang Shi quietly brought Dad’s father over. Lu Xiang has seen his father once since he was a child. He always thought that he had killed his mother, and his father hated him because of his disgust. From the heart, Lu Xiang was both eager and repulsive to his father. Under the persuasion of Tang Shi, Lu Xiang finally came to his father. Roe dad looked at the grown-up deer, and was very emotional. Lu Xiang looked at the unfamiliar and longing father, and slowly spoke his own voice, asking why he had abandoned himself since childhood.

The dad is not ashamed to see this situation. He took out the medical certificate when the deer was born. On it, there were the little footprints of the deer and the deer’s mother’s fingerprint. He reluctantly handed it over to Lu Xiang, and then planned to leave.

When Roe Deer met, he immediately realized that Dad had been thinking about him in his heart and did not abandon him. Lu Xiang couldn’t help but stop dad. At this time, grandma came over. Regardless of her son’s obstruction, she insisted on telling the story of the fact that her father had abandoned Lu Xiang to conceal the truth. I hope that the deer can forgive my dad and grandma. The deer looks warm and overflowing with the truth, and reaches out to hug the father.

Mule Deer returned to the band. Under the leadership of Lao Xue, the band will broadcast live every Friday, and the band has returned to people’s vision. I saw it on my phone and interacted with the band. Seeing this, Lao Xue and others encouraged Lu Yin to admit his mistake. Lao Xue dialed the phone number of Lu, and Deer took the initiative to admit his error to Lu, and thanked Lu for his dedicated cultivation over the years. Tao Le also took the initiative to say hello to him, and when he saw this, he burst into tears with excitement.

Lao Xue, Lu Yin, and others walked out of the music studio and met Ye Feng. Ye Feng was nodding his head and sent a leaflet to passersby. Deer actively stopped Ye Feng due to the situation and invited Ye Feng to return to the team. Ye Feng was deceived by Luo Yi and did not release a record at all. Ye Feng watched Lao Xue and others feel ashamed. He took the initiative to explain the original intention of leaving the band. Lao Xue took the initiative to stretch out an olive branch to Ye Feng. Ye Feng nodded and agreed. Everyone was happy and celebrated. Li Hailiang went to the prison to visit Qin Song every month. But Qin Song has been reluctant to see Li Hailiang. Li Hailiang was reluctant to abandon Qin Song’s brotherhood for four years.

Qi Qin Song sat down across the glass window and refused to meet with Li Hailiang as soon as he met. Li Hailiang said the brotherhood of four years old, Qin Song red eyes. Li Hailiang accused Qin Song of being indifferent, and rebuked him for not optimistic about Qin Song. Qin Song listened and moved. Li Hailiang and Qin Song agreed to serve their sentences well in an effort to get out soon.

Bend Road Company’s 2.0 game launch conference, Tao Tao is responsible for chairing the meeting. When everyone saw this, they praised him. Lu Xiang came to power to post a speech. Deer thanked everyone who had helped him through the difficult times, which received applause from everyone. Soon, the company officially entered the track, and Lu Xiang was getting busier. Lu Yin’s music studio is also in full swing.

After the company entered the track, Lu Xiang was going to study abroad. Everyone sent together. Everyone reluctantly. Tang Shi was late. Lu Xiang and Tang Shiyi parted ways. Tang Shi unexpectedly gave Lu Xiang a surprise. She wanted to accompany Lu Xiang to study abroad, and Lu Xiang met with surprises. Youth always grows up in dim collisions. Although there are thorns and bumps in the journey, as long as we hold an optimistic and uplifting heart, we can continue to encourage ourselves to grow, because it is not only the sun and the haze that accompany us. , Rain, and the stubborn affection and friendship that have been sharpened all the way …


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