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The Return of a Hundred Generations of Cultivation

The Return of a Hundred Generations of Cultivation (Novel)
Other Name: 修仙之百世归来

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Lin Zuer
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Qin Tian was pushed back by the school flower, awakening the memory of a century. He just wanted to cultivate immortality and lift the curse from his body. Qin Tian was very distressed!

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Qin Tian is a person who is afraid of trouble. Since he has already taken action, he must take care of the whole matter.

He didn’t want to be caught up in this matter too much energy.

As for the martial arts family, Zhang Family, in the eyes of ordinary people, may be superior and indispensable, but in his eyes it is nothing, and can be destroyed by raising his hand!

The congenital masters among the martial artists, their realm is equivalent to the fourth level of Qi refining.

However, the quality of the true Qi cultivated by a warrior is far inferior to the true essence of a cultivator.

What’s more, he is a person who has reincarnated for a hundred generations, and he has mastered various spells and martial arts, even if he is now defeated by a master-level warrior, he can easily defeat it.

Therefore, he did not put the Zhang family of the so-called martial arts family in his eyes at all.

Under his control.

Gao Yaoshan began to call Gao Mingcheng, Gao Mingfei and Gao Yuan, asking them to return to the main house immediately.

Qin Chaoyang’s company almost fell to the point of bankruptcy, but it was the means of the Gao family’s two brothers. As for Gao Yuan, although it shouldn’t be a concern, Qin Tian also planned to take it along with him, so as not to let him jump in front of him in the future and feel sick. people.

Regarding the father’s order, the three Gao Mingcheng did not dare to neglect, and within half an hour they rushed back.

Gao Mingcheng, who had arrived first, looked at Gao Yaoshan, who closed his eyes and meditation, and then looked at the three Qin Tian and the others, a suspicion flashed in his eyes.

“Qin Tian and Lin Zuer are you here like this?”

Gao Yuan, who arrived last, saw Qin Tian and two people, and couldn’t help showing a slight surprise. Then he proudly said: “Haha, I see, you two must have come to bear Jing’s sin!”

“Boy, remember what I said to you that day, if you knew that, why bother!” Gao Mingfei also said sarcastically.

“All right!”

At this moment, Qin Tian suddenly clapped his hands: “Everyone is here, we should settle the accounts!”

“Settlement? What kind of account?”

Gao Mingcheng, Gao Mingfei, and Gao Yuan are all puzzled.

“Qin Tian, ​​this is our Gao family. At this time, you still dare to pretend to be gods and ghosts. I really don’t know how the dead words are written!” Gao Yuan shouted sharply.

“Come on!”

At this moment, Gao Yaoshan suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Gao Yuan coldly: “Pull Gao Yuan down and break your legs!”

As soon as these words came out, the three of them fell into a sluggishness.

Gao Mingcheng couldn’t help saying, “Dad, what are you doing?”

“What the heck, this little beast knows it’s causing trouble. What’s the use of having a pair of legs? It’s better to break it!”

Gao Yaoshan hummed coldly.

At this moment, two strong men rushed in, one of them took Gao Yuan’s arm and forced him out of the hall.

The opponent struggled unwillingly, and Gao Mingcheng and Gao Mingfei also kept pleading.

It’s a pity that Gao Yaoshan was determined to do this, so he ignored it at all, which made the two brothers feel a little bit bad.

“Crack! Click!”

With a screaming scream, Gao Yuan was interrupted by two strong men.

“Drag it down and lock it up!”

Gao Yaoshan said coldly and ruthlessly. Then, his eyes fell on Gao Mingcheng and Gao Mingfei: “You two immediately ordered to stop all actions against Lin Chengtian and Tianyang Company!”

“Dad, are you…?”

Both of them stared at the old man in disbelief, knowing that it is time to harvest now, although the bulk of the head will be taken by the Zhang family, but those real estate can at least allow the Gao family to gain more than 2 billion benefits.

The fat in the mouth is going to be vomited out now, how willing the two brothers are.

“Didn’t you hear me clearly? Implement it now!”

Gao Yaoshan’s tone became particularly harsh.

“Dad, sorry, I can’t agree with this!”

Gao Mingcheng suddenly made a decision and shook his head.

“Dad, I don’t agree. When you are old, you can enjoy the good fortune, and the company’s affairs will be handled by my brother and me!”

Gao Mingfei hesitated slightly, agreeing.

Hearing that, Gao Yaoshan didn’t have any anger in his eyes, and some were just sad.

“You guys…!”

Immediately, he looked at Qin Tian and begged: “Mr. Qin, although these two rebellious sons are at fault, they are not guilty of death. Can you spare their lives!”

“I gave the opportunity, but they don’t know how to cherish it!”

Qin Tian chuckled and shook his head, and then flexed his fingers.

The energy is like electricity, and the two brothers Gao Mingcheng and Gao Mingfei are directly buried.

“Hmm! Hmm!”

Both of them uttered a muffled hum, their eyes widened, and they were full of unwillingness. The next moment, the two of them fell to the ground with a thud, losing their breath of life.

Seeing this scene, Gao Yaoshan collapsed directly on his chair.

Leaving the Gao family, Qin Tian asked Hou Xiong to send Lin Zuer back to the Lin family, and he went straight to a club in the city center.

Zhang Chong, the son of the Zhang family, is now in that clubhouse.

Twenty minutes later.

Qin Tian appeared outside this club called Haitian.

And step into it directly.

The security of the clubhouse hurriedly came to stop him, but his eyes flashed, and the two security guards hurriedly stepped aside and let him enter.

The Haitian Club looks ordinary outside, but inside it is extremely luxurious.

The entire clubhouse has three floors, and now Zhang Chong is in a certain box on the third floor.

Take the elevator to a box on the third floor, then push the door to enter.

At this moment, Zhang Chong is hugging left and right, having a good time.

Although he is a disciple of the Zhang family, the family management is quite strict, making him afraid to indulge, but when he arrives in Jiangcheng, it is different.

“Who are you, who let you in?”

Zhang Chong stared suddenly, his eyes sharp, and his tone more condescending.

Suddenly, Qin Tian stepped forward, and instantly approached Zhang Chong over a distance of five or six meters, and kicked it out.


The powerful force broke in and directly smashed Zhang Chong’s Dantian.

The other party screamed and collapsed on the sofa with blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, but he was shocked and angry, and at the same time he understood that the young man in front of him was at least in the early days of Zhenqi.

Otherwise, it is impossible to abolish him in an instant.

“Go back wherever you come. By the way, I will bring you a message to the Zhang family. The people of the Zhang family dare to step into Jiangcheng for half a step and kill without mercy!”

After leaving a word, Qin Tian floated away.


Qin Tian, ​​who had already returned to school, received a call from Lin Chengtian. He was released by the police. At the same time, the contractors who had fled with the money also returned to Jiangcheng to surrender.

The bank also contacted him again, stating that those loans are not urgent.

After consulting Qin Tian, ​​Lin Chengtian planned to invest in his father’s company.

Investing 20 million, but only 10% of the shares.

In this regard, Qin Tian did not refuse, as for money, he tends to take it seriously.

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